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Here is the rest of the Nelson Report


The 2008 NCLR ALMA Awards will air on Sept. 12 on ABC. The nominees for outstanding performance in a daytime serial are:

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)

Jessica Leccia (Natalia, GL)

Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL)

David Fumero (Cristian, OLTL)

Galen Gering (Luis, Passions)

Eva Tamargo (Pilar, Passions)

Who Should Win: Benard is the only actor in the bunch; sorry, Kamar!

Who Will Win: Benard is a saint in the Latino community.

ABC CORNER: D-List Celebrities to sell soap!

Times must be tough! If you see Elizabeth Berkley, fashion designer Randolph Duke, country singer Billy Currington, Spice Girl Mel B., and Sopranos’ Vincent Pastore promoting the virtues of your alphabet serials, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. ABC and SOAPnet are mis-spending their money once again by having these has-beens “sell” their soaps. Couldn’t they have landed Beverly Hills, 90210 vixen Shannen Doherty instead? Actually, if I was an idiot in charge, I’d hire comedians Joan Rivers, Margaret Cho, Chelsea Handler and Joy Behar instead because these funny bitches would laugh new viewers into submission.

All My Children, A/ABC — This Just In: Ehlers and Goldin are Emmy winners according to ABC!

Come on, ABC! Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) and Beth Ehlers (Taylor, who now has a new last name, Thompson) are not, I repeat not, Daytime Emmy winners as the network promos are erroneously heralding. The former GL superstars did win a silly couple prize during a CBS telecast but that does not make them Emmy winners! Here’s an idea: write them an Emmy-winning story.

Jacob Young (JR; ex-Lucky, GH) is a real Daytime Emmy Award winner, however. The singer-actor and his wife, Christen announced they will become first-time parents on Nov. 19. "It's a boy," delivers Young, who adds his child’s name is not meant to pay homage to his former GH dad, Anthony Geary (Luke). Young goes on to add his next baby will be called Scotty or Laura. Or Helena. Teehee…

One down: Colin Egglesfield (Josh) has been bumped to recurring status. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Chuck Pratt Jr. un-unaborted Erica’s baby? Hey, if Pratt could somehow rectify the biggest travesty in daytime storytelling history, I’ll offer to call him a Daytime Emmy winner! Perhaps, Erica could be electrocuted and travel back in time?

As The World Turns, Global/CBS — ABC’s Lau jumps to CBS!

Laurence Lau (ex-Greg, AMC; ex-Sam, OLTL; ex-Jamie, Another World) has been cast as Brian Wheatley, a possible love interest for Lucinda.

So, let me get this um, straight: Pubescent Parker and Liberty have already been sexually active, but young adults Noah and Luke are still drawing straws to determine who’s the top and bottom before they consummate their legendary romance? Someone needs to bring back Damian Grimaldi (imagine the chemistry between Paolo Seganti and Noelle Beck!), so he can order his son to be a man and get some action! “There are no virgins in the Grimaldi family, and Luke, don’t embarrass our family name. Do not bend over for anyone,” the former homophobe would order Luke.

Just when you thought ATWT was good again: Someone is poisoning Oakdalers with mysterious gifts. The victims? Chris, Alison, Emily and Meg will all begin acting strangely this week (I won’t even touch that one because it’s too easy). However, if Meg, Chris and Alison die thanks to this Machiavellian effort, I’ll name this plot twist ingenious.

The Bold and the Beautiful, CTV/CBS — Brad Bell’s worst decision ever!

B&B’s executive producer Bradley Bell will regret this: Kay Alden has been named co-head writer. There are no words.

Montreal native William deVry makes a hearty appearance on Aug. 5 and 6 when Katie summons Storm’s ghost. Just call deVry daytime’s latest imaginary bitch! Paging Andrew Miller….

This week, after Donna learns of Felicia and Owen’s betrayal, the blonde social climber fires the Forresters, with the exception of Rick and Brooke, from the family company while Eric lays in a coma. That sound you hear? Lesli Kay’s (Felicia) Emmy reel being created! It’s on, bitches!

Canuck starlet Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) has class: she sent me a fruit basket to thank me for my recent rave on her. Fruit. Basket. The talented starlet has a sense of humour, too! Swoon…

Days of Our Lives, Global/NBC — Hall: Emmy, can you hear me?

Soap diva Deidre Hall (Marlena) tells Sara A. Bibel she’s recreating the role of Marlena's twin sister, Samantha on the soap. Hall said: "I'm going to play two parts coming up — my twin sister, Samantha returns and it will be fascinating and exciting. I've never played two parts before. My sister played Samantha last time. It has my heart pounding! It's not just playing two characters, but learning the dialogue for both characters." Deidre’s sister, Andrea Hall originated the role and also played Sam’s look-alike, Hattie. FYI: Hall replaced her sister as Hattie during the Salem Serial Killer storyline and during the Stella Lombard fiasco, when the beautiful star played Samantha in a hallucination.

