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AMC: Monday September 13, 2010

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That second scene between the two of them - the dialogue was so gay and sexual in nature if context was not given. "A guy like you could probably use a guy like me..." "I'll do what you tell me, no questions asked..." "That's not my only skill. Part-time, off the books, whatever... no one even has to know I'm working for you..." "...behind closed doors..." :D

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oh wow, I didnt even look at it like that, but you are so right

WTF is up with Marissa and all her eye twitching today?


Asher: "I am Caleb Cortlandt" Hmmmmm, I wonder what he is up to


FINALLY she confesses to all


The Kane girls look like they are ready to kill her. Kendall especially looks likes a stupid deer caught in headlights. An this ws the friend she was going crazy to protect

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I notice how Greenlee only confesses to Kendall instead of the cops. Alot of this could have been prevented had she opened her mouth months ago and owned up to her ish

lol..I think its been obvious since he first stepped foot in town. He will be Miguel, Adam's alleged son, who will be Caleb's instead. It woud be more shocking if they didnt go there

Madison will wait for Ryan as long as it takes? So if he gets sent to prison for 20 years,she'll be waiting. Girl, he aint worth it

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    • Timing is everything. This show was likely pitched and greenlit for development before Scandoval. At that time, VPR was on the bubble in terms of renewal. Bravo/NBCU probably passed on Villas, thinking VPR wasn't going to make it.  How things have changed. Plus a Below Deck-meets-VPR hybrid would have been a natural to premiere on Bravo. LOL, the Coven's WhatsApp chat must be lighting up right about now. American Woman who? Harry Loves Lisa who?
    • Agreed - it’s frustrating to see the Pam character like that. Plus, Victoria Principal was still fairly green as an actress. Her acting style changed around the time Pam divorced Bobby and she become a more polished actor. I wish we could have seen Pam’s spunkier characterization from the early days of the show after Principal matured as a performer. We certainly saw signs of it in later years, but not consistently enough. I cringe a a bit when I think about when she went to work at Ewing Oil and felt overwhelmed and needed Mark to help her. Or when she tried to get Jenna to let her adopt her baby. Ugh. Early Pam was confident and wouldn’t have behaved that way.
    • OC's first episode felt, to quote Mario Singer's love song to Ramona, "effortless" -- a hark back to RHOC's glory days when I didn't have to put in effort to be entertained. Production knowingly referenced RHOC's relatable touchstones (thankfully at the expense of any mandated focus on ostentation). A double-date in a bowling alley. Jenn the humble yoga instructor. Gina and Emily chauffeuring the kids to the local drive-thru. OC still looks great, it just also exists as a living, breathing entity. I always liked Tamra and Eddie's S8 house. It's the perfect size, nicely designed and full of light. A few years ago, Tamra said that the loss of the Bravo cheque hit the Judges financially. They downsized their spending, sold off larger properties, and focused on e-commerce as it was long clear that CUT Fitness was not going to make it. Tamra's common sense is rare in the RH world, but it still has a place on RHOC. The lesson is that you actually don't have to live like Heather Dubrow to contribute laughs and drama. And speaking of Heather.... I did not realize her and Terry were in LA permanently now.   RHONJ: I wish I could dispute what you are saying about Teresa, but I can't. Tre is unable to nail the crux of her beef with the Gorgas. As a result, the hideous left couch is playing her like a fiddle (as is Luis). She actually could make salient points about the Gorgas gaslighting and using her for years -- but she is unfocused and incapable. Luis stalking around topless in some Law of the Jungle BS he stole from an MLM course is crazy. He manipulates & controls Teresa completely. (At least with Juicy, it was an equal meeting of the minds). I wouldn't like to think what Luis would do if he ever lost that control, but his desperation is IMO dangerous for all concerned. The most watchable part was the Nice Jewish Girls segment. Jenn Fessler's surgery looks great -- she is ready for her close-up next season. Jackie come across well, too. Poor Danielle is a deer in the headlights. She has convinced herself that she has no leverage without the patronage of an existing cast-member. That lack of confidence in herself is sad to see. Jennifer has exhausted her supply of pre-scripted soundbites. Dolores is completely over it all and, I must say, so am I.
    • They're resurrecting the Marlena spin-off that never happened?
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