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Have you ever tried to write a soap opera?

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Something Sri Rao said in his recent interview with Nelson Branco has been sticking in my mind.

I'm not talking to fanfiction writers. I know you exist, and I appreciate your work :D I mean you, SON users and regular posters. Have you ever created a soap, with your characters, your storylines, your rules etc?

What was its title? Who were the characters? Where was it set? When did you stop writing it, why and how far where you with the story? What did you learn? Were you a good headwriter, or not? ;)

I tried to write a soap back in 2001, I think. The title was something awful like 'the down-to-earth and the spoiled' :D LOL! I tried to follow Bell's style. It lasted half an hour, and it starred a main family that ran a production company.

Dustin was the patriarch (a la John Abbott)

AC was his first son (kinda sneaky; he was me! :D He was married to Courtney*, they had a son together, Andy. I didn't know what the hell to write for that married couple. Eventually, Gwen kidnapped AC and killed Courtney / yay! *I just loved Courtney Cox as Monica on Friends)

Brian (he was like Thorne on B&B... but had a storyline!)

Dustin was falling in love with Bess... she was a black woman, whose kid (Sarah) was part of the teen set. As did Alexis and another young guy whose mother was called Miranda. She was a Gloria Abbott type. I loved Dustin and Bess's storyline. They fell in love very slowly with many romantic moments. OMG I'm so praising myself!

The storyline was supposed to start on January 2007 (and, remember, I wrote it in 2001. I just hoped it would get picked somehow :D), and I managed to write at least 300 episodes. On paper. Which worsened my myopia. But, anyway. I burnt it all last year.

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Funny you should mention this...

I've written my own soap opera since 2002, Heart and Soul, which basically revolves around the wealthy Sterling family and other families who are in one way or another related to the Sterlings. It takes place in the fictional upstate New York city of Oakridge, and the main story for this upcoming season (it runs in a season format even though it follows the formula of a daytime soap) is a love triangle between Greg Sterling, Kristen Masters and Shane Baldwin. Greg used to be married to Kristen's sister, Carrie, and together they have a young son, Adam. Greg and Carrie's marriage disintegrated due to his mother, Diane, and her constant interference in their lives. However, when Carrie hooked up with 'reformed' mobster Nate Rutledge, who came to Oakridge on the order of his boss, crime lord Michael DiCenzo, to kill Greg's sister Megan Sterling for witnessing a murder at the hands of DiCenzo. However, Nate got the wrong girl and kidnapped Carrie, and when they were forced to go on the run after DiCenzo found out about Nate's affair with his wife, Loretta, Carrie and Nate fell in love against all odds.

However, Carrie's family were not happy with her relationship with Nate and her sister, Kristen, set about to try and get Greg and Carrie back together, and ended up falling for Greg in the process, and after a huge fight with Carrie (over Nate), Kristen's loyalty to her sister went out the window and she embarked on a secret affair with Greg, which ended a few months later when Kristen walked out on Greg after he refused to go public with their relationship (for Adam's sake). She then began to see Shane Baldwin, a multi-millionaire and father of Greg's cousin, Leo.

Now this is where things get a little complicated.

The series opened with the murder of Greg's father, John Sterling's, lover at the hands of what appeared to be Diane. However, it was later revealed that John was the one responsible for his lover, Calinda's, death when he poisoned her. Unable to stay in a relationship with Diane, John left town, but not before signing everything over to his sister, Jackie, to avoid Diane getting her hands on anything...but then Diane and Jackie got into a struggle over a gun that left Jackie dead and ultimately led to Jackie's children, Kendall and Leo, inheriting the entire fortune, and Sterling Enterprises.

Diane (along with John and Jackie's devious brother Joseph) set up a plan to swindle naive teenager Kendall out of Sterling Enterprises, but hard partying Leo stopped the plan at the last minute. Kendall decided she needed a partner to look out for her best interests and turned to the best businessman she knew outwith the family, Shane Baldwin, who is Leo's father (but not Kendall's). Leo, at this point, had gotten his one night stand Natalie pregnant, and after months of trying to persuade her to abort the child he eventually came around to the idea of being a father when Kendall reminded him of what it was like growing up without a father. This led to Kendall bringing Shane back into Leo's life, and the strained relationship between the two men drove a huge wedge between Leo and Kendall's relationship, especially when a few months after giving birth, Natalie and Leo's baby, Grace, died of cot death. This drove Leo into a deep depression, and his casual habit of alcohol and drugs use soon became a dependancy...

