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Classic SOD Synopses Section ( May 1, 1990 Issue)

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These recaps cover the weeks of, April 2-6, 9-13 1990! Enjoy! :)


Travis kisses Erica, who responds. "I intend to win you back," Travis assures his wife. Erica visits Jack. They make love before she drops the bomb:"For all our sakes, I have to give Travis a chance," she says. However, Travis and Erica's first date somehow includes Jack. Erica's disgusted when the brothers battle like children, and she takes a cab home.


After Skye hits a guardrail, Trevor arrests her for drunken driving. "Think about Laura. You could've killed someone else's little girl today," he says in forced disgust. Tom warns Jeremy that if he loves Skye, he won't bail her out of jail. Softie Stuart, however, can't let Skye rot, and bails her out. When Adam catches Skye drinking cooking sherry, they struggle and Adam falls unconscious. "I'm nothing but a disgusting drunk," Skye tearfully admits to Trevor, who proudly hugs her.


A desperate Palmer calls will home to work on Dixie. When Opal comes home to an empty apartment, she immediately informs Tad that Dix is at Palmer's. Dixie ignores Tad's ultimatum that she come home now or never. When she finally does return, things are so tense that she throws Opal out of the house. "I used to think love was enough. Now i'm not so sure," Dixie tells her sister.


Phoebe swoons at the news of Donna and Chuck's engagement. Billy Clyde tells Donna ten grand- or the ring- ought to be a fair price for his silence. Determined not to part with her ring, Donna gets a loan. Chuck follows Donna to the park, where she rudely dismisses him and pays Billy, who promises to leave town.


Erica finally lays into her father for deserting her and then trying to interfere in her life. "I can't believe I never saw you for the rotten husband and father that you were" she rants. "Stop interfering or I want you out of my house and out of my life." Eric concedes.... Joey asks out Emily Ann.


Jeremy walks in as Trevor comforts Skye, and Immediately jumps to the wrong conclusions. He panics Skye, who runs off to see her father. "You're obsessed with swooping in to save other people because you need. It makes you feel like a big man. You're sick," Trevor tells his ex-friend. Meanwhile, Skye is relieved to learn she didn't cause her father a setback. He forgives her and, that night, Skye attends her first AA meeting, and announces she's an alcoholic. Jeremy is bothered by Trevor's interest in Skye, even more so when Skye moves out of the gallery.


When Erica does a television interview, the press has a field day when Travis and Jackson display their little rivalry. Erica announces that she will date the men on alternate nights, Travis first. Jack tries to Make Erica Jealousby dating other women,- namely Brooke and Natalie- but it backfires on him; he doesn't have the back-bone to follow through with his threats. Meanwhile, Travis is confident; Sea City bookies have laid three-to-one odds on Travis. Jack convinces Erica to make love with him, then promptly tells Travis, who seethes.


Dixie and Tad make a date to discuss their problems over dinner, but Tad fumes when he sees Dixie with Will and Palmer at the Valley Inn, and walks out. Dixie is close to tears and desperate. To get rid of Opal. Dix changes the locks and packs Opal's bags. Tad is happy to sever all ties with Opal, but still wants Dixie to do the same with Palmer. Will advises his sister to cut her looses; the Martins tell Tad to try to work it out. As the couple's battle escalates, Tad comes up with a plan: he tells Dix that his friend has offered him a job with a potential partnership in Los Angeles. In reality, it's a short-term case, but Tad is hoping it will turn into more. Adam supports the move as much as Palmer opposes it, but after much soul-searching, Dixie agrees to the move.


When Billy pays Lettie the $1,000 he owes her, she guesses he blackmailed Donna. When Donna visits Lettie, her friend tells her that John Henry Rockefeller and BC are one and the same. Billy fantasizes about telling Em he's her father, and her being thrilled about it. When Donna confronts him, BC promises not to tell EM the truth if Donna lets Emily continue to be near him. Poor Donna is wreck.


Joey's thrilled when Emily Ann is enthusiastic about spending time with him.... With a donation to the daughters of Fine Lineage, Natalie tries to bribe Phoebe and Enid into getting Timothy into the Pine Valley Country Day School. Palmer maligns Natalie to prevent this from happening, but Enid and Phoebe only see dollar signs.


Catching Congressman Harrison in a good mood, Felicia convinces him to take the heat off Lucas. Grateful, Lucas testifies before a congressional committee.

Sharly goes on a spending spree, so John will be furious with Sharlene. She confronts John, hoping for a split, but he assures her he'll always love her. Later, Grant visits a thrilled Sharly, but he's exhausted and has to return to the hospital.


Evan has a messenger deliver Amanda's locket to the Cory mansion, only an enraged Sam receives the package. Later, he tells Amanda he has a surprise for her. As he places the locket around her neck, Sam thinks, for a moment, of choking her.

Vicky gives in to Evan's kisses. Just as they're about to make love, Amanda calls, demanding to see Evan; she fears being alone with Sam. He kicks Vicky out. Later, Amanda tells Evan it's not working with Sam, she can't forget about Bates. He comforts her and they kiss. Evan confides to a stunned Amanda that Sam knows about their night of lovemaking. Later, Sam assures Amanda he didn't believe Vicky's lie about her sleeping with Evan, but she doesn't set him straight.


