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AMC: Monday, September 29th

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Loved Monday's episode. Could do with more of this. Ever since this board has me paying attention to the day's scriptwriter, I notice I tend to enjoy a Cohen epi.

Loved everything about Taylor/Jake/Amanda. Please feed RPG. He was even chowing down on those peanuts today. ;-)

Adam's clever manipulation about exposing Annie for poisoning Greenlee. That's good stuff right there, and the writing I've admired AMC for in the past. Intricacy, people.


Opal. Any Opal is good Opal these days.

I'm starting to wonder if the tornado spoilers are red herrings and the real "Carey woman" to go down might be the littlest. It would free up KWAK, and BE hasn't been front-burner for a bit.

Naaah...that would be TOO clever.

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