At this point, detective Rex Davis (who was dating Carrie's best friend, Jessica Monroe), began to investigate a shipment of corrupt drugs making their way through Oakridge, and at the same time Jessica, feeling neglected over Rex's devotion to his career instead of her, embarked on an affair with Shane Baldwin (this is before Shane and Kristen began to see each other), and eventually got pregnant...discovering she was pregnant at the same time as Natalie found her baby daughter not breathing. Kendall then went on to find Leo unconscious in a suspected suicide attempt, although it was later revealed that he had injested the tainted drugs and fell into a coma, close to death. At the same time, Rex discovered that Shane Baldwin was responsible for the shipment of drugs and his links to organised crime were revealed. Jessica realized, at this point, that she had no choice but to abort the child and decided to leave town for a new life with Rex, who had been offered a promotion in Philadelphia. However, as she prepared to leave town Jessica decided to take her own path and start afresh by herself.

Which brings us pretty much to where the new season is about to begin.


Greg's younger sister, Megan, discovered that her high school sweetheart, Will Abbot, was actually her half brother as a result of an affair between John Sterling and Alexandra Abbot nearly thirty years ago, causing her to realize just why her parents were so against the relationship and forced an abortion on her that caused her to leave town right out of high school, only to return recently. As the family struggle to accept Will as the fourth Sterling sibling (there is also party girl Kimberley, a celebutante who has been known to foray into pornography), Megan has recently married, and become pregnant by, new love interest Marc Monroe (Jessica's brother)...however, their relationship looks set to take a hit when Megan struggles with bringing up their twin daughters in the new season. John and Alexandra are struggling to start over again now that they are both single, and Diane and Joseph's relationship has gone from partners in crime to loving couple, but how much can they truly trust each other?

I think that's me pretty much established the past of my show (a lot more has happened in the last six years, but this is everything that's integral to current plotlines)...check it out!

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ive been writing my own soaps since 1999 and its really fun and a great way to relieve stress lol...my latest one is about the Colbys i know original name lol...and its kinda like Dallas/Dynasty meets The Young and the Restless...ive made so many....island lives, the castaways, Living, the next hundred years, all my life, life, westwood lives, the islanders, bridge port.

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I love to write, but my writing's never really good. The thing I love and think I can do really well is creating characters, settings, and storylines...setting up relationships and playing it all out in my head. Planning the storylines, plotting it all out...that all works out real well, but the actual writing of episodes never does for some reason. I know exactly what I want, but I can never put it together.

But anyway, here's just some ideas I've had over the years with some quick outlines of the major stories...

"To Live Each Day" - This one actually made it online (search for it at your own risk) and is one that I've spent a lot of time with...still put some work into every now and then. The style I've settled on with it is sort of the campy, "Dynasty"-ish type of show, but with a lot of heart underneath. It has lots of comedic elements. Centers on the town of Coastal Gardens, and focuses on the town's two biggest industries: department stores and daytime television. LeeMont is the chain founded and owned by Rebecca Brennan (who is the type who only schemes and manipulates when she has to...she puts family first...similar to ATWT's Lucinda). Her biggest rival is Victoria Smart, who is a society dame who knows nothing about business but has inherited Smart from her deceased husband (who was close friends with Rebecca). Rebecca's best friend is Daphne Linson, star of the locally-produced hit soap opera "Family Secrets" for over 30 years...she's very eccentric, but also very wise. Others in the daytime TV business are Karen Marcantel, host of the morning show "Live Morning," and Rebecca's daughter Blythe, who hosts a daily exercise show. There's many other characters as well, mainly belonging to the Brennan, Marcantel, Smart, Linson, and Wentworth families.