Cass admits "I love you, Frankie Frame. There, I've finally said it and it feels great." Later, she follows him to a chapel where Cass remembers Kathleen and their love. He says he could never love anyone else, until now, until Frankie.

Fearing discovery of her past, Paulina makes an excuse to leave town, but takes refuge at Derek's. In such close quarters, he can't help but notice her comeliness.

Still weak from the scorpion bite, Ken returns to BC and contacts Jamie. He collapses in a heap, but refuses to be taken to a hospital. Rachel allows Jamie to treat Ken at the Cory home. Later, Felicia gives Rachel the note Mac wrote before his death, which says, "Find Ken Jordan."

After Iris pulls Josie's photos from the swimsuit issue, Josie declares that Iris is jealous of her and Lucas. Iris suspends her from sophisticate.

Josie receives a slashed photo of herself with a note saying, "You'll soon be mine." Stacey finds a camisole Paulina accidentally dropped in Derek's apartment.... Frankie tells Cass she loves him, too.

Vicky has a bizarre dream, followed by a terrible sense of foreboding. She remembers a storm, orchids and the pearl earrings the woman in the dream was wearing. But is it Vicky or Marley in her dream? Later, Vicky decides to visit her estranged sister in Los Angeles. Of course, they fight.

Rachel nurses Ken back to health, then demands answers. He admits that he's the one in the photo with Mac. He explains that, years ago, he flew Mac to Central America in his helicopter. They crashed and Ken was injured. Mac went to get help, promising to return. He didn't. For twenty-five years, Ken believed he'd been left for dead, until he saw Mac in Maine. Walking into Odyssey, Mac was shocked to see Jordan alive, and explained that he'd spent years sending search teams to find him. They argued. The next morning, Mac was dead. Ken tells Rachel that his feelings for her go beyond friendship.


Mikey catches Donna and Jake kissing. When Michael later offers to buy Jake out of Visions, Jake angrily refuses, McKinnon places Donna in front of the camera, taping her. He asks Donna if they'll be lovers again. She doesn't want to talk about it. Later, Michael is contacted by an attorney. He's representing Mikey's natural parents, who want to regain custody. Donna panics; they were told Mikey's parents were dead. Cass insists the Millers have something in their favor: the Hudsons are divorcing. Donna and Michael agree to stop their divorce proceedings.


Unable to take Sam's strange behavior anymore, Amanda says they need time apart. But Sam begs her to wait, lying that he has an important art show soon. Then he bribes Caroline into giving him a show at her gallery. Later, Amanda insists to Evan that she refuses to ruin Sam's professional life, too. The day after Sam's show, if nothing's changed, she'll leave Sam. Later, a mortified Amanda finds her slashed portrait. Frightened, she finds Evan on John's boat and they spend the night together. Sam injures his painting hand in a fight.


John wants a fretful Sharlene to see an analyst. Grant's supposed to meet Sharly, but John won't let the congressman leave the hospital. Furious, Grant retorts that John's a coward. He has a limp because he won't have a piece of shrapnel removed. If Grant stays, John agrees to have a surgeon look at his leg. Harrison's impressed. The next day, Sharlene confesses to the shrink, Dr. Benson, that she feels guilty about forgetting things all the time, as she twists her wedding band. The doc tries hypnosis. Will Sharly emerge?


Handsomely paid and thorough investigator Larry Wagner returns to Oakdale with the information Lucinda requested: who is Duke's real father? All that rot and male bonding between John and Duke- well, she never fell for it. John never had a blood test to prove conclusively that the fatigue-clad ex-broker was his descendant. Larry's presence in town is making Lucinda nervous, but his bit of news is delicious: Duke's father is none other than mobster Philip Lombard, now serving time for the murder of his son Brock. Rosemary Kramer, Duke's mother, was seeing Lombard at the same time she was dating John Dixon. John's just forgiven Lucinda for pushing Susan into the ladder that caused her fall and back injury. If he finds out that she's unveiled the truth about Duke, their blissful reconciliation might be reserved.


Barbara is spotted in Rome, she's been sighted in London, but no one can pin her down. The guilty, tormented and insecure wife of Hal Munson has been on the run since he found out she lied about knowing he had fathered a son with Margo. Emily thinks Lily's the one who sent Hal the letter tipping him off to Barbara's duplicity, but she denies it to Emily, Iva and Lucinda. Lily's too busy inviting the romantic attentions of sexy painter Colin Crowley to pay much attention to anyone else's woes. Duncan tells Colin that Lily's dead husband, Derek, married the heiress for her money.


A businessman named Gavin Kruger is looking for some representation in the Midwest. Kirk and Ellie have flown to Switzerland to pitch Walsh Enterprises to him. At Montgomery and associates, Lily and Blake hope Mr. Kruger's appetite for beautiful women gets him to sign on the dotted line. They intend to serve Emily Stewart to him as an appetizer. The one person who could tell these competing firms the fastest way to Kruger's checkbook is Shannon McKechnie. She reports that she and Kruger were once "close". Duncan should be good and jealous by the time Kruger hits town. Shannon's rented part of her loft to Colin Crowley.


After having an argument with Duke, Lien is struck by a memory of her days in the prison work camp in Vietnam. She pours out her heart to Lisa and reveals why she has been so reticent to make love with Duke. It seems that one of the POW guards tried to rape Lien and, to pacify him, Lien's mother substituted herself. She's not sure she'll ever overcome this hang-up, Lien tells Lisa. Later, she summons the courage to talk about this event with her father and Margo. Tom wants Lien to stay away from Duke, but she decides to tell Duke the reason why she can't give herself to him.


