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Grade The Soaps

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Ive been thinking of doing this thread for a few days now. Heres my grades


Grade: B+. The show has improved immensely since Pratt left and they went to AMC. There is a greater emphasis on family and using history to reinforce the current stories and relationships. Theres alot more character interactions among those who generally dont have much to do with one another. There seems to be more balance. Theres some stuff that needs work but I think the show is enjoyable and in good shape. Overall the show feels tighter and it shows


Grade: C. Its pretty much the Steffy show. I like her but she is involved in some aspect of every storyline. The show currently has 4 at the moment, Hope/Oliver romance, Bridget/Owen's one night stand, Brooke/Ridge/Taylor/Whip quad and Steffy's quest to take down the Logans which oversees these stories. Its a bit much at times. The show moves too fast and they skip important details of stories. It also gets highly repetitive with the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor stuff starting up yet again. With that said, it does have good humor with Donna and Pam who are always a joy to watch.


Grade: B-. GH is suprisingly very watchable these days. The Kristina storyline is the best thing it has and the strength it has is among the character interactions and reactions to the drama. NLG is fierce and has been on fire. She alone is a reason to watch. I love how this show is using Sonny and Sam's personal history with abuse to draw parallels with whats happened with Kristina. The actress has done a great job as well. The show loses points with the Liz pregnancy drama. Its such a soap cliche and its not even done well here. Im also tired of the Claudia murder case. I wish the show would move on from that already.


Grade: F. Theres not a damn good thing I can say about this show. NONE of the stories make any sense. They scream of massive rewrites as current scripts dont match with ones written weeks earlier. The characters act out of character. Langston is a mess. This teen Jessica stuff is beyond stupid. Kelly/Todd is a disaster. The Marty/John/Nat is a lost cause since no pairing has any rooting value at this point. Gigi/Rex have been ruined yet they are pushed to the forefront. People are being dropped left and right. This Mitch crap has gone on for way too long and has jeopardized the integrity of the show. OLTL is a HOT MESS and it doesnt seem as if anyone realizes or cares at this point. WORST soap on daytime


Grade: D. I dont watch regularly but just recently did a 2 week marathon of the show. It only gets a D bc its slightly more enjoyable than OLTL which isnt saying much at all

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Only the shows I've watched a lot of the last few months (basically, just my usual three):

AMC: B. It's good, I like it when I watch, but I'm not yet there where I feel the need/urge to watch every day no matter what. I like it when I see it, but I'm not always motivated to see it.

ATWT: C. Because when you average an A (half of the stories) with an F (the other half of the stories), you get a C.

OLTL: D. It's got its finer points, but when every single story is junk and everything that should have happened or should be happening isn't happening or never happened, then guess what. 1pm, Monday-Friday in the AllMyShadows household? One Life to Live ain't happening.

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AMC: B, Solid show right now. Has improved A LOT! Go Lorraine Broderick

ATWT: C+ Show is bringing back people for the finale and I cannot wait. Show has slowly improved.

B&B: C- Being generous. Overall the show is BORING

DAYS: A- REALLY good! I am liking everything espically Nicole!

GH: B- Show has also improved. Liking the Kristina storyline

OLTL: D+ Show is a HOT mess. Nothing works and doesn't help when characters I like are going (Stacy, Skyler, ect.)

Y&R: C OK show to be nice.

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