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OLTL--Who's Who In Daytime 1983

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i didn't realize John Gibson (Cash Y&R) was on OLTL.

That cast list really represented the end of an era of the show with Marco,Jenny,Edwina and others representing the late 70's when the show was really firing.Hardly anyone remained a few years later.

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Imagining Rafe Garreston as a gymnast... :wub:

Five black people on contract at this time -- and yet we know what was about to come.

That picture of Anthony George is a bit weird, he looks like someone had stolen his clothes. And Gerald Anthony, such a handsome man, such an unflattering shot.

Who was Nicolas Coster on OLTL?

I thought Cusi Cram was still playing Cassie when David showed up.

Liz Keifer, so young and so cute! And Kristen Vigard. I think she said she was fired from both GL and OLTL for not taking the work seriously enough. There was a certain earthiness about her which helped her, I wish she could have found a more lasting role. The Joy recast was odd.

This is definitely the time when OLTL was starting to falter, as you can tell from some of those stories, like the Echo one which I don't think was too popular, or the one about San Carlos.

I still learn something new from these writeups, like Shelley Birch creating a role in Nine (if they'd brought her in for the movie it might not have been such a dull flop), or Michael Storm being on the Andy Williams Show.

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