While Andy Dixon pretends to recover from his recent alcoholic relapse while stealing liquor and wine bottles from several Oakdale homes, Courtney Baxter remembers her night in Andy's Chicago hotel room. She has a picture of him that she tore off a contact sheet. He has blurred photos of her. Andy discovers the photo she has of him.

Courtney befriends Bianca, snagging a lunch invitation at the mansion. Courtney doesn't have much of an appetite for food, but gobbles up the eavesdropped information that Lucinda may know who Duke's real father is.


Finding withdrawal too difficult, Susan takes those free sample pain-killers. She tells Bob she thinks she's kicked her dependency, but he is suspicious. Susan tells Kim what a tremendous help her husband has been. Lucinda, who's caught the docs in a few warm embraces, warns Kim that Susan's playing on Bob's sympathy. Bob tells Kim he's felt alienated since she and John have been together so often.


A severely hung-over Andy wakes up not knowing how he drove home the night before. How'd he scrape the paint off the side of his car? John wants to know. Andy says he was sideswiped at his AA meeting. John tells him to have the repair bill sent to him. At the Hughes home, Kim throws out all the liquor, thinking it will stop her son from drinking.


While Sean grows concerned over Gail's threatened palimony suit, Julie turns down Cal Stricklyn's offer to pay for a lawyer so she can win custody of her children. Caleb offers to help raise them. They're part of her past, Julie tells her husband. Lily tells Julie that if she sees any sign of her old, typical self, she'll tell Caleb about her life with Tonio. Caleb tells Lucinda that Emma wanted to invite her and John to dinner, but he decided against it because it made Julie so uncomfortable. Really? says Lucinda, intimating that Julie is a woman of many secrets, some of which Lucinda learned when they met in Seattle. They're old buddies.


At the variety show fund-raiser, Darla sings a la Marilyn Monroe. Sally turns Eric's solo into a duet, which surprises everyone, including Eric. While listening to Thorne and Macy's love-song duet, Donna feels betrayed by Thorne since Macy told her she'd be singing with the new man in her life.


Sally will have to be very understanding and patient if he accepts her offer, Clarke insists, since it may take him awhile to get comfortable with her sexually. OK, Sally retorts, as long as he works at it. With this in mind, Clarke agrees to marry Ms. Spectra Now it's time for him to resign from Forrester, Sally says, but Clarke decides he doesn't have to tell Eric about being beau Rivage. He'll just tell him that Sally has made him an offer he can't refuse.He wants to keep their engagement quiet, though, until after the fall fashion show. Clarke is struggling with his letter of resignation when Margo enters. Grabbing the letter from Clarke, she discovers he's leaving Forrester for greener pastures. Margo can't believe he sold out to Sally- body and soul, that is. Clarke defends his position, insisting that he's about to become a household name.

Ridge can't understand where Clarke disappears to every day, but he intends to find out. Ridge lets Clarke know he's upset with him. Copping an attitude, Clarke calls Ridge a pompous, egocentric jackass, which results in a slug from Ridge. Now, Ridge is number one on Clarke's hit list.


Eric learns Brooke is on an indefinite leave of absence. Meanwhile, she enters a cafe in Paris. The proprietor, Pierre introduces himself to Brooke, and she finds him quite charming. Brooke confides that she's trying to forget a failed love affair. She's pregnant by a man who no longer loves her and isn't sure she should keep his baby, she says.

Ridge tells Caroline he's concerned about Brooke since she's taken a leave of absence from work. Caroline insists that Brooke does not need him to be her guardian angel.

Pierre offers Brooke a room in his hotel about the cafe and she gratefully accepts. When she steps out, Pierre looks in her wallet and copies down her home address and telephone number. Brooke tells him she must terminate her pregnancy. Pierre urges her to give it more thought. But Brooke's made her decision.

Back in LA, Eric wonders why Brooke disappeared. He calls Donna, who explains that she overheard Eric tell Thorne that he and Stephanie are reconciling, and then told Brooke. Donna lets him know Brooke's in Paris. Eric quickly hops a plane to France.


Ridge and Thorne prepare for the upcoming fashion show. Thorne's dismayed to learn his father's left town. Ridge informs his mother that Dad's gone away for a few days but no one knows to where. Stephanie senses that he's with the other woman and vows to find and destroy her.

Pierre calls Donna in LA and tells her Brooke is staying at his hotel. Donna lets him know that Eric's on his way to Paris to see Brooke. Later, Eric calls Donna from the plane and she gives him Brooke's address in Paris and tells a horrified Eric that Brooke plans to terminate her pregnancy.


Felicia wants Stephanie to accept the fact that her marriage is over. It's time to start healing and experience the world again, she urges. Later, Stephanie tells Ridge she's taking Felicia's advice and giving up the fight for Eric. However, she still wants to know about the other woman.

Eric arrives at Pierre's cafe and learns that Brooke couldn't wait any longer and checked into a hospital. They began calling hospitals in search of Brooke. Eric prays he can get to her in time. Finally, someone locates her and Eric rushes to her side.


