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B&B's 23rd Anniversary Party

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This is the randomest anniversary party I have ever seen -- and not just because it was held at the local bowling alley. I guess those budget cuts are hitting B&B pretty hard! No, actually, having a party at a bowling alley is a pretty good idea -- I'm just marveling at the number of people I don't know in these photos. CBS.com offers no explanation as to who they are. Are the fans? Writers and production crew? Half the people I just figured out who they are after staring at them for 10 minutes -- like Sarah Brown who I thought was Bradley Bell's wife with a tan and some new breasts.

So, if any of you guys can fill me in on who is who, that would be great.


PLEASE let this be a sign that A.Frantz is returning to B&B. I tolerate her better there. Perhaps because Ronn Moss distracts from her awfulness.

Speaking of, where IS Ronn? Katherine Kelly Lang? Susan Flannery?


It took me five minutes of staring at this photo and thinking "African Americans on B&B? Are you sure?" before realizing that this is the little-seen Aaron Spears who plays Dollar Bill's man-about-town and Marcus's dad.


Ken and Barbie. Oh, I kid. Obviously the most photogenic couple in Daytime.


The guy next to Brandon Beemer looks like he is photo-bombing the shot.


Stephanie wears diamanté-encrusted denim? It would be a step up from her current wardrobe.


Bradley divulges to his secret love-child the finer points of bowling.


Maria Arena Bell's evil twin showed up.


Been hitting the wine spritzers, Alley?


Can't believe Heather Tom is the one playing the "ugly duckling" Logan. I'd rethink the belt, though.


Jack Wagner modeling his new hair.


Which one of these three would rather be at home watching The CW, hmmmm?

Sarah Brown looks gorgeous. And, weirdly, Tamara Braun-esque.


Ari Zucker :wub: Girl crush!


Susan Walters runs screaming from Y&R. LOL, yes, I know it's Robin Riker.



So... which one is Eric McCook's wife?


A couple of local drag queens add strength and depth to B&B's bowling team.



Wow. Heather Locklear sure has changed.


Winsor Harmon getting more face-time here than on the show.


OK. The resemblence between these two is spooky.

What, no Kim Zimmer? I would have thought she would have shown up to an evening of bowling and cheese nibbles?

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Thanks for posting these pics. Some of your captions are hilarious!!

Did you guys saw this?

I was shocked they actually had black people working form them. As for the video, only the Bachelor spoof was a little funny.

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LOL, love the SF/Stephanie Denim encrusted comment. Lee Phillips Bell and Susan Flannery look so much alike that it's scary - especially when SF's hair was longer and blonde.

Man that 'Amazing Race' clip rang true... Too funny. I could see Stephers telling Thorne to catch up with her she's not waiting on him. She was probably late getting to Ridge so she could help him blow his nose - her psychic connection to him told her that he had a cold.

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OMG!! :lol: What is Lee Phillip wearing!??! :lol:

You read it right the first time. It IS diamanté-encrusted denim. There is also some bumble-bee/flower/fish embroidery on the left hip and right knee of her jeans. I'm assuming it's one of Lee's "vintage pieces" :lol: since Sears phased that sh!t out in 1998.

Speaking of denim, judging by some of the other pics (Beemer, drag queens), stonewashed jeans appear to be making a reappearance. And not a moment too soon for this ugly-ass trend! :rolleyes: If only the soaps themselves could pretend it is 1987 all over again.

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Cat, you are scaring me!!! Say it ain't making a comeback!!!

Hopefully only in Daytime circles. However, never say never in fashion (Balmain did torn 80s jeans last summer). Beemer probably doesn't remember stonewashed the first time around but Tylo sure as hell does.

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BTW, it's 23rd Anniversary :) I was born just a week after the show premiered^^

LOL, thank you. And thank goodness I never majored in math.

Hopefully a kind administrator will take pity on us and modify the title.

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Thanks for teh pics. I had a hard time recognizing alot of these people

At times, even the stars themselves are hard to recognize!

What is that mop on Wagner's hair?

Why is Tylo looking like a cat ready to attack? (It rhymes!)

Beemer needs to be gay, like right now.

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    • Can't wait!! Seasons 8-10 is very high praise indeed!
    • @CatI feel like Tamra was the missing piece of the puzzle, but this is a good set up for her to return next year. It felt like classic RHOC like seasons 8-10. They gave you everything, but with the elevation that Heather brought when she first joined. Even Emily and Gina felt right. It felt like no time had passed. I didn't miss or even think about Kelly Dodd.
    • Just so, so ridiculous! I've always wondered if Andy is really not into Latinas, especially ones with slight accents like Adriana. Even though all of us watching can perfectly understand Adriana and enjoy her Brazilian telenovela flair. There is no reason Adriana couldn't be a mojito-holder, and Martina Navratilova's wife (I mean, God bless, because Martina is a straight-up ICON), who barely appears in the trailer, couldn't be a FOH. Marysol, too, is like a tentpole figure whose PR business united all the women in the OG RHOMi. ITA that Marysol seems a lot more entertaining than she was on the original series. Back then, Mama Elsa dominated and Marysol seemed a lot shyer, more passive and sensitive. Since her mother's death, I imagine Marysol has had to come to terms with that and come into her own fabulousness. I always found it interesting that Marysol, Alexia and Adriana had an understanding (las cubanas + la brasileira) to the detriment of other friendships.   Thanks for the glowing review! I will catch up on it. Does it feel like familiar OC? I feel like OC lost some of its familiar OC magic in the last few seasons, so I'm excited about Heather returning. Obviously if Tamra popped up, it would be phenomenal! I'm just so glad the toxic, exhausting Kelly Doddlezal is no longer on the show. I can't overstate how much she was ruining the show for me.
    • I also wanted to say that my middle school years were spent in eastern Massachusetts, near Boston, where some of those towns are naturally gothic and a bit witchy (and not just the original Salem lol). I was part of a Catholic family and there were a big Irish Catholic presence where I grew up, but my mom was foreign (French), and so we weren't as closely embraced in that community where people had long generational ties to the area. So I got to observe a lot about how these communities hummed. There were cultures of silence and unspoken little scandals. The Catholic aspect always held an element of karma or superstition! And it was cold and icy winter conditions for about 4-5 months of the year. For these reasons, Days during Reilly's run resonated with me, and I felt like he understood the soul of a place like the one I lived in. His last name certainly made me wonder if he was writing from New England and somewhat immersed in that world.
    • Andy said on his radio show that Adriana is a friend because they didn't want to have too many housewives. That is stupid IMO because 7 would've been fine. He said she's in every episode and will seem full time and from the trailer she's giving more than some of the mojito holders. Just an odd, odd move. I also find all the Marysol to be odd since she's also a friend. Marysol also seems more interesting than she was before.    I was convinced it was going to be terrible based on the lack of promo, but the RHOC premiere was the best opening episode for any of the shows that premiered this year. I feel like most have a big hook to draw you in, but it takes weeks to get there as we saw with RHOBH and RHOSLC. With OC, it kicked off right away. They did everything right. They reintroduced Heather, gave us house porn and a proper update on her family and life. Then they got us all caught up on Emily and Gina and gradually introduced the newbies. This all led to whispers of a secret and they left us with a great cliffhanger! No "wait 10 episodes for the drama to start," they literally just gave it to us. I thought everybody brought it and I think RHOC is going to have a good season.
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