Some main storylines...Victoria's husband has died and she's now the owner of Smart, but she knows that she's way in over her head. She knows that without Richard's guidance and leadership, the company might as well roll over and die. Rebecca wants to extend an olive brand to Victoria, but she's not having that...she wants a war. Suspiciously, Rebecca is pushed over a balcony and it's a mystery as to who did it, but most people accuse Victoria. The true attacker has absolutely nothing to do with Victoria, however, and is someone very close to Rebecca. Meanwhile, Victoria's daughter Danica is still heartbroken over the fact that her boyfriend Kent Starling left her for Rebecca's granddaughter Hagen (daughter of Blythe), and she's going to do whatever it takes to get him back, even if it means pretending to befriend Hagen in order to seduce Kent. Things take an unexpected turn, however, when Hagen is diagnosed with skin cancer and Kent relies on Danica to help him take care of her...Danica's conscious sets in and she is overcome with guilt and tells Kent the truth about why she became Hagen's friend. Kent decides to keep it from Hagen in order to not upset her, but of course she finds out and assumes that the two are having an affair. Unfortunately, Hagen's cancer spreads quickly and before she dies, she tells Kent that she knows everything. Kent denies her accusations, but Hagen dies thinking that he and Danica were together. So naturally, after Hagen's death, Kent and Danica do indeed move close to each other. And Blythe does not like it.

Also, there's another tale of a young person scheming for the sake of love. Karen's son Seth is best friends with Daphne's grandson Shane and they're both seniors in high school. Seth takes advantage of Shane's crumbling relationship with Hannah Jorgensen in order to finally live his dream, which is to be with Shane. He spins a tangled web of lies to make Hannah believe Shane is no good for her, but just as his plan is underway, his new neighbor, Drew Thibodaux, gets hip to it. Drew lets Seth know that he's aware of his scheme, but he doesn't spill the beans. Instead, as he begins to admire Seth's determination to get what he wants, Drew begins to fall in love with Seth. Seth is humiliated and heartbroken when the climax of his scheme ultimately ends in Shane rejecting him, but it's Drew who comforts him and they become the hot item.

Other stories over time deal with Karen covering for her philandering brother, Daphne's youngest daughter going to law school, and Rebecca's relationship with her sisters Tess and Maggie.

"Candles" - I've been working on this one for quite a while too. It's more of a traditional soap, following the two family set-up (one wealthy, one middle class, of course). Family one is the Reeds, who are just recovering after the death of patriarch Hank. Everyone is concerned about Katherine, his widow, who has yet to show any true emotion regarding his death. Hank and Katherine have two children, the emotionally unstable Jennifer (married to Frank with son Jonah) and the headstrong songwriter Derek. After Hank's death, his younger sister Carrie comes to help with the arrangements and decides to stay awhile. The other family is the Stewarts, headed by Michael Stewart, owner of the luxurious Goldenvale Towers, a hotel. He's been married to paranoid whack-job Annie for three years (his second marriage, following a long-time relationship with Carrie), but no one has truly warmed up to Annie. He has three children with his first wife Val. Jonathan is a doctor who is getting married soon to Ellen Bennett (daughter of the Reeds' neighbors), Amanda is Derek's girlfriend and somewhat of a socialite, and Nicole is a spoiled mommy's girl who has never been in a serious relationship, even though she's 20. Val returns to Goldenvale for Jonathan's wedding.

Main storyline is the revelation of Katherine's affair with the much younger Clark Warren. When she'd told Hank about the affair, he got so angry that he had a heart attack, leading to his death. Jennifer, the quintessential daddy's girl, hates her mother after learning this (they were never close to begin with), but Derek protects her and sides with her (he was never close to Hank). Carrie is caught in the middle of the family drama, which is made worse when Katherine becomes pregnant with Clark's child. Meanwhile, Michael is getting old and yearns for his glory days as an intimidating business exec, so when both Val and Carrie (his first wife and mother of his children, and his longtime lover) both return, he spends more time with them than with Annie. As time goes on, Carrie and Michael mourn on the anniversary of the supposed death of their only child, kidnapped when he was only a baby. It turns out that their child is alive and lives in Goldenvale, he's Derek's best friend Joey. It's soon revealed that Val had had the baby kidnapped and sold on the black market after he was born as revenge for Michael cheating on her with Carrie. Michael wants to divorce Annie to get back with Carrie, but Annie shoots him and then jumps off the roof of the family home, committing suicide.

Other stuff include Jennifer's relationship with her psychologist, the villainous Dr. Shea, as well as Amanda's inability to deal with Derek's moodiness, and Joey's efforts to fit into the Stewart family and subsequent relationship with Mitch St. Germaine, a rock star.