Clarke gives Margo his phone number at Sally's in case anyone needs him. An outraged Margo asserts that she's lost all respect for him. After he leaves, Ridge summons Margo to a fashion-show meeting. She decides not to let Clarke know about it. Margo tells Ridge she feels Clarke's design isn't strong enough to be the showstopper and suggests they use one of Ridge's creations. He agrees. Margo thinks Clarke's getting what he deserves.

Storm Logan calls his sister, Donna, and tells her that he's being transferred back to Log Angeles. He'll be arriving home later in the day.

Brooke's asleep when Eric enters her hospital room. He assumes she's already had the abortion, but the doctor informs him that they haven't performed it yet. Brooke wakes up and sees Eric. He tells her he never reconciled with Stephanie, just gave her thirty days to get used to the idea of a divorce. He says he loves her and she throws her arms around him. Later, as they fly home, Eric offers Brooke a ring and asks her to marry him. She joyously accepts and they kiss tenderly.

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"You promise Cally's not leaving?" a shaken John Ross asks his father. J.R. realizes he'd better apologize for provoking the quarrel that almost caused Cally to flee Southfork. Although Cally agrees to stay, she warns J.R. to behave himself.

Cliff advises his publicist to stay away from J.R. Since Stephanie hates being told what to do, she gladly accepts a dinner invitation from J.R. When Cliff shows up at the same restaurant, Stephanie quickly concludes J.R. has set her up. But it's too late. Cliff spots Stephanie with his archenemy and fires her.


J.R. next turns his attention to preventing James's Marriage to Michelle. He tries to buy Michelle off with cash. She rejects his money, but also hides her surprise. James has never mentioned marriage to her. Still, Michelle's heart fills with hope.

Later, James admits to Michelle that he told J.R. a lie. "And I'm the one you know he'd hate you being married to," snaps a disappointed Michelle. Feeling used, she orders James out of her life.

That night, Michelle is visited by Inagaki, the original owner of the warehouse complex. Impressed with her business sense, he offers Michelle a job that would take her to the Caribbean immediately. Michelle accepts the position, because she believes her romance with James is over. When her plane is safely airborne, Inagaki. meets with J.R. "I appreciate this," J.R. says with a victorious smile.


Elsewhere, Ellie and Clayton learn that Atticus's original will leaves his estate to Dusty Farlow. Clayton decides contact Jessica Montfort (Clayton's sister and mother of Dusty). He and Ellie travel to the sanitarium where Jessica has been for several years and discover that she was released six months earlier.

Fearing Jessica may be the murderer, the police move the Farlows to a guarded hotel room. Despite the precautions, Jessica breaks into the room at night. As Clayton and Ellie sleep peacefully, Jessica approaches the bed with a syringe in her hand.

Clayton is saved from Jessica's hypodermic needle by the ringing of a bedside phone. The noise causes Jessica to run from the hotel room, but not before Clayton sees her leave. He races into the hallway, but Jessica is gone.


Although Clayton's life is in danger, the Farlows decide to attend Atticus Ward's funeral. Bobby spots Jessica at the cemetery. She enters a limo and Bobby follows in his car. He manages to catch up with her. When he demands to know why she was at Atticus's funeral, Jessica looks at him quizzically. "Atticus is Dusty's father," the murderess says matter-of-factly.


In another part of Dallas, Cliff ignores Stephanie's threat that he'll never become the next governor without her help. His smugness soon fades, however. The television news reports that the governor has chosen someone else as his hand-picked replacement.


Stephanie, alas, fails to have the last laugh. J.R. reveals that he has copies of her diaries, detailing every illegal deal she made for her rich and powerful clients. And the price for J.R.'s silence? From time to time, he'll call upon Stephanie for favors. Furious, Stephanie swears she'll get even. J.R simply laughs.

All does not go well for J.R., though. James discovers that his father is responsible for Michelle's sudden departure. The younger Ewing will stay in Dallas, but vows to sever his ties to J.R. Cally sadly watches James leave Southfork, and then feels lonelier still when Lucy announces she too will move out. Alex Barton has asked Lucy to run his European art gallery and Ms. Ewing has decided to accept.


At the police station, Jessica calmly confesses to all the murders. She was in league with Atticus, who wanted Curley, Rabbit and Arlen killed. Actually Clayton was Jessica's real target. It was he who committed her to a mental hospital, keeping Jessica from her beloved Dusty.

As arrangements are made for Jessica's return to the sanitarium, McKay asks Clayton to join Weststar. McKay knows that Jessica controls the voting rights to the Weststar stock Dusty has inherited. He also knows that Clayton has petitioned for power of attorney and will soon oversee Jessica's assets.


By chance, Cally overhears a phone conversation between her marriage counselor and J.R. It becomes clear that J.R. has been paying the counselor to advise Cally to end her marriage. Outraged, Cally consults James. He proposes they return to Southfork and treat J.R. with loving kindness, lulling him into a false sense of security. Then when J.R. least expects it, James and Cally will take their revenge.

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Jennifer confronts Jack about her love for him, hoping he'll stop her from accepting Emilio's marriage proposal. Does he care for her or not? she demands. Jack's feelings surface and they come close to making love until a phone call interrupts. Jennifer heads to Wings to do a story on Melissa and Emilio. Meet her if he's ready to make a commitment, she tells Jack and departs.

