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Degrassi: The Next Generation

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Can't believe it's been 15 years since this incarnation debuted. Loved how they portrayed teens are real as they could. Who were your favorite characters, favorite season, pairing and story?

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My fave seasons were three, four, and five, with 4/5 having a slight edge over 3. Favorite characters were Sean, Paige, Manny, and JT. Favorite couples were Sean/Ellie, Manny/Craig, and Paige/Spinner. Favorite stories would be the Manny/Craig/Ashley triangle, Marco's initial coming out drama, the Rick drama (and aftermath), and JT and Liberty as expectant parents.

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I'm finally running through DNC season 2, and after a rough start, I'm loving it. The racism story with the volleyball team produced some good moments early on (I LOVE the girls playing the Northern Tech team!), but it got way too heavy-handed by the time of the 60th anniversary celebration. I wish they wouldn't have decided to "go there" in the midst of the anniversary stuff, because, yes, they should have given a bit more focus to the returning alumni. I know that they have a current show to develop, but by then, the story felt too done anyway. I did love the alumni's appearances for what they were, though.

I'm on episode 8, and I never thought I'd say this, but the season has improved a lot since the focus moved back to the run-of-the-mill romance drama. I am LOVING LOVING LOVING the Miles/Tristan/Winston/Zoe foursome. I really need to go back and watch all of Tristan/Miles from DTNG, because they're a great tentpole couple here. They've always had strong chemistry, and now that they've moved into the more mature couple role, it just works. They're cute af!

I'm so glad they shut down the Maya/Peter possibility right away. Peter was always a mess, but it would have just been a hatchet job on him to have it go there. I like him as a mentor for him and their working relationship.

Zig is such a dumb meathead, but he's hot, and I can't deal. His stripper audition was classic Degrassi slapstick.

Vijay annoys the hell out of me, and I'm going to need for him to either get a real storyline and stop leeching off of everyone else or just fade into the background.

I didn't realize they were already renewed for seasons 3 and 4. Awesome! They've done a FABULOUS job developing the ensemble over the first 2.

Oh, some other things. Hunter is crazy af, and I feel as though we're only in the midst of his complete arc. This feels like a classic, slow-building Degrassi story that just goes up and down with the wind, and I love it. The Hollingsworth family adds a great dynamic to the show. Tiny is a fantastic character, and I'd love to see more from his point of view.

In regards to the alumni: as always, just more evidence that an all grown up Degrassi sequel would have been awesome a few years ago. Emma and Spinner's marriage is still something that perplexes me, and I don't like it. Spinner belongs with Paige, period. I'm not sure who Emma should be with (NOT Sean! That's Ellie's man), but I hate that what was essentially a rhetorical joke has become the real deal offscreen. Ugh. My baby Craig was SEXY as usual, and Tristan knows damn well he wanted some. Marco and Paige were the image of Degrassi royalty, as always. Paige is just...*sigh*. I've always loved her, but my appreciation and attachment has grown so much in the last few years because she just represents so much and evokes a ton of nostalgia in me. Lauren Collins has my heart forever.

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2 hours ago, Nothin'ButAttitude said:

All I know is that Tiny nor Tristan better be f-cking dead! 


They could've killed Maya honestly though. 

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4 hours ago, AlexElizabeth said:

Lola's hair is awful.

I think that's mostly the actress dyeing her hair

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