"Lifestyles" - A primetime teen-based drama in the vein of the original 90210. The beginning is actually sort of a reverse of 90210's premise. California girl Bridget Donovan moves in with her father after turning 18, unaware that they'll soon be leaving Minneapolis for the small town of Summerfield, where her dad Tim marries Sharon Blanchard, mother of teenager Kellie. The show follows Bridget and Kellie and their friends and acquaintances. Lainey Clark is a prospective valedictorian and dancer in an unhappy relationship with mature baseball player and farm boy Lucas Shea. Lainey's best friend is actress Fallon Sharpe, who is in a relationship with Josh Weston, whose home life is nowhere near as stable as it should. Kellie's best friend is the awkward and shy Travis Landers (Josh's cousin), who has a crush on the school slut, Kayla Quintanilla.

The requisite triangle is Bridget/Lucas/Lainey. Lucas is tired of the fake, superficial high school romance he has with Lainey and meets Bridget on New Year's Eve. After some back and forth between them, they begin an affair, and when Lainey finds out, she's devastated. She drinks and drives and ends up in a coma, prompting Lucas to be overcome with guilt, thus dropping Bridget in favor of Lainey. After the summer, Bridget returns and erases Lucas from her life, but they work together in a diner, and Lucas doesn't approve of her new relationship with druggie Blaine Montgomery. Meanwhile, the back-in-action Lainey begins to fall for her new neighbor, David Warren, despite her father's dislike of interracial dating (David is black).

Also, Travis drops Kellie's friendship in his pursuit of Kayla's affections. Kayla pretends to show an interest in him as a joke, but when his mother wins the lottery and he's suddenly rich, she tries her hardest to stay in his life. She knows that Kellie doesn't like her and that she can influence Travis, so she keeps him around by constantly having sex with him.

After the summer, Bridget's younger brother Derek DiSalvo pops up from California. He's something strange in Summerfield and at Lindsay Barrett High in that he's same-sex oriented, but not exactly a stereotype of anything. He's just Derek. Upon coming to town, he befriends Lucas's brother Tommy, but when closeted Tommy wants more than a friendship, Derek doesn't want to go that far with him. He doesn't want to be any guy's "experiment." After some pushing from Bridget and the realization that Tommy just might be his soul mate, however, Derek gives in.

There's actually three seasons worth of storylines for this one, so I've only scratched the surface.


Yeah, it seems to be a recurring theme in anything I do to have a young male who isn't exactly straight or gay. My idea whenever I try to put anything together is to try to do something different, something that people aren't used to seeing on TV or in books or whatever, but something that very well exists in real life. The "Lifestyles" character Derek is a good example. The main thing with him is that he isn't at odds with his sexuality, he isn't confused...he's known that he's attracted to guys since he was very young, and he's never gone through an extended period of being in the closet. He never came out...rather, everyone just got the hint early on. Tommy, on the other hand, has always been closeted, despite always being sure of his sexuality. As such, Derek's appearance in town sparks something in him to grab a hold on this chance he has to finally stop living a lie.

I'd love to really do something with these things, but I don't think I have the talent to really, really put it to good use. The furthest it'll go is my flash drive lol

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I've written a few. I'm a bit of a whore when it comes to writing soaps.

Right now I'm in the process of writing a story bible for Brave New World, the name could change at any time though. It's a spin-off of Orvin Tovrov's The Doctors featuring fan favorites like Steve, Mona, Althea, Matt, and Maggie. It starts in 1983 and will end in 1998. To erase the destruction that the last few regimes caused on the show, I've placed Mona Aldrich in a coma, one that she's been in for a couple of years and wakes up from in the first few months of the show. She's been dreaming of grave robbing, cults, and deadly plagues. The old cast is mixed into a variety of new families and characters who will help stir the pot in Madison for the next few years.

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I wrote "Life" with help of my friend... We wrote it together from 1998 till 2004.

I also wrote Sunset Beach Fan Fiction, called Sunset Beach Forever. It was published online and I actually had like 50 people that read it daily. I only wrote like 100 episodes, since I realized I didn't have time for it...