Haunted by memories of Harper and his real father, Duke, Jack decides that he's not good enough for Jennifer, and leaves her waiting at Wings. On the air, Emilio again proposes to Jennifer, whose disappointment about Jack prompts her to accept. When Jack sees the television show, he rushes to tell her she's making a mistake, but he stops short of suggesting an alternative.


Roman's worst fears are confirmed when he finds the missing earring in the loft. Brady queries Isabella, who remembers's nothing-until a lamp being knocked over triggers a flashback of her fight with Marina.

An attendant at Bayview tells Roman that although Marina visited her sister, no lamp was broken. Later, the same worker admits that he let Isabella sneak out of the sanitarium that night. Steve learns from the cleaning lady at the Salem Inn that two lamps were broken there on that night.

Roman fights his feelings for Isabella. Victor warns her that Roman is using her. When she confronts Brady, their passion leads to a kiss. Meanwhile, back in Italy, Giuseppe meets with his mysterious boss, and they scheme to find the missing pages from Loretta's diary.


When faith comes out of her coma, her legs are paralyzed. A specialist announces she might never walk again. With Scott by her side, Faith starts physical therapy, but is discouraged. she feels inadequate as a woman and pushes him away. Eve fixes dinner for Banning in hopes of wooing him away from Faith.


When Shane finds a baby bootie in the house, he asks Kimberly if they're expecting. Truthfully, she answers no. Cal learns from a mysterious visitor that Kim is carrying his baby. His call to her is intercepted by Shane, who warns him never to phone again. When Winters finally gets through, Kim realizes he knows her secret. Shane listens in on the extension, then follows when Kim visits Cal, who demands to know when she's going to tell her husband. Tell him what? demands Shane. Kim covers, but knows she can't hide the truth much longer.


Financial woes have Adrienne fearing she'll have to give up the Johnson Construction Company. Justin has other ideas. He and Adrienne become business partners. Their personal relationship heats up as well, though the two decide to back off and build things slowly.

The new partnership prompts Victor to rewrite his will; he leaves everything to his son, Bo. When Hope tells Julie that she and Bo are being followed, Julie accuses Victor, who fears Bo may be in danger. Find Bo now, Kiriakis orders Nico.


Mike writes April that he won't be leaving Beijing for a long time. Nick does his best to cheer up a dispirited April. Secretly, Corelli sends a large donation to Mike's rescue mission, hoping it will bring Horton home sooner.


Emilio and Melissa get an offer to take their act on the road. He begs Jennifer to marry him right away and come on tour. When she and Melissa discuss the idea at the loft, Jack's eavesdropping from his hiding spot in the closet. Aware that Deveraux is there, Jenn needles him by agreeing to go on the road.

Jack responds by using his clout to get Jenn promoted to feature reporter. However, when she learns it was all his doing, Miss Horton turns down the offer, and moves up the wedding date. When Emilio sings her a love song, Jennifer still dreams of Jack. Melissa has dreams of her own as she helps Emilio "rehearse" for his wedding day.


Isabella remembers struggling with Marina. Suddenly a gun was in her hand that night and she threw it into the river. While visiting Victor, Isabella learns that his attic contains a secret. She urges Roman to search there. A suspicious Brady promises to think about it.

Steve assures Kelly/Sheila that the case will soon be solved and Kayla will come home. Sheila panics; her attachment to Stephanie has grown into an obsession. While Steve is out, Sheila locks Jo in the closet and slips away with the baby.

Steve freaks out when he discovers Stephanie has been kidnapped, and prays he finds her before Kayla heard the news. Kim broadcasts a plea to the kidnapper. Sheila listens to it, but switches off the radio before learning that the baby needs to see a doctor right away.

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Wendy, the spa employee whom Decker befriended, shows up to get cozy with "Eddie Ashton." A panicky Decker hides her. Wendy discovers Decker is a phony, and that Ned worked at the spa as Ward. Monica gets a divorce. For the umpteenth time, Dawn asks Ned, "Are you sleeping with Monica? Did you ever?" Ned lies, "No." Wendy overhears Ned and Monica discuss their fib.


A pensive Anna scatters Duke's ashes in Scotland. Later, she and Robert remember their own marriage, destroyed by her life as a DVX double agent. Her partner threatened to kill Robert unless she carried out a final mission. The guy is dead, Robert points out. "Until the day I die, I'll hate Cesar Faison!" Anna spits.

Sean and Frisco rescue Felicia, then fly home, as Faison planned. Felicia assumes her kidnapper was a zealous rock fan. Frisco thinks it was the WSB. Sean's unsure. No one knows it was Faison, who allowed them to escape.


When Casey hold Robin's crystal, a glowing energy flows into him. Casey reveals he's from Lumina. Long ago, a Lumina spacecraft crashed on Earth. Casey must find the crystals that were inside. The crystal gives Casey the power to survive; he must take the fragments Robin understands.

Desiree and Cesar move to Spoon Island and plan to search for the crystals. He is a famous author writing under the nom de plume P.K. Sinclair. Davnee, the heroine of his trilogy-in-progress, looks like Robin.


Katherine finds a friend in Colton. She observes, "We're a lot alike." Kate wants to help him buy a health club. Robert and Kate quarrel-his career always comes first. Scorpio understands, but she wonders if he really gets it.

Sean meets Desiree, who's supposedly interested in buying the Wellington Collection. "Never underestimate him. He mustn't know I'm even remotely involved," Faison cautions her.