In case anyone cares about these things: Alison Sweeney (Sami) is expecting a baby girl in January. She has a three-year-old named Ben. It’s safe to assume that Sweeney won’t be naming her XX-addition, Kate, Nicole or Carrie.

On July 30, viewers learn Paul isn’t dead when Linden Ashby pops back into Salem. And prepare yourself for Joe Mascolo’s umpteenth return as Stefano Marone on Aug. 5.

General Hospital, CTV/ABC — Are three GH leading men quitting? Herbst asks for a Liason break!

Are you sitting down? Insiders reveal that three-time Emmy winner Rick Hearst (Ric) is telling people he’s more than likely leaving GH when his contract expires. Let’s pray GL lures him back to reprise Alan-Michael Spaulding. For now, Hearst is enjoying a vacation before he returns to work. In other contract news, Steve Burton (Jason) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) tell Soap Opera Digest they aren’t sure if they’ll sign on for another cycle as daytime’s most popular closeted lovers. Burton said, “Don’t ask me [if I’ll re-sign]; while Benard confessed: “If you asked me a month ago, I would have said no about re-signing.” ABC doesn’t comment on rumours.

Liason fans aren’t going to like this one bit: Rebecca Herbst (Liz) reportedly went to the writers and requested a Jason and Liz break-up because she feels they’ve “stalled.” Herbst is not a diva — this is the first time she has ever asked anything from the scribes, reports the spy.

Florian Klein debuts Aug. 6 as a new, mysterious member of Port Charles’ Russian drug mafia. "I don’t speak a word of Russian," says Klein. Hey, it’s OK — neither does Bob Guza.

Emmy winner Genie Francis’ first airdate is Aug. 26 when Lulu visits her mother, Laura at Shadybrook Hospital. ABC chief, Brian Frons tells Soap Opera Weekly to expect Francis back for two months. In the storyline, Lulu is fearful she’s inherited her mother’s bad luck until Laura comes out of her catatonic state to say, “’Don’t worry, Lulu. It will all be OK.’ That will send shivers down all our backs and help straighten that all out, which will be terrific,” previews Frons. Expect Tony Geary (Luke) to return from his summer vacation in time for Francis’ mini-comeback.

Don’t be surprised if you see Josh Duhon (ex-Logan) on another west coast soap soon, whispers Soap Opera Digest.

Is Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) the new Elizabeth Taylor? “Groomzilla” was once engaged to Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda); married and divorced Eva Longoria, dated his former co-star Natalie Livingston (ex-Emily) for eons, and now has popped the question to Indiana sports reporter, Brienne Pedigo. The couple will wed on Sept 27.

General Hospital: Night Shift, SOAPnet — Take that, ATWT!

Are soaps getting their gay on? Slowly, but queerly it looks that way: Adam Grimes plays Kyle, the gay doctor on the SOAPnet series. With buzz surrounding a Lucas recast, don’t be too surprised if Kyle jumps over to GH when NS wraps.

Billy Dee Williams is causing quite the stir on the NS set, report snitches. “He’s a big diva, and it’s not fun,” complains an insider. Um, he’s Billy Dee “Freaking” Williams, so deal with it! Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Guiding Light, Global/CBS — Is the Boudreau family back on the front burner?

Emmy Award winner Montel Williams will be visiting New Jersey on Aug. 1 and 5 as Clayton Boudreau, a dean at the fictional Springfield University. Kim Brockington (Felicia) will also be back on Aug. 1.

Did hell freeze over? Reva chose Jeffrey! Wowza — don’t tell me the 456, 829 head writers are finally listening to the fans and the press! Check out this Monday’s Nelson Ratings for a rare master-class rave surrounding the Always film climax that culminated in Cassie and Josh’s separation, and Reva doing the right thing for the first time in her life! Monday and Tuesday’s episodes were the best GL has aired in years. Take that, OLTL! However, I’m sure GL will screw it all up sooner rather than later.

Kim Zimmer’s (Reva) new red hair: does it turn you on or off? I guess GL couldn’t afford to buy a red dress!

Imaginary Bitches, YouTube.com — Queen Bitch to guest star? Lucci and Riegel may be reunited!

They should just call this delicious online soap, Imaginary Children because Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca) and Liz Hendrickson (ex-Maggie; Chloe, Y&R) may not be the only AMC stars Imaginary Bitches is reuniting. Series creator Andrew Miller tells The Suds Report that fans have been clamouring for Emmy winner Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) to make a bitching cameo! Riegel recently revealed to Daytime Confidential that the hit online series’ first season finale (don’t panic: there are four more episodes left) will boast a handful of "amazing guest stars". Hmmm… If La Lucci signs on the imaginary dotted line, Catherine and Heather better wear imaginary bulletproof vests. When Lucci filmed a multi-episode guest spot on my favourite prime-time soap, Dallas, Bobby Ewing's bride, April was gunned down on her Parisian honeymoon in a fetch rabbit fur coat, no less! Damn you, Sheila Foley!