I am just developing something new.. don't have a name yet... :)

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Yeah, I used to write a soap titled "Something About Us," revolving around the residents of a fictional city named Hastings. It went for about 800 episodes when I realized I didn't have time to write it anymore. I remember I loved the soap so much that I kept playing a theme song in the background while writing it. What a kid, huh? If I went back and read what I wrote I'm sure I'd be laughing my a** off.

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After spending years writing the actual soaps (GH, OLTL, AMC) off in my own directions, in January of last year I started conceptualizing a soap of my own, which was really fun to create.

It exists here on the blogs page, as well.

" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Beyond the Horizon explores the human condition and every dynamic that can exist between two people. With some gay themes, Beyond the Horizon tackles the relationship between the gay and straight communities, their influences on each other, differences, and commonalities. Against the backdrop of the diverse cultural and sexual melting pot that is New York City, everything is possible and nothing is taboo.

The Stories/Cast:

Mad as a Hattie


Hattie Wilson (Kate Collins) has always been off-kilter. It was Hattie's craziness that forced her older daughter Julia Lawless (Melissa Archer) to abandon their family and start fresh new life for herself in New York as a doctor. But Julia couldn't hide well enough, because Hattie then settled in New York, with Julia's younger sister Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) in tow. Julia tried her hardest to remain detached from her mother's crazy schemes, but as Hattie keeps spiralling further and further out of control, the harder it is for Julia to not get involved. Now, Tiffany is starting to realize her mother is not quite right, and when the Lawless girls discover that Hattie has been keeping their grandmother Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) (whom they believed was long dead) in an institution for years, even more questions will demand answers -- especially "what really happened to Hattie's husband, Larry Lawless?"

Starting From Scratch


Eleanor Halperin (Catherine Hickland) thought she had it all until her husband Charles was found dead, apparently in the middle of running out on the Halperin women! Grappling with her devastation at not only his death, but his secret plan to leave her and their daughters, Eleanor didn't know where to turn. Fortunately for her, her late husband's boss, international businessman and CEO of Von Stadt International, Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roché), was more than happy to help her pick up the pieces of her life. But Eleanor then drew fire from Henry's certifiable secretary, Hattie Wilson (Kate Collins), who pretended to befriend her only to set her up countless times in efforts to get rid of her! Little do Eleanor or Hattie know that Henry has an agenda when it comes to Eleanor, since he believes Eleanor possesses something that could ruin his life. Underneath all the drama in Eleanor's life is a woman lost in this world, not sure of where to go from here, who she can trust, and what she can really count on. Meanwhile, Henry's insecure, vengeful son Leo Von Stadt (Jeff Branson) may prove more dangerous than his father, and is holding onto relationship with law student Fiona Applewhite (Connie Fletcher-Staton) for a reason.

Father Doesn't Know Best


Siblings Rodney (Forbes March) and Fiona Applewhite (Connie Fletcher-Staton) took awhile to adjust to the news that their father Terrence (Walt Willey) was gay and wanted to live a more authentic life. Rod and Fiona stuck by their father as he came out of the closet to his wife Emma, who abruptly divorced him and left town under a cloud of humiliation. But Rod and Fiona were shocked to meet their father's first gay lover... a 20-something aspiring actor named Christian (David Evan Smith), with a murky past, and an even murkier agenda, considering Christian stood to benefit greatly from Terrence's status as a famous theatre director/producer!

Rod made it his mission to prove Christian wasn't trustworthy, even hiring private eye Rachel Marks (Sherri Saum) to dig up dirt on his father's lover. Unable to break up his father's relationship, Rod has become consumed with his obsession with Christian, which is starting to drive a wedge between him and his long-time girlfriend Crystal Halperin (Kerry Butler). Crystal's still reeling from her father's recent death and needs Rod more than ever, but Rod's mind seems to always drift back toward Christian. When Rod made a crucial freudian slip during a night in bed with Crystal, calling out Christian's name by mistake, everyone -- Rod included -- was left to wonder how deep Rod's obsession has actually gone.