Alan insists to Monica "I love you. I need you. "Why did he propose to Lucy? Business reasons, he stammers. "You're finally your father's son," Monica notes, adding, "Get out of my house and out of my life." Alan packs.

Tracy smells a rat named Lucy and asks Scott to check out the telegrams allegedly sent by ELQ stockholders supporting Alan and Lucy. Don't squeal, Lucy begs Scott.

Wendy rents a room above Kelly's and befriends Colton at the health club. She also pays Ned a visit. Remember Green Meadows Spa? she inquires. He pays her five thousand dollars to leave PC.


Kate wants to know why Robert and Anna broke up. Forget about the past, he suggests. After a successful performance at Duke's Club, Frisco and Katherine consider teaming up permanently.


Cesar's writing The Crystalline Conspiracy. He learns Anna is Robin's mother. "She's in every book I've written," Cesar confesses. Anna is the inspiration for Davnee. Desiree's jealous.

Casey and Robin sneak away to Spoon Island. When Anna hurries there, Cesar is watching, but it's Desiree who helps locate Robin, whom Faison doesn't want harmed. Casey hides, so Robin leaves with her mother. Back on the dock, Anna castigates Robin for her reckless behavior, tosses the crystal in the garbage, and grounds her. Eventually, the crystal winds up at the hospital and causes the equipment to malfunction, delaying the blood analysis of an ill baby-Lucas Jones.

Anna is disturbed when she learns Casey doesn't work for the alarm company. Plus, Robin's lying and insolent behavior really irk her. Robin's worried about Casey, who needs the crystal's energy to survive.

When Casey is discovered on Spoon Island, he's dumped back on the waterfront. When Robin hears that a man is roaming around flashing Scorpio's badge (it was in the suit that she took from her dad for Casey), she takes off. Rowdy tips off Anna, who finds Robin cradling a sick Casey.

At the hospital, Robin panics when she can't stay with her friend. They're just trying to figure out what's wrong, Anna points out. A sobbing Robin replies, "He just wants to go home."


"We meet again," Faison says when he shows up at Donely's door. If Sean doesn't sell him the Wellington Collection, Faison says he'll "share certain information about you with people like Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio. And, once they know the truth...." Sean is a shaken man.

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Trevor is shocked when Laura confronts him about Cheryl. "I didn't set out to cheat on you," Trevor insists. "But you did, and you became quite proficient at it," Laura retorts. Trevor assures his wife he's never stopped loving her, but he's not ready to give up his girlfriend, either. An outraged Laura tells her husband to pack his bags and get out. Monique is devastated by her father's deception.


When Kyle sees that Sam is preoccupied with Jordan's important Saudi guests, he poses as a sheik to get her attention. A disguised Kyle is shocked when Sam succumbs to his kisses. Amused, Sam pulls off Kyle's turban, admitting she was on to him. Meanwhile, Jordan, who learned from Sam that the mob hit-man, Eddie, was hiding out in Hale's Winston Hotel, phones Eddie's boss, Mr. Taylor, to warn him before Eddie can spill the beans to the grand jury about Taylor's dirty deeds. Later, another hit-man shows up and tells Jordan he'll be rubbing Eddie. "I want this done nice and easy," Jordan says.


While Sam and Kyle are taking a steamy shower together, Eddie shoots and kills Taylor's hit-man in the hotel room next door. Making a run for it, Eddie takes a detour into Sam and Kyle's room. When a nearly naked Sam steps out of the bathroom, Eddie takes her hostage. In the lobby, Ky;e rescues Sam, and Eddie is about to surrender when suddenly Jordan shoots and kills Eddie. Kyle is determined to find out who tipped off the big boss as to where Eddie was hiding. He has a hunch it was Jordan. Later, Mr. Taylor thanks Jordan for killing Eddie. Jordan says he'll be in touch.


Daniel discovers from the autopsy report on Lester Barton that his stomach was empty. That means Lester's wife,Rita lied to Rob about eating steak sandwiches with Lester just an hour before he was killed in the explosion. Latter, a disguised Adam tries to charm Rita Barton, hoping she'll divulge what really went on the night Lester died.

When Kyle shows Jessica a photo of the hit-man that Mitchell Taylor sent to kill Eddie, Jessica follows Jordan's lead and lies that she's never this man before. Later, Jordan gives Jessica an expensive watch as thanks for her loyalty. Jessica tells a curious Rob that the watch came from a Saudi businessman. When she finally reveals the truth about Jordan giving her the watch, Rob pulls it off her wrist. He insists Jordan take it back, warning him to stop trying to manipulate Jessica.


Knowing from his previous visit to Rita's apartment that she's a big fan of Jessica Garner's, Adam (aka Arthur) uses an autographed photo of Jessica to charm his way into a return visit. When Rita heads for the kitchen to make coffee, Adam rummages through her drawers in hopes of finding something incriminating. Just as Rita returns, Adam spots a gold cuff link on the floor, which Rita quickly pockets. Adam later reports to Rob that Rita must be seeing a guy with big bucks.

Meanwhile, a teary-eyed Maya is stunned when Helen Mullin tells her that she once knew a little girl who lost her mother and had to run away with her father, who was accused of murder. Maya is the one. "I'd stake my life on it. That girl is Diana Reubens," Helen says to herself. Daniel is shocked that Maya is in contact with Helen. He informs her that Helen used to babysit for her before they began their life on the run. Helen tells Maya to trust her, but Maya continues to hide her true identity.


