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  1. According to records that I have, Shipp was last seen on GL on January 26, 1984. He did not return after that.
  2. Tim, would love to share more stories with you. I also met Geraldine on the set of GL. Inbox me.
  3. I was lucky enough to be on set of GL twice during the early 80's with Doug writing. I saw alot of good stuff. Jane Elliott was on the show then. I watched Jane and Jerry verDorn block a scene and then tape it. Very interesting stuff. I saw Geraldine Court and Mark Pinter tape a scene. The memories of West 26th Street.
  4. Sorry Tim, but I don't believe one second of your story. #bullcrap
  5. Always loved Geraldine Court in her various soap roles. Great seeing this material again.
  6. New Van Hansis interview: http://www.thebacklot.com/van-hansis-on-eastsiders-as-the-world-turns-and-relishing-a-long-relationship/05/2013/
  7. My recollection is Bunim, Bartholomew, Lee, Barrett, Nicholson, Whitesell, Lawrence.
  8. LOL! That's one of the funniest things I've ever read on here. And so true.
  9. Am I remembering incorrectly? Weren't Ava and Elaine on at the same time when Elaine first took over the role? I'm pretty sure that during the Mendorra stuff, Ava was playing Cassie and it wasn't until the next year that Laura Bonarrigo/Kaufman took over the role. I remember thinking how well Ava and Elaine worked together.
  10. I always remember thinking of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving on the CBS shows as Thanksgiving Recess. The shows wouldn't air again until Monday. This goes back to the late 70's, at least.
  11. Did anyone else see pictures from this past weekend's bowling event and luncheon for GL's 75th anniversary? Several actors have tweeted pics and there are alot of them at stevenbergmanphotography.com People like Kathleen Cullen - who looks great - were there. Denise Pence, Elvera Roussel, Maeve Kinkead, Kurt McKinney. It was nice to see some of the old timers.
  12. Yeah! GMA finally beat Today in the 25-54 demo. Congrats. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/08/02/good-morning-america-wins-gold-in-key-adults-25-54-demo/143716/
  13. Savannah is terrible! I'm totally laughing at NBC over this matter. They thought that Ann Curry was the problem??? Today has not won a week since Ann was so inexplicably replaced and when the final ratings are released Thursday for last week, it looks like GMA will finally win with adults 25-54, the demo that NBC always brags about. Come on NBC. Wake up and realize the REAL problem with The Today Show --------Matt.
  14. Joanna Lee. I think Mary-Ellis left SFT in 1981 and moved over to ATWT so she was long gone from Search by 1984. Fred Bartholomew replaced Mary-Ellis and Joanna Lee replaced him. Remember the infamous August 1983 where Search went live because the tape mysteriously disappeared? Many still think that was a publicity stunt engineered by Joanna Lee.
  15. Carl, thanks for these! I loved Texas. I never thought I'd see that episode again. I actually recorded the finale on a cassette tape and have listened to it over the years, but it's so good to actually see it again almost 30 years later.
  16. Like all of us, Susan did forget some things, understandably. She was definitely a Producer working under Mary-Ellis when Helen Wagner left and when Eileen left, yet she doesn't recall that. Perhaps because she wasn't writing the show then and was a Producer and not the Executive Producer, she wasn't as involved enough to remember that Eileen definitely left and was replaced by Betsy Von F. The same thing happened when Brandon interviewed Pamela Long. Pam claimed that she didn't write the Reva drives off the bridge (I'm coming Bud!!), but Pam most definitely was the headwriter then. But all of us have forgotten details from 20 and 25 years ago so it is understandable.
  17. As an aside, I believe that the actor Robert Phelps is (or was) Jill Farren Phelp's husband. I'm not sure if they're divorced or not.
  18. I loved Elaine Princi as Dorian. OLTL should hire her back. Thanks CarlD for the scene with Marty & Jason.
  19. Thanks Carl for that WILDER than ever promo. A fun fact that I don't recall if it has been discussed before but that wedding episode where Roger was revealed after swinging in on the vine was actually taped in Another World's Brooklyn studio on one of the 2 soundstages there. Their soundstage was much bigger than GL's East 44th St soundstage so the production looked better in the bigger studio.
  20. If there was no EP credit, then Rauch had left the building. My recollection is that Linda Gottlieb was hired, but she had to finish work on a movie she was producing and wrap up some things her production company was involved with before she could devote herself full time to OLTL. She was in and out of the studio at first and her name didn't appear until she fully took over the show fulltime. In the interim, producers kept the show going.
  21. Thanks Khan for the article on Linda Grover's passing. I remember her name in the writing credits with John Porterfield. I don't think that I knew they were married. I don't really remember any specific stories she did on The Doctors or Search, but definitely remember her name.
  22. A few other things that I am remembering about Geraldine. She was good friends with Doug Marland, a relationship that started on The Doctors. I believe that she told me that Doug had her in mind when he created the Jennifer role on GL. I also remember an episode of Kate & Allie that she did as well as a couple episodes on ATWT in 1989(?) I think, again pairing her with Marland. She also wrote some Loving scripts. I want to say that was around 1987 or maybe 88. P.S. - thanks for the youtube postings Carl! Very much appreciated.
  23. I just found out that Geraldine Court, who played Jennifer Richards from 80-83, passed away in November. She was a nice lady. She allowed me to visit the GL set twice in 1982 as her guest and I had a fantastic time! Very fond memories of her. RIP Gerri.
  24. Just saying that Jake Silbermann's show Dracula lasted 7 performances. They hired Jake and ALL of his fans promised to see the show and it closed after 7 performances????? Where was his fan (s)? LOL
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