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The Suds Report 7/30/10

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A few days ago, Nelson posted a blind item on his twitter that one soap blogger was a ghost writer for Victoria Rowell's book. Then Nelson deleted it a few hours later. So I'm guessing that was aimed at Jamey Giddens. But I doubt that alone would set off Jamey. Something else must of happened too.

Great. These two can't solve their issues so the rest of us get treated to The Real Housewives of the Soap Opera Blogosphere.

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"OK" this is most Def Nelson Jamey talking about. Read from Top to Bottom

Here expert? Where are you expert? Oh he of all-knowing journalistic matters, and hungdom.

See, I am not Barbara Bloom or Alan Locher or some poor PR girl at the Emmys that you can have so psycho, spitting, silly hissy fit with.

I fight back.

WRONG one to eff with, dollface. Seriously. So not the one. U thought u were the teacher, but u were the pupil all along, and quite a poor 1

Luke, hurry up and get a new podcast up, so he can take notes. He's got two columns to write this week.

So sad that you never made it like all your peers, Matt Mitovich, Ausiello. So of course your tired soap column makes you insane.

I would be really erratic and half crazed too if my only claim to fame was announcing the girth of soap actors' packages.

I be Barbara Bloom really wishes she let you in that party. Could have saved her Google alert quite the workout, wouldn't you say?

The funny thing is, I had really forgotten u existed. Seriously, I was doing all Eat Pray Love.

Then you had to do another desperate, reaching "pay attention to me PLEASE" blind item.

Well, honey you got my attention. Not sure why it means so much to you though? Seriously.

OBJECTIVE. U are objective to whichever show runner who's butt your kissing at that moment.

My only agenda is good soap opera. But since you only watch clips from We Love Soaps, you don't know what's good or what isn't.

Hate to break that to ya.

"But I work in primetime and FILM. I go to the OPERA. I interviewed ANGELINA and BRAD, I am legitimate. WORSHIP ME, Give me credit"

Remember the time you called me on a Friday night freaking out because you say u coined the term "rapemance"?

Foaming at the mouth, like a damn fool, because we didn't "credit" you for that. LMAO. I wonder does Carolyn Hinsey do that?

Come on, send me another veiled, threatening email, about how you're going to reveal to someone what I said about them.

I must say, I am honored to be in such an esteemed company, the people you've royally fucked over.

Whoever knew, Barbara Bloom, Kelly Ripa and moi would have something in common.

Anyone who is friends with you, I really feel sorry for. How long until those demons in your dome cause you to attack them?

Remember the gorgeous male actor I was so psyched to book for an early DC interview?

You said, "Yeah, I interviewed him once on the red carpet, he's kinda dumb".

Then, before I know it, you've wormed your way into his and his girlfriends lives. God help them. They should really call Kelly Ripa n Mark.

Next time I say leave me alone, please do.

R u gonna send Guza those scary 4 am emails like you did the last poor head writer you went gaga over?

What relationship will you dream up in ur head with him? Will he be your "bitchy brother" like Ron, or your "soulmate" (shudders) like moi?

Oh..or u gonna call your lawyers? U know, like when the Diva of Days called you a Douchebag?

Yeah, Mister FEARLESS, who dismantles lives at a whim in his column (shame on your editors) wanted to sue a blogger for giving him the same.

Fearless indeed.

Again, in case you missed it. Do feel free to reveal whatever you think will hurt me. Most people think you're cuckoo for cocoa puffs anyhoo

I am DONE with your lunacy, and I feel GREAT! LMAO. I should have put a stop to your craziness two years ago.

So many people tried to warn me. Alan Locher, I should have listened.

It was never about liking my work. It was about finding a patsy to steal from and ride on our coattails.

"I didn't believe you and DC about the AMC Move". That was a quote you ran from a "source" in the Hung Report.

In the words of Jillian Bowe, I don't speak French. "We" didn't break the AMC move, boo. I did.

U're like those damn fish that travel under the belly of a shark. eating the flesh away.

Even with all your years of experience, connections and the fact that "every LOVES my interviews" u had to bite off of us.

In case anyone didn't know, Daytime Confidential's Melodie Aikels broke the tragic news that GL would be cancelled on April 1.