Sam and Kyle have harsh words when Kyle questions her about the mysterious leak to the crime boss. Same confides in Monique that being with Kyle is just too dangerous. "We may be better off calling it quits," Kyle tells Christy. But when Christy finally convinces Kyle to call Sam and make up, a disappointed Kyle learns that his girlfriend is in London on business for Jordan. Unbeknownst to Sam, Jordan has arranged for her to smuggle a stolen piece of art into the United States. However, Sam thinks she's carrying blueprints for another Hale Hotel. Crime boss Mr. Taylor arranges for Sam to get through customs without a hitch. But Jordan is on pins and needles when Mr. Taylor's customs official doesn't show up until the very last minute to prevent Sam from going through the usual customs check.


Ruth asks Adam to stand in for Henry as Daniel's godfather at her christening, Unaware that Adam is really Danielle's father. Adam refuses at first, but Maya convinces him to do it for the baby. Doreen and Martin are shocked when Adam shows up at their penthouse. Adam later assures Doreen that he will stay out of Danielle's life. "But if that little girl needs me, I'll be here. All you have to do is ask," he tells Doreen.

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Yes, he was.

Do you remember exactly when Daniel Markel took over? I think it was Fall 1990, because one of the first scenes I remember (in addition to his shower scene) is him in a Santa Claus suit, but I could be off by a year.

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Dallas was in its dying days then. I think I watched faithfully and I don't remember any of this. Clayton was not Dusty's father?

No, Dusty was actually the son of Jessica and that Atticus guy, and Clayton and Amy had adopted him after Jessica went batty.

Except for the Stephanie Rogers story, I have no words for how much I loathed the 1989-90 season of Dallas. Clayton and Ellie getting involved in back to back Murder She Wrote stories, Cliff and JR becoming environmentalist advocates, April becoming nice, the pointless Pam look-alike played by that Pam recast etc. The final season was only a little bit better, but at least it had some fun to it(Susan Lucci, Barbara Eden, bitchy Michelle).

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Justin invites Sam to India, and Dylan can't understand her reluctance to just refuse. Reva, using herself and Josh as an example, consoles Dylan while a depressed Sam seeks advice from Ross on how to handle Dylan and Justin.


Chelsea and Frank attend Dana's memorial service and Frank sadly says goodbye to Dana. Rae overhears Chelsea tell Maureen where she'll be staying, and Chelsea, Frank and Johnny are surprised to learn that the fan knows where Chelsea is when she receives a threatening phone call at Frank's. Rae visits Dana's grave and "tells" Dana she intends to kill Chelsea.... The bondsman gives Frank the post-office box number of the person who posted Dana's bail and Frank traces it to Rae.Meanwhile, Rae hears a frantic message from Bobby on her answering machine. Later, she learns he's killed himself. Rae pretends all's fine to Rick but, alone, she flips out.


Alex and Blake face off over Blake's return to Spaulding, but Alex finally ends up reinstating her step-daughter.... Ross and Holly worry when Roger wants to do to prove to Ross that her love for him is more important than her hate for Roger.


Blake discovers that Beth's baby is Neil's as Phillip tells Beth he still wants to marry her; they'll tell Neil everything. Phil calls Blake to settle the divorce no matter what the cost. Blake crumbles when she hears that his money won't work as leverage anymore. Vengeful, she tells Neil about the baby before Beth and Phillip can. When Neil learns the couple plans to marry, he heads to a lawyer, but Beth intercepts him. Alan-Michael agrees to Harley's request to postpone the divorce.... When Neil discovers that Harley's been "borrowing" Spaulding materials for the shelter, he fires her. Vanessa offers to help Lewis Oil with the shelter project.

Nadine encourages Harley to get the goods on Alan-Michael and take him to the cleaners. Harley finds A-M's love nest and sets up a video camera to find out who his girlfriend is. She runs into A-M on her way out and they end up making love at his apartment. Meanwhile, Blake is waiting at the love nest, fantasizing about being Mrs.Alan-Michael Spaulding. In the morning, A-M wakes up with Harley when Blake calls to find out why he stood her up. She demands the truth. A-M tries to break it off, but she resolves not to lose him. A-M confides in Ed that he's having an affair as Blake buys a home pregnancy test.


Frank and Johnny agree to set a trap for Rae before they tell Chelsea who the fan is. Meanwhile, Rae feels the heat and, as the fan, calls Frank requesting that Chelsea confront the fan at Dana's grave. Chelsea stays with Rick while the boys follow up the call. Rae lures Rick away by claiming she's going to kill herself now that everyone knows she's the fan. When he arrives, she knocks him out and ties him up. Then she visits Chelsea, just as Frank finds a box on Dana's grave, left by Rae. Frank and Johnny realize Rae's gone after Chelsea. As they race into the apartment, they hear a gunshot and burst in to find Chelsea with a gun on Rae. Chelsea surrenders the gun and Rick arrives in time to see his girlfriend arrested. frank finally cries for Dana, as his friends comfort him.


