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  1. How is Rey selfish? And he told Sharon that he was considering Chelsea a suspect because of her suspicious behavior / recovery.
  2. How will the VRA pass? They need 60 votes and no Republican will vote for it.
  3. Ever since Monday it seemed like they were going to have Lulu go through something like Natasha Richardson, although I don’t want Luke and Laura’s daughter to die. Maybe a coma?
  4. A little surprised about the timing of killing a teen quadrangle (Joss/Cam/Trina/Dev - and Dev’s actions weren’t exposed although he was just about to confess) and a triangle (Dante/Lulu/Dustin - who was just proposing). Re: below, I don’t have the app, but GH is on Hulu and it is also On Demand.
  5. There is a chance that Democrats might not win the House after all. As they continue to count votes, the Democrats who were predicted to win are falling behind. My Congressman’s seat which was designated as a D win, was just recalled by The NY Times and is now a toss up.
  6. Just when I think he is the worst, I remember Thomas and Kavanaugh. So terrible to have these three horrendous judges on the bench now and I will probably be adding Amy’s name to this list soon.
  7. It is going to be very difficult to win both GA seats. They are going to have to use many different strategies. I just read this morning that the tax bill that was passed in 2017, will INCREASE taxes for those making less than $75k starting next year and every two years after that until 2027 when they will be paying more taxes than they were from the start. So it was a tax increase dressed up as a tax cut for bottom 65%, while the wealthy get to keep their enormous tax cuts. I don’t know if there is an easy way to explain this to GA voters. I assume the House Democrats have signed a bill to cancel this and it is sitting in an enormous dusty pile on McConnell’s desk. So disgusting how the Republicans continue to screw the poor and working class, but how many may blame Biden because the increase will come next year (and you know they planned it that way).
  8. Maricopa County Arizona just released a big batch 38388 -Trump 31433-Biden Trump is catching up but not at the pace he needs to so far.
  9. Biden down by 665 in Georgia. Trump still tweeting after 2 am insisting the Supreme Court should decide.
  10. 16,105 votes left to be counted in Georgia. Biden trailing by 1,775.
  11. 1902 difference in Georgia Biden has a total 4 million vote lead.
  12. Georgia only 2,500 difference now. Arizona is really tightening though - 46,257 difference. In the latest batch Trump got 22k more than Biden but most think Biden will hold onto AZ.
  13. The Democrats better immediately be trying to register people like crazy in Georgia and North Carolina - looks like all 3 Senate seats (2 in Georgia) will go to a runoff for January 5th. This will determine control of the Senate. Nevada will be reporting 51,000 ballots tomorrow- still have many more than that to process and probably won’t know those results until the weekend. Ugh
  14. I’ve heard twice that Trump grew in every demographic EXCEPT white men. I need to see further analysis and I assume it was not by much in many cases but it is still disappointing and baffling, considering that minorities are dying from the coronavirus at a much higher percentage... and the Trump’s administration’s blatant racism.
  15. Around 70k Arizona votes expected at 1:00 am ET (still will have around 200,000 to report later) and big batch of Nevada votes expected around 12 noon ET. I hope everyone can call Arizona and Nevada tomorrow afternoon. I want this over.
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