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OLTL: character back

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Hey Kyle. I think it's to show the Cycle of Todd Raped Marty, Blamed Kevin, Started Feud with Kevin, Used Margaret to Dig Up Dirt on Kevin and She in her own way R*ped Todd. Todd had Marcie Kidnap Little TJ/Tommy/Sam and Todd was going to Steal Starr's Baby so Marcie wouldn't Raise His Granddaughter. Starr Hates Him and The Doctor Killed Herself because Todd Threatened to Ruin the Doctor because of Her Son. If Todd had not Used Margaret, then Sam wouldn't have been Born. However, Todd wouldn't have Anything Against Marcie. This was Totally Unnecessary for Him to use Margaret just to Dig Up Dirt on Kevin Because He doesn't like him. All this Trouble could have been Prevented and it would never have Happened. What A Waste that Todd's Life has Been. In Fact, Perhaps Todd and Blair may have Gotten Married and had Stayed Married and would have been Happy. Jody

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