—Reporting by daytimeconfidential.com’s Jamey Giddens

One Life to Live, A/ABC — Hickland out? She better not be…

Don’t expect to see Soap Opera Spirit Award winner Catherine Hickland for a while. While a show rep maintains Hickland will continue to recur as the recently incarcerated Lindsay, Soap Opera Weekly is reporting the star will be “off the canvas for the foreseeable future because no final decision has been made regarding Lindsay’s fate.” That’s just great.

OLTL’s biggest super-couple ever? Nikki and Elvis.

Check out a cute Agnes Nixon (Soap God, OLTL) interview here.

Passions, SuperChannel/DirecTV — End date changed!

According to soapoperadigest.com, Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) confirms that daughter Liza Huber (Gwen) and her hubby, Alex Hesterberg, are expecting baby No. 2. Yeah, no one cares, I know…

There’s a God: Passions is ending a few days earlier; Aug. 7 instead of Aug. 11, announced DirecTV.

Scripts and Scruples, iTunes — New radio soap gets sudsier!

Next week on radio’s sudsiest soap opera, Scripts and Scruples, “Blake's younger lover, Henry schemes to keep him away from old flame, Matt,” previews creator Roger Newcomb. The welovesoaps.com administer also hints, “this story will continue to play out over the next few weeks with [a few soap favourites] joining the cast to shake things up!” Just don’t call them Emmy winners unless they’ve taken home a statue fair and square, OK, Roger?

Sordid Lives, LOGO — Solid reviews greet new cable soap!

Welovesoaps.com’s Roger Newcomb reviewed the quirky gay-ish soap, Sordid Lives, which earned Del Shores’ critically acclaimed play-turned-movie-turned series an A-. Feel the love here.

The Young and the Restless, Global/CBS — Goddard expecting!

Are you a Brenda Dickson (ex-Jill) fan? Who isn’t is more like it, right? Yes, I mean you Michael Morrison! Nuttier than a fruitcake, Dickson proves she’s still camp-alicious as ever in her latest blog. Click here if you want to feel better about your life.

Some guy named Daniel Goddard (Cane) confirmed he and his beautiful wife, Rachel are expecting their second child! “She’s three months [pregnant],” he boasts. “Life is good. I love life. You [can] never understand how lucky I feel...” Um, yeah, I can. Click here to witness a recent honour Goddard received, which some in the industry claim is higher praise than an Emmy Award.

My good pal and colleague, The National Post’s Nathalie Atkinson wrote a brilliant editorial on all things Young and Fashionable: “I'm just sad about the rumours that contentious May-December marriage between Sabrina and Victor will come to an abrupt end, because the French temptress Sabrina has the best wardrobe on daytime TV right now (including her authentic Birkin bag, an inspired touch). Unlike sister soap The Bold and The Beautiful, which, while set in a luxury fashion house, has characters dressed as though they shopped at Giant Tiger.” I love her; here’s the rest of her funny story.

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Rick Hearst leaving GH will be a huge loss as will Steve Burton & Maurice Benard. But I'm glad that Burton & Benard may be leaving. If both leave, maybe, just maybe GH would quit having the mob be such a prominent part of the show.

I'm very glad that Rebecca Herbst stopped the Jason/Elizabeth pairing----the storyline almost ruined Elizabeth. I wouldn't be too surprised if she doesn't leave GH soon too (I'd love for her to move to ONE LIFE as a Nu-Kelly.)

I hope Catherine Hickland isn't gone for good as Lindsay. It's a shame. I think it was mistake to re-write the story of her killing Spencer as sane. She should've really been temporarily insane or plead self-defense and defense of Blair. If she's gone for good, I think AMC should hire Cat as a Nu-Liza Colby, she'd be awesome in the role and would be awesome paired with David Canary's Adam, and acting with her ex-husband and friend, Michael E. Knight(Tad).

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OTOH, Mulder, Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) is firmly established (and tied with Julie Marie Berman's Lulu); so there's nothing to suggest he won't supplant Burton and/or Benard as the "star" of GH. (Which would be a mistake, IMO, but I'm merely offering a worse-case scenario here, lol.)

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Hey, I comment because I like to validate my feelings that he's not a true journalist. Stefano who?????? And an Emmy call for Hall just for playing two people? Egads. I'm still pissed at his slams at OLTL. He's not objective because he's pouty.

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Like you said...just wow!! Stefano is one of the most popular characters in soap opera history.....and he calls him Stefano MARONE! Are you kidding me??? How could you get that WRONG????

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