Perfect Flaws


Carina Reynoso (Natalia Livingston) never could stand her perfect older sister Aviva (Christina Chambers). Smart, beautiful, loved by all, Aviva Reynoso just simply had a perfect life. Aviva even had a doting boyfriend, handsome and hard-working EMT Ramon Valdez (Kamar de los Reyes). But when Aviva and Ramon found themselves at odds over her student, Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) (Ramon's younger brother as well), and his poor performance in class, Ramon made a mistake he wouldn't be able to take back, by sleeping with sexy and hypnotic private investigator Rachel Marks (Sherri Saum). Ramon's secret affair with Rachel was one he couldn't seem to tear himself away from, and every effort he made to break things off would only lead him to more animalistic sex with her! After Carina witnessed Ramon and Rachel in a compromising position, she was hit by a car and rendered comatose before she could shatter her sister's world with the news. But even though Carina has come out of the coma, Aviva still remains blissfully unaware of Ramon's indiscretions. Ramon is growing increasingly more nervous now, however, that someone has been sending anonymous letters to Aviva warning her about who she trusts, and even threatening messages to Rachel taunting her about the secret affair! Is Carina really behind the messages, or is someone else holding Ramon's secret over his head? And just how will Aviva cope when she discovers her life isn't nearly as perfect as everyone believed?

For Love or Money


Sweet old Theodore Baldwin (John Ingle) was a good man living an average life, until he struck it rich with a winning lottery ticket. His youngest son Thomas (Bobby Steggert) was thrilled for his father, until Theodore suffered a heart attack from the shock! Theodore's oldest children, Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) and James Baldwin (Alec Musser), returned home after years away, under the guise of wanting to care for their poor father as he recovered, but what Jenna and James really wanted was Theodore's newfound millions! Thomas sees right through his older half-siblings, but Theodore sees nothing but the best in his children (however naive that may be). James plans to build himself a successful auto body repair shop business and spend the money on fast cars and fast women, while Jenna wants her fair share (or all the money, if she could get it) to launch herself into the fashion design business. Thomas, however, wants no part of his father's money, and doesn't want his half-siblings to get their grubby paws on any of it either! The battle lines are drawn, and it's anyone's guess which Baldwin is smart and cunning enough to get their way. James may end up mellowing when he starts to fall hard for Dr. Julia Lawless (Melissa Archer) and his charms begin to melt her icy exterior, while young Thomas Baldwin builds a healthy, stable relationship with respectable Rebecca Halperin (Lindze Letherman).

Kind of a Drag


When Eddie Dawson (Jeffrey Carlson) told his mother Edina (Ilene Kristen) he was leaving Canada to move to New York and be a professional drag queen, she just didn't understand. Eddie left anyway and made his dreams come true, establishing a popular act as Aurora Borealis, appearing three nights a week at Large Bar! But Aurora has learned it's awfully lonely in the spotlight. Living as a man and working as a "woman" doesn't leave a lot of room for romance. But Eddie was smitten when a particular fan of Aurora's act, Shawn Marks (Tobias Truvillion), showed a romantic interest. Eddie built up so many ideas in his head of where their romance should go, but Shawn Marks, living life "on the down low" as a straight man in the corporate world (with a steady girlfriend, selfish diva Jenna Baldwin [Kari Wuhrer]) derails Eddie's plans. Can Eddie, who lives life completely as he is, and Shawn, who can never admit to his true desires, really make it work? And things become even more complicated when Eddie discovers his never-before-known father is Theodore Baldwin (John Ingle), which makes his romantic rival Jenna his half-sister... That definitely puts Shawn Marks in an awkward position...

Check it out!

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No I dont actually writes soaps, but I do have a character that I have made up in my head for the past 10 years. His name is Devonasa Marcelo Lhuillier (people call him Devon, but he prefers Devonasa he thinks its more "regal" lol) He started off on GH for 9 months and ended up doing a crossover to AMC for 4 years because he found out the father he never knew was Adam Chandler. But after those 4 years on AMC he went back to GH and has been there since, but with the way Gh has been Im considering its time for him to go back to AMC permanately.

While on GH he also found out his mother was the illegitamite daughter of Edward Quartermaine and his grandmother Alessandra Rose Lhuillier. He has a twin brother who his mother gave up when they were born, she kept Devon but gave up Riley. Riley comes back years later and kidnaps Devonasa because he was jealous and hated that their mother choose him (all on AMC). Riley took over Devonasa's life until Haley realized something was up and confronted Riley, but before she could tell anyone he kidnaps Haley too and locks her up with Devonasa. In the end there is a standoff on a cliff ( soaptastic of course) and they both go over and one of them is found and its Devonasa. Years later while on GH. Riley comes back to finish what he started, but in the end Devonasa ends up killing Riley.