No matter what some coattail rider lies and says. Not that anyone wanted to break that news, but yeah, she did...

If more people did this, Austin peck, Terri Columbino, Babs Bloom your insanity could have been stopped a long time ago.

But no one stands up to you. Those days are gone.

Remember your blind item about the soap blogger who embarassed himself at the Emmys last year?

U were talking about Damon Jacobs.

But when Roger confronted you, you lied, and said it was Navell.


People thought it was me, which made me chuckle. I can take bitchosity, because, well I'm a bitch too.

But Damon and Navell are SWEETHEARTS.

You would throw your own mother under a bus to save yourself and keep your status as Reinging Soap Starfuck.

I need a spellcheck on Twitter.

Yes, Victoria Rowell and I have had our ups and downs. She knows that, so tell her what you want, dear. I might not always agree with her, but I respect her. She at least tells her truth. She doesn't live in a house of lies, like you.

Just remember, you took it here, with your blind item. This can end, when you grow up and decide to forget I exist, like I have with u.

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There's even some more after that:

Now in closing, I would like to thank you for finding me toothless, naked and shaking in the bushes. Thank u or Guru, for dusting me off.

Discovering me and making me a "star". Yes...because you did that (sheds tear).

Until that great and fateful day, that u, kind sir, blogged about how hot my voice was (:o), why I had nothing in life of merit.

Were it not for you, I would never know how to blind item about dicks, or go after soap professionals who won't add me on Facebook.

That is why u started trashing OLTL right? Because Ron wouldn't add you on Facebook. Objectivity? Good one. HILARIOUS. THINK before u tweet

Oh, OBJECTIVITY is saying your homegirl Farah Fath gave the "performance of her career". Please keep teaching me Yoda.

I will never spend another second worrying about when you will act up again, because from now on, I take my cues from you.

U act up, I act up. And don't think deleting it after the damage is done will spare you another truth telling.

The Bitch, is Mother [[email protected]#$%^&*] Back.

@belli_sima No, this doesn't make me awesome. Think DC is aweome. I don't particularly like this side of me, but I've tried everything else

@belli_sima I tried distancing, being civil, but this is all he understands. Doing this to others gives him power. So it was the only way.

@belli_sima To let him know, that if he thought I was living in some sort of fear of him—I wasn't

@belli_sima I apologize to those who didn't want to be part of this. Next time, if there has to be one, it will be on DC.

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Are they still at it? These two clawing at each other like drag queeens at a wig sale only highlights the giant void in soap journalism.

U're like those damn fish that travel under the belly of a shark. eating the flesh away.

Those are called remoras and technically they don't eat at the flesh of the sharks, they eat what the sharks drop or lose as their prey struggles. They're actually good for sharks because they clean away bacteria.

This is why I don't do Twitter.

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Agreed but I like seeing someone finally call Nelson out. I just wish it was an actor.

Me too. One hand this could fall into the territory of not being "professional" ranting like that, but on the other hand, I'm loving that finally someone's standing up to Nelson & willing to call him out publicly. Way over due IMO.

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"When Bad Things Happen to Good Patti LaBelle Fans."

Patti was reached for comment:

<object width="500" height="405"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/zVhUPpChcSI&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1&start=219?rel=0&amp;color1=0xcc2550&amp;color2=0xe87a9f&amp;border=1"></param><param'>http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/zVhUPpChcSI&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1&start=219?rel=0&amp;color1=0xcc2550&amp;color2=0xe87a9f&amp;border=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/zVhUPpChcSI&amp;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1&start=219?rel=0&amp;color1=0xcc2550&amp;color2=0xe87a9f&amp;border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="500" height="405"></embed></object>

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Agreed but I like seeing someone finally call Nelson out. I just wish it was an actor.

My question is, did this really warrant ALL of that reaction? I mean, a simple, "Shut the [[email protected]#$%^&*] up you tired piece of [[email protected]#$%^&*]" would do, but I guess Jamey's feeling betrayed? Perhaps he did in fact do a little ghost writing and shared that in confidence? I dunno, I don't even feel comfortable talking about these folks like they're celebrities...

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