Nadine betrays Billy when Roger offers her money to renovate her diner into a French bistro. In return, she has to get the blueprints for the homeless shelter warehouse, in which Lewis Oil is heavily invested. Roger sets a trap for Vanessa to prove she's disloyal to Spaulding and Vanessa plays right into it when she tells Billy that Roger's planning a surprise inspection of the warehouse. Billy and Josh make plans to thwart it. In a vindictive move, Roger removes Phillip from the Towers project and puts him on the shelter project. Then, he makes a revelation to Alex about the waterfront: he owns it.... Holly and Ross discuss Holly's obsessive hatred of Roger.


Blake admits to Gary that she told Neil about the baby. Gary steals a codicil to to Phillip's will that changes his primary beneficiary from Blake to Beth. Phillip vows to make friends with Neil, and Beth warns Neil not to use the baby to antagonize her and Phillip.... Reva makes big plans for Sam and Dylan to elope to Georgia, the only state in which Sam can carry without parental permission. The plan only serves to cause dissension between the lovebirds. Reva seems to be loved by Josh.... Neil is unsettled by information Gary uncovers about the building collapse that killed his family.... Holly is furious when Roger demands that she fire Johnny. He insists his only motivation is business, but she believes otherwise.

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Do you remember exactly when Daniel Markel took over? I think it was Fall 1990, because one of the first scenes I remember (in addition to his shower scene) is him in a Santa Claus suit, but I could be off by a year.

Exactly? No, but it is around that time.

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Paige has doubts about marrying Tom. Marriage would be great, Tom says enthusiastically. He's really a homebody-he'd love popping dinners into a microwave, renting and being domestic with Paige. That's not her idea of fun, Paige replies. Besides, people change, a cynical Paige points out. She used to like O. Henry; now she thinks the writer's just OK. What if she got married, then changed her mind about Tom? She'd move in with him, Paige tells her lover, but living together is the biggest commitment she could handle. Not good enough, says Tom. He's holding out for marriage.


Dinner with the MacKenzies gives Paige food for thought. Karen and Mack are so happily married, Paige can't help wondering whether Tom has a point about the joys of settling down. The next day, Paige is impressed despite herself, when Tom courts her the old-fashioned way, with flowers and a song dedication on the radio.

Hoping Greg will talk her out of it, Paula tells him she got a job offer in Toronto. He offers his congratulations. Bitter, Paula has some choice words for Greg on her last visit to Summer Group. Nothing bothers Greg, Paula tells her ex-lover. His own daughter was murdered, Paula reminds Greg, and it was Greg's fault, and it doesn't bother him. On her way out, Paula runs into Paige and offers some advice. Some men are the marrying kind, and some are the single kind, Paula says... and the single kind are monumental bores. Unwilling to turn out like her mother, and mindful of Paula's advice, Paige finally accepts Tom's proposal.


Dianne has mixed feelings about the bizarre mail Karen has been getting from a fan. The fan poses a threat to Karen, who is enormously popular as the host of OPEN MIKE, but if they leak the story to the press it could be great publicity. That would be risking Karen's life, Jeff protests. Perhaps Karen would get so scared she'd leave the show, Dianne muses. After all, Dianne gripes to Jeff, she has paid her dues in the business, covering mall openings, bake sales and pet shows. Inexperienced Karen waltzed in and became a star overnight.

Unknown to Karen, one of the autograph seekers outside is Wayne, the man who's been tailing her. Karen signs a photo for Wayne, who tacks it up on a wall filled with clips of Karen.


Anne has a serious cash flow problem- she has no cash. Her credit line has run out, making shopping for new clothes a nightmare. One sales clerk keeps one of her cards; another won't give her the cash refund that she needs.


Pat's decision to resume a career in medicine has Frank so upset, he starts sleeping at the office. Frank is terrified that Pat's new job will endanger their family, and he hopes staying away will show her he means business. Pat tries to lure her husband home by leaving a message on Mack's machine, describing a special meal Julie is preparing for him.

While Julie's making a mess in the microwave, Frank gets homesick for his family and decides to go home and patch things up with Pat. First, he stops off to buy some spumoni. Whenever he and Pat had a fight, they used to settle it over spumoni, Frank remembers fondly. He phones the house to tell his wife he's on his way, but he just misses Pat-she's out getting spumoni herself.


Danny's neighbors can't stand him and his wife is staying with her ex-husband. Growing increasingly bitter about his situation, Danny bugs his lawyer about speeding up the wheels of justice. He's got a knife wound from Val, he was assaulted by Gary and his neighbors are harassing him, Danny complains. He wants action.


When his car won't start, Danny tries reaching Val at Gary's, to retrieve their auto club card. Bobby answers the phone, and says Val is out with Uncle Gary. Venomous Danny can't stand the thought of Val spending time with her ex-husband. Gary is Bobby's daddy, not his uncle, Danny maliciously corrects the little boy. Hurt and confused, Bobby runs away. A frantic Gary sends out a search party, including a helicopter, to locate the tyke. Val is worried sick. Finally, Ewing finds his son in a tree. He and Val explain to the twins that although Ben is their father in one way, Gary is their dad in a different sense.

Chronically late for work, Danny gets fired. He doesn't give a damn about their two-bit operation, Danny tells his superior, who suggests Danny not expect a recommendation. Danny drowns his sorrows in a bar. The bartender offers to call him a taxi, but drunken Danny insists he can drive. He careens into the cul-de-sac just as Frank is pulling up, on his way to make up with Pat, and Pat is locking her car door on her return from the grocery store. to Frank's horror, Danny smashes into Pat.

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