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The Suds Report 7/30/10

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+1 Thanks for the edit.

I kinda wanta know which "Diva of DAYS" called Nelson a douchebag. Whoever it was, I totally agree! :D

I assume that was shorthand for the Blogger who posts spoilers and scoops for a days MB. Not an actual diva.

The Diva of Days isn't an actress on the show. She's an internet blogger/Thaao Penghlis superfan.

Yuck, really? If I were a chick, no doubt I'd magically regrow a hymen at the thought of him touching me.
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My question is, did this really warrant ALL of that reaction? I mean, a simple, "Shut the [[email protected]#$%^&*] up you tired piece of [[email protected]#$%^&*]" would do, but I guess Jamey's feeling betrayed? Perhaps he did in fact do a little ghost writing and shared that in confidence? I dunno, I don't even feel comfortable talking about these folks like they're celebrities...

If Jamey ghostwrote VR's book that's a perfect explanation about why I couldn't finish reading it.

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    • True!!!!! Such a shame All My Children wasn't able to hold onto the #1 spot for a few years. I guess second best isn't too bad; but they were thee best Imo. Real trendsetter of the genre.
    • Still early in my viewing, but Edge is becoming one of my favorite shows. I am obsessed!!!
    • OMG @Taoboi. Get out. I was just coming on here to post that very same Third King thread. It was a great analysis and really clarified so many things about Garcelle and Kyle's respective approaches. And the fact that they both represented Bravo at Upfronts a few weeks ago (alongside Karen, Gizelle, Teresa, Alexia and Kenya) says SO much. It's not just who is 'queen' of their show -- it is who is most valued and representative of the RH brand. This group is. And BH is top of the heap. Also, Terri's podcast is most interesting in that you can tell the Coven dislike Garcelle. But they also fear her. So they pull their punches and won't talk about the issue they have with her. As for this latest episode... The Kyle Backlash begins here, it seems. 13 long years it has been building. I have a theory: Kyle hits her low blows early in a season, because by mid-point, another crazier or more toxic storyline has pulled focus. And consequently, when reunion comes around, Kyle's petty BS is relegated to part 1 and she can duck accountability. When she brought in Brandi late in S10 to destroy Denise, I thought FOR SURE she would get savaged at reunion. But Covid and a virtual reunion meant that Teddi carried the can for the Brandi reveal. This year? We still have the Kathy stuff left to play out, and I'm not sure Kyle will be covering herself with glory there either. She's made some noises about leaving after this season -- do you believe it? One thing I will give Kyle -- her dogs are the cutest. Bambi eating Rinna's steak! And going for seconds on the kitchen counter! I was dying! Kyle's Doppelganger was at the store opening, and the producers barely gave her a line! Erika keeps trying to start something with Sutton, and Sutton keeps ignoring her. It's actually kind of amazing. I'm still not sure whether this is because Sutton has gotten good at handling the Coven, or if she's gotten lucky. What is clear is that she, Garcelle and possibly Crystal have compared notes about presenting a united front on how to deal with the Coven. Crystal really surprised me with her outburst because it felt like it came from an authentic place, and wasn't just an excuse to needle Kyle. Especially when Crystal talked about how she did not expect the evening to unfold as it had. For a second, I thought she was going to say she was leaving the group permanently. That car ride between Crystal and Diana. Yikes. Talk about awkward silences. These two have zero in common. There is something so icy cold about Diana. I know Yolanda was ruthless, too, but there were times when Yolanda displayed some heart and emotional life which I warmed to. This lady is giving me nothing. And neither is her glam squad. An entire team stick her hair in a messy bun and dressed her in a black tent? Damn. That is true wealth when you dress like you just don't care! Erika leaching onto Diana is creepy. It was like watching a gold-digger's mating call. Is Mikey and Erika's glam squad working pro bono? Rinna walking into Kyle's store and saying she loved.... the ceiling... made me LOL. Looks like Crystal next week is going to throw Sutton under a bus. Yikes.
    • @JosephI'm going to skip that clip because I'm only four episodes in. Season 9 so far is chilling and I find that I'm loving it. It's probably been 15 years since I last saw this season! One thing I like is that they seem to have a strong handle on the main cast and the new characters are working for me as well. Michael Sharpe and his sister Lauren seem interesting and it's nice to have a new rival for Richard. It's something fresh at least. I love that my girl Emma has a central storyline that affects everybody, instead of a B or C story as usual. It's sad to see her last relationship didn't work out, but I like where this is going. I don't think they've messed Emma up and from memory, the story has a strong pay off for her.  Lance the past two seasons has been a revelation. I about died when he told Charley it was disrespectful to walk around the house in his undies, when Lance used to do that all the time. I feel like Pilar is the perfect match for him and they've done a good job of maturing him. I know many hate Pilar because they view her as a Melissa replacement, but the two characters are quite different. Melissa was never the love of Lance's life either, so I don't mind that he's found happiness with Pilar. Maggie's death remains one of the greatest and most shocking exits in soap history IMO. I also feel like after watching their relationship develop, it could've only ended in doom. From the moment Maggie got with Richard she fought every sign and instinct that told her to run away from him. I'm enjoying seeing Richard on the bottom and lose everything--his business, his money, his kids and his wife.  The only thing that truly saddens me is that Jane Wyman couldn't film this full season. I just know if she was in better health they would've taken Angie to new heights. I'm glad they gave her a strong exit though. Especially with her age I could see other writers simply sending her to Europe  as planned or an off screen accident, but for someone as formidable as Angela, I was glad we got to see her interactions with Charley and her fight. It's added to the terror that character brings and any second Emma is around him I'm worried for her safety. I'm going to be sad when this binge ends, but I'm glad they went out trying, whether people like the season or not. It's sad that Dallas started the primetime soap boom and it's the one of the big four that just gave up in the end. Say what you will about the final seasons of FC, Dynasty and Knots, but they at least tried to do something with the time they had left.
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