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Real Life Relatives on Soaps

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David Canary & John Canary (AMC)

Dirk Cheetwook & Drew Cheetwood - brothers and play brothers Max & Milo on GH; Tyler Christopher (Nicholas on GH) is their cousin

David Tom & Heather Tom - brother & sister (OLTL)

Parent & Child:

Mario Van Peebles & Melvin Van Peebles Father & Son play Father & Son on AMC

Judith Barcroft & Ian Washam (All My Children)

Anna Lee & Jeffrey Byron (Port Charles)

Michael Hawkins & Christian Slater (Ryan's Hope) - not on the same time

Gil Rogers & Amanda Hall Rogers (All My Children) - not on the same time

Several Couples Met & Married on AMC:

Susan Blanchard & Charles Frank

Hunter Tylo & Michael Tylo

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

Eva LaRue & John Callahan

Justin Bruening & Alexa Havins

Rosa Nevin & Gerald Nevin

Other Married Couples who have both appeared on the same soap (although may not have all been on at the same time)- and there are probably dozens more:

Jon Hensley & Kelly Menigan Hensley (ATWT)

Maura West & Scott DeFrietas (ATWT)

Juliet Mills & Maxwell Caufield (AMC)

Rena Sofer & Wally Kurth (GH)

Wesley Addley & Celeste Holm (Loving)

Robert Tyler & Jessica Collins (Loving)

Linden Ashby & Susan Walters (Loving)

Susan Keith & James Kiberd (Loving)

Mark Pinter & Colleen Zenk Pinter (ATWT)

Melissa Fumero & David Fumero (OLTL)

Ellen Wheeler & Tom Eplin (AW)

John Gabriel & Sandy Gabriel (RH)

Vincent Irizarry & Signey Coleman - married (both SB)

Michael E. Knight & Catherine Hickland (MEK guest appeared as Tad Martin on OLTL when his wife was on the show)

Sandy Gabriel & John Gabriel (Ryan's Hope)

Roscoe Born & Randall Edwards (Ryan's Hope)

Matthew Cowles & Christine Baranski (AMC)

Amelia Heinle & Michael Weatherly (Loving)

Amelia Heinle & Thad Luckinbill (Y&R)

Robin Christopher & Matt Crane (GH)

Kassie DePaiva & James DePaiva (OLTL)

Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes (DOOL)

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Victoria Wyndham & Felice Camargo -sisters (Felice was a temp replacement for Victoria as Charlotte on GL)

More married couples

Christopher Rich & Nancy Frangione (Sandy/Cecile AW)

Steven Schnetzer & Nancy Snyder (Marcello/Katrina OLTL Cass/Emily AW)

Peter Simon & Courtney Sherman (Scott/Kathy SFT)

Doug Davidson & Cindy Fisher (Paul/Rebecca&Dana Y&R)

Beverlee McKinsey & Berkley Harris (Julie/Jim LIAMST Iris/Bud AW)

Lori March & Alexander Scourby (Valerie/Ian SS)

John Aniston & Sherry Rooney (Edouard/Dory LOL)

Rod Arrants & Patricia Estrin (Austin/ L&F Travis/Jamie SFT)

David Hasselhoff & Pamela Bach (Snapper/Mari Jo Y&R)

Carolyn Jones & Peter Bailey-Britton (Myrna/Ian CAP)

Susan Blanchard & Charles Frank (Mary/Jeff AMC)

Kim Zimmer & AC Weary (Echo/Dick OLTL)

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Victoria & Felice were also substitutes for each other on Woman with a Past too except this time Victoria substituted for Felice.

Victoria and her father Ralph Camargo were both on AW.

Rita McLaughin's husband (forget his name right now) played the minister who performed one of the her onscreen weddings on ATWT when she played Carol. Interesting that he was a minister in real life.

Victoria Wyndham's son Christian Camargo had a small role on GL. She was also on GL years ago.

Back to some of my others.

Mona Bruns, her husband Frank Thomas and their son Frankie Thomas were all on A Woman to Remember together.

Bill Bell, Lee Philip Bell, Bradley Bell, and Lauralee Bell all have been part of B&B at times.

Beverlee McKinsey worked with her son Scott while on GH. He was a director. I don't remember but they may have worked on GL together too.


Interesting note of trivia in regards to Beverlee McKinsey, she almost got to work with her husband Berkeley Harris' ex-wife. His ex-wife - the great primetime writer Susan Harris wanted Beverlee McKinsey bad for her night soap parody, Soap.

She offered her one of the lead roles of Mary or Jessica - whichever one she wanted. McKinsey chose to stay with AW and not take the job.

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Yes, and their son Tanner Woods also appeared a few weeks back on OLTL as a young Bo.....in the last scenes of the 1968 storyline.

Also OLTL-related:

Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and James DePaiva (ex-Max) are husband and wife.

And Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Eddie Alderson (Matthew) are brother and sister.

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Margaret Colin & Justin Deas (Tom/Margo ATWT)

Kristoff St John's (Neil Y&R) father played a minister at his wedding to Dru.

Genie Francis' father Ivor was on GH at some point.

The Moore sisters (Camilla & Carey) played Grace/Gillian Forrester on DOOL.

Stephen Nicholls children have been on DOOL

John Clarke and daughter Melinda were both on DOOL (Mickey/Faith)

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As talented as Beverlee McKinsey is, I really can't see anyone other than Katherine Helmond and Cathryn Damon playing the title roles.

A lot of mother's babies have been used on soaps.

Leah was originally played by Yolanda Wright's daughter on GL.

Duncan Tate was played by Mary Stuart's son on SFT.

I've read Christina Applegate appeared on DOOL when her mother played a nurse on the show.

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