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  1. Just saw on Entertainment Tonight that all the nominees (over 80) pre-taped acceptance speeches and then the winner will be inserted into the show. I assume the whole show will be pre-taped.
  2. I remember watching all The King Family Singing specials. I just re-watched a very old King Family Christmas Special on Amazon Prime in December.
  3. Yes, I was 11 years old and still remember Mary being murdered in front of Tad when a thief broke into the Martin home (and it did traumatize me). Mary and Tad were two of my favorites. The actress (Susan Blanchard) married her on screen husband Jeff (Charles Frank) in 1977 and apparently are still married. Nice.
  4. Why was Ashley unsettled? Was she jealous of Brad’s relationship with Colleen and/or felt insecure/sad because she wanted a kid with Brad? You could tell that John favored Ashley over Traci.
  5. I noticed that they had one scene about 15 minutes in which lasted the entire segment which I think helped make it more powerful. Now, so many scenes are so brief and jump around so much to the detriment of the drama. Didn’t Traci and Brad have any friends? That was a fancy wedding for 8 guests (most of which was immediate family). The background murmuring during the reception made it sound like a lot more people were there. When we first saw Ashley at the wedding, I thought she was still getting ready and wearing a bathrobe. Lol at Jill’s hat almost attacking John- he had to bob and weave!
  6. I just remembered Sasha on Y&R thanks to the picture above (I had googled the actress and her pictures of herself did not help me identify her). She was a very minor character - I cannot believe she got a nomination especially since very few other Y&R actors did. I barely remember Simon Black either but I think he at least had a much more substantial part than Sasha.
  7. Who is Sasha on Y&R? William Lipton was nominated for Best Original Song.
  8. What happened with Holly being dead? Did they ever follow up after Robert told Anna?
  9. Oops. I got the GH character Chase mixed up with Chance. It is 4:30 am so past my bedtime. Thanks.
  10. Is Sharon pregnant with Noah? Is the son that Nina referred to Chase? If so, why was he called Phillip? Who is Chase’s father? What did Phyllis have against Paul and Christine? Did a real life brother and sister play Billy and Victoria? Ew
  11. New York State Governor Cuomo says no decision has been made yet but New York City disagrees and says they were right about initial social distancing before Cuomo agreed. Ridiculous that New York’s Governor and Mayor can’t get their acts together and work better without throwing out conflicting important information.
  12. I watched the last flashback episode with my 84 year old mother and she had no idea what was going on. It confused her that the actors were playing different roles (she was confused that Nelle was Valentin’s daughter and that Joss wasn’t Carly’s daughter). I wish they would use different unknown actors if they must show these fake flashbacks. My Mom decided to forget that any of the flashbacks happened but I did have to explain to her that at the end they were implying that Nelle is Nina’s daughter. Ugh! I was hoping Nelle would die/leave soon.
  13. The confusion about the Missouri deaths may be that it was widely reported that all the Covid19 deaths in St. Louis were African Americans.
  14. Jennifer Aniston was on Jimmy Kimmel this month and told the story of how she found her first audition tape on Betamax. She was 13 years old and she auditioned for the part of TR, a 13 year old runaway on Search For Tomorrow, which her father starred on at the time. She said he would not have approved of her being on the show and that she lost the role to Jane Krakowski.
  15. I’ve only watched Y&R for 6 years so I have a few questions. Is Jill pregnant with Billy? And isn’t Victoria a teenager at this time? Did they massively SORAS Billy?
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