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Adamo :wub: Jake :wub: Shane :wub: Ray :wub: and even Jamie :wub: 

From what I've read, Peter appears in several episodes of the season, beginning with the premiere. I wonder what his purpose is going to be, because I honestly thought they kept him around on TNG too long. I hope he's not mixing it up with these teenagers because boyfriend is in his late 20s now.

Who's the guy at 10 seconds? I've seen every episode of TNG and I can't for the life of me remember who he is?

That's Jacob Neayem, who played Mo, who was sort of a supporting character in seasons 11 and 12. I think he was friends with Sav.


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That's Jacob Neayem, who played Mo, who was sort of a supporting character in seasons 11 and 12. I think he was friends with Sav.

Oh, thanks! I didn't recognize him for some reason. I also wasn't expecting it to be someone so recent, so I figured he had to be a bit player from the days of Paige/Spinner/Marco/etc or something. The seasons with characters like Mo, Marisol and Katie were probably my least favorite, so I guess that explains why I didn't remember him. :lol:

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OK. Finished binge watching season 2 and I was impressed. To not spoil it for others, I'd do an assessment in spoilers: 


Shay: I loved her first season and that love continued to grow this season. IMO, she was the star this season. I loved her struggles of giving up volleyball camp, being conflicted about Tiny, and her friendship with Tiny. She can be a bit neurotic at times but she has a good heart. IMO, she fits the Emma trope better than any of the other girls. I cannot wait to see her evolution continue. 


Lola: I didn't care for her first season but she grew on me this season. She reminds me so much like Manny--boy crazy but bubbly. She pissed me off at times (i.e. with the Shay/Tiny situation) but she won me over when she challenged the zero tolerance policy the school was holding. 


Zoe: I can't say it enough but I love Zoe, and I love Ana Golja, who plays her. She is talented. While Zoe can be rough, bitch, and self-destructive at times, you still care for her. It was good to see them choose to have Zoe inflict pain on herself via fire instead of the cliche cutting stories. It just goes to show that people go about other ways to mask their pain. Her evolution is another one that I loved over these episodes. 


Tristan & Miles: My favorite couple. I am glad that now they've finally solidified this pairing. However, I found myself screaming during the episode when Tristan and Miles were talking about how they have sex. I thought they were seriously about to go there and break it down. I had to clutch my pearls. I noticed too they had this couple many gay puns/digs at each other early on. I found it crafty and funny and not offensive. 


Frankie: Good actress but I feel she got off too easy this season. Frankie was too much of a victim rather than noticing her wrongs and changing them. I still get pissed that Shay and the girls from the rival school let her off easily. It hurt me to see the girl from North Tech admit that she has to always be the bigger person and it's tiring. She told no lies....


Hunter: Psycho. Just unhinged. I don't believe he is cured at all. It's due time before he snaps again and I see poor Yael being his victim.


Baaz: I like him. Something is so adorable about him and his awkwardness. He gives me old JT vibes. Him lusting after upperclassman, Grace, reminded me of JT lusting after Paige. 


Tiny: Thank you, Degrassi! A young, Black male lead that isn't cliche. He's intelligent, kind, a little rough around the edges but he has layers to him. I enjoyed his arc. 


I love all the characters on the show. I do wish that they would do more with Goldie, Vijay, and Esme (who I couldn't stand at one point), but the show is good. This is how teens should be written! Daytime soaps needs watch Degrassi to get a hint how you write for youthful characters.


The finale was shocking in Degrassi fashion, and I expect some casualties. I just hope it isn't Tiny or Tristan. Even though I adore all the characters, I wouldn't care if Maya was offed. I feel like she's gone as far as she can go. Her music story bores me. She's gone as far as she can go.








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Alright here's my random thoughts on the episode that featured the old cast of Degrassi. I only watched seasons 1-6 then sporadically in season 7 and have seen almost nothing ever since.


Scruffy older Peter is kinda hot!

Craig only gets one scene? And his singing was kinda sh*tty.

The pink haired girl and her boyfriend were really cute! I like that he joined the protest instead of the usual cliche 'I'm so mad at you now watch as I storm off.'

So are Emma and Spinner still married then? If so, it looks like they took up smoking meth together.

Loved seeing Paige and Marco! Wish we could've gotten more of them! And I was glad that Paige wasn't a bitch to the younger class.

Holly J has really grown into a beauty!

The gay boy is extremely obnoxious and grating. Is he always like that?

I never much cared for Liberty but was actually really happy to see her! And her acting has improved immensely!

I was disappointed that we didn't get all of the older class in a scene together. Was really wanting to see Holly J and Paige interact!

Also, where the hell was Manny? She got a mention but nothing as far as an appearance? Lame.





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