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Real Life Relatives on Soaps

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Many soap actors have siblings/parents/spouses who have also appeared on soaps.

Which of those have had relatives who have been on the same show,either at the same time or in different time frames?

Some examples

Bill and Susan Hayes ( married -Doug & Julie Williams DOOL)

Michael & James Storm (brothers who both played Larry Wolek on OLTL - Michael replaced James in the role)

Ed & Scott Bryce (father & son both on ATWT,as Philip Demming in the 70's and Craig Montgomery 80's onwards)

Heather & David Tom (siblings -Victoria Newman & Billy Abbott Y&R-at the same time)

Who else can we add to the list?

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I am working on this list for my site SoapsWEB but here are a few I can add right now. I will have a much bigger list that will comprise soaps as well as movie connections and all in a few days.

Elizabeth Taylor (GH, AMC) & her son, Michael Wilding Jr. (GL)

Jeffrey Rowland & Jada Rowland - brother & sister

Kim Zimmer, her husband A.C. and their son, Jake

Gene & Toni Bull Bua (husband & wife)

Julia Barr & her daughter, Allison Herschlag

Frances Heflin & her daughter, Mady Kaplan

Anna Lee & her son, Jeffrey Byron

Anthony Alda & his father, Robert Alda

Erika Slezak and her fahter, Walter Slezak

Wesley Addy and his wife, Celeste Holm

William Prince and his wife, Augusta Dabney

Arlene Dahl and her son, Lorenzo Lamas

Mary Fickett and her husband Allen Fristoe who was a director/producer

Virginia Dwyer and her husband, Walter Gormon - a director

Adam Lazarre-White and his wife, Dendrie Taylor

Eddie Albert and his son, Edward Albert

Amber Tamblyn and her father, Russ Tamblyn

Jeanne Cooper and her son, Corbin Bernsen

David Fumero and his wife, Melissa Fumero

Edward Scott & Melody Thomas Scott

Those are just some that have worked in daytime soaps together - right off the top of my head. There are tons more.

Here is where I am working on this at:


I still have a long way to go.

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A few more:

Kay Alden's children John Nelson-Alden & Conci Nelson (both have performed on Y&R)

Eddie & Kristen Alderson (OLTL)

Denise Alexander and her husband Richard Colla (both were on Days together)

Jed Allan's son Mitch Brown was on Capitol

Peggy Allenby (vet of many soaps) and her husband Robert Armstrong were both in early soaps

Frank Converse (OLTL; ATWT) and his wife, Maureen Anderman (SFT)

Joan Anderson (many soaps) and her husband Craig Huebing (long time GH actor)

Edward Mallory (best known as Bill Horton on Days) and his wife, Suzanne Zenor (Margo, Days)

H. Wesley Kenney (Days, Y&R, GH) and his wife Heather North (Days)

Michael Tylo and his former wife Hunter Tylo

Lisa Brown was married to her GL co-star - he play Floyd (forgot his name)

Hugh Marlowe (AW), his wife K. T. Stevens (Days; Y&R); & their son Christian Marlowe (LOL)

Kevin Bacon (SFT; GL) and his wife Kyra Sedgwick (AW)

Wisner Washam (writer for AMC & GL); his wife Judith Barcroft (AMC, AW, RH) and their son Ian Washam

Dan Hamilton (AW; EON & others); his son, Josh Hamilton (AMC); and Dan's 2nd wife, Stephanie Braxton (SS; AMC; EON)

Roger Newman & his wife, Frances Myers (both on GL)

Pamela Long and her husband, Jay Hammer (GL; Texas)

David & Greg Beecroft - brothers

The Bells - William J. Bell, Lee Philip Bell; Bradley Bell; Lauralee Bell

Irna Phillips & her daughter Katherine

Carolee Campbell (The Doctors) and her husband Hector Elizondo

Claire Labine and her children Matthew & Eleanor

Meg Bennet (writer & actress) and her husband Robert Guza Jr.

Very early on the 50's Mona Bruns, her husband Frank Thomas and their son Frankie Thomas were on many soaps

Frank Provo & John Pickard were early writing partners together. They were "domestic" partners and rumored to have married.

Larry Bryggman (ex-John, ATWT) has had 2 wives in the business - Jacqueline Shultz (ex-ATWT; SFT) and his current wife Tracey is a director on GL

ATWT has fawned several backstage couples over the years besides Larry & Jacqueline. There are:

Don Hastings & Leslie Denniston

Maura West & Scott Defreitas

Jon Hensley & Kelley Menighan

Lesli Kay married an actor that was on there too - forgot his name.

I can't remember their names right now but there were the Kearney siblings who did not play the same role on The Doctors but were both child actors on the soap.

Shawn Campbell (ex- LIAMST & The Doctors) was a cousin to Ian Washam (ex-AMC)

Steve Burton & Sean Kanan are cousins

Robert Calhoun who was producer for both ATWT & GL was the "domestic partner" of Farley Granger (ATWT; OLTL)

If I go and look at my lists, I will have many more but I will stop there for now.

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Same soap only please

Colleen Zenk Pinter & Mark Pinter married (Barbara Ryan/Brian McColl appeared at the same time ATWT)

Sharry Mathis & Jerry Lanning married (Liza Walton/Nick D'Antoni same time on SFT)

Marcia McCabe & Christopher Goutman married (Sunny McClure/Marc D'Antoni same time on SFT)

Tom Nielson played Floyd on GL

Michael Sabatino & Crystal Chappell married and appeared together on DOOL(Lawrence/Carly) and GL (Vince/Olivia)

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No problems,Steve.

I thought I'd keep it to one show to just to add a twist.

Your larger list makes for fascinating reading.

By the way,are Robert & Roger Newman related in any way?

I recently read that Stephen Burleigh and Hope Buzby were(are?)married.At different times they were both on SFT as siblings Liza ang Gary Walton.

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