He is just so much fun to think about and put into storylines, he is so over the top and crazy. He is definatly a villian on his shows, but not the usual kind of male villian..basically he is just a BITCH, with a love for the finer things in life. He is quirky and alittle psychotic, he has this small gun that is white and encrusted with jewels that he calls "Little Debbie" lol, and he carries it around in his murse ( he claims hat in PC you always need a gun).

He has had alot of enemies over the years, but his arch-rival was Courtney Matthews on GH, the 2 hated each other soo much, many fights between the two and many heated arguements, when she died he was distraught, he didnt realize how much she was apart of his life ( he stil hated her, but in some weird way they both needed each other). He also hates Sam, Sonny, Jason, Carly, Jax, Robin, Lulu and basically everyone else on the show except the Quartermaines.

Oh and he has twins, a boy and a girl...he was best-friends with the mother of the children and the mother was warned that if she gave birth she may die in the process, so she made Devonasa promise that if she were to die that he would take care of her kids as his own, and he agreed. And sadly she did die, and he took the kids in and loves them as if they were his own.

He has been through alot on both soaps, its just so much fun to write for him. If he was really on GH & AMC I think people would really enjoy him.

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Sure did. I briefly wrote an online soap in 2002 called Tapestry. It was about these two sisters who ran a hotel near Lake Tahoe. Rachel was earthy---gave birth to a breech baby during a tornado and Kendall was a pregnant bulimic having an affair with a married man Blade, whose alcoholic wife Hope was suffering from blackouts and was occasionally impersonated by her presumed dead twin sister Felicia. There was also an ex nun, Hunter who was being investgated for building a hotel on top of her former husband and a man being kept in an attic. It was tres soapy.

In this scene Hunter, the crobar wielding ex nun is having dinner with her friend Marina and Gina, who was married to Hunter's husband before Hunter stole him away, orders her own small bit of revenge.

She sneered contemptuously. “She steals my husband, and my money. She sure as Hell won’t invade the restaurant I chose to dine in.”

Gina grabbed her fork, and pretending that the rare, wet piece of filet mignon on her plate was Hunter’s augmented breasts, gouged it, making sure that it stuck. She stood up and walked confidently across the room with a calculating look. She approached the table where Hunter was regaling Marina with stories of her various sexual conquests.

“Hey Hunter, your nipples are showing...again.” Before Hunter had enough time to realize who it was that was speaking such blasphemy to her, the bloodiest piece of meat that the American Southwest had ever produced made its way from Gina’s fork onto her defenseless, Ruby dress. A crowd of onlookers gathered and gasped as the meat glided almost deliberately down Hunter’s chest, onto her lap and finally on her Gucci shoes.

I guess one good chunk of cow deserves another,” Gina taunted.

“Gina Holly,” Hunter rasped. “I knew there was a foul and mysterious odor in the air. Do you know what I had to do to buy that dress?”

“ I’m sure you can find fifty more Ecuadorian orphans to make you another little dress Hunter.”

Hunter stood up and let the piece of steak fall to the floor. She took a sip of her water. “What are you even doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at fat camp for at least another month.”

“That’s none of you’re damn business,” Gina said coolly. “The money that you stole from me however is of great concern to my accountant and I.”

Hunter scoffed. “I didn’t steal a cent. Everything that I have I either worked for or was left to me upon the untimely death of my dear and loving husband.”

That last comment provoked anger in Gina. “Kevin was my husband, and all of his investments were funded by me and I wouldn’t call cavorting in front of a camera in a Christmas box shaped bra an honest dollar.”

“Did your daddy give you that speech when he signed your paycheck this week?” Hunter taunted her. Of course he did. He’s probably a hypocritical tabloid snob just like you; But just for your information, I married Kevin fair and square.

“Great. Did you murder him fair and square too?”

Hunter took offense to that though she knew there were many people that thought she was involved in Kevin’s death. “It was a freak accident,” she yelled. “Kevin and I had a love that your frigid mind can’t even begin to understand....”

Sure was a great summer getting it all up and running.

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