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Do you think Dan and Chelsea are soul mates? Did you love AMC's unabortion? Do you think Peter Bergman is a lazy, talentless hack?

Let's hear 'em!

Personally, I'll admit to not liking Karen Wolek on the witness stand. At all. I think Judith Light overacts horrifically, and as far as I can tell, that scene is nothing more than a few minutes of hysterical, overwrought screaming- which really isn't that hard to do.

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I do think that, having chosen to do the unabortion, ABC could have made Josh an exciting Kane man. Strangely, to fully take advantage of that, I feel Josh should have been gay. In other words, a male Erica.

My unpopular opinions seem to be (a) I love Gloria Abbott on Y&R and (without Jeff Bardwell) I don't mind seeing her almost every day; (B) I think Clear Springs on Y&R was beautifully produced, and while I wish it had had more long-term fallout, I welcomed the change of pace; and © I think killing Cassie Newman--though I miss her everyday--was one of the best story decisions ever made, because it has produced years of good story.

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- Jill Farren Phelps is NOT the untalented devil that many make her out to be.

- Michael Malone's first stint at OLTL was highly overrated, preachy, and did more bad than good.

- Deirdre Hall is one of the most campiest, hammy, and stiff performers to grace daytime and I do not understand the rabid fanbase she seems to have.

- Jack F. Smith, despite his stupid decisions and attitude, was more of a storyteller than Kay Alden.

- I like Erika Slezak, but the stature that she gets as "Daytime's Best Actress" is not deserving, she's good but there's better actresses in daytime.

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Kim Zimmer is a ham who could never act on anything other than a soap

Eric Braeden is a mumbling bore who exudes no personality

Tony Geary is a ham who failed when he left soaps and for good reason

Nancy Lee Grahn is a charisma challenged supporting actress on her best days who does not have the screen presence to carry a story, let alone a show

James E Reilly is a better writer than Hogan Sheffer

Just a few that come to mind.

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Claudia Zacchara is actually quite an enjoyable character to watch these days.

Amanda Baker is doing a good job as Babe on AMC.

Brown & Estensen's time at AMC wasn't all that bad.

Robin Strasser is a terrible actress.

Noelle Beck is good on ATWT.

I like Carly and Holden together.

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On Jill: absolutely agree.

On Jack: absolutely agree. Kay does structure better than him.

On Erika: absolutely agree...she ain't all that and a bag of chips. I think she calls it in, a lot.

-Those who went Fi Core during the strike took a stand against the idiocy of the strike and took a personal hit to keep daytime afloat.

-Carmen Duncan was better than Beverlee McKinsey as Iris Cory.

-Nancy Lee Grahn, on her best day, can't touch Jeanne Cooper on her worst. That woman is a glorified supporting actress who hasn't ever gotten my attention.

-Tony Geary isn't good anymore, he just goes through the motions and collects the cash.

-Jackie Zeman doesn't look that bad.

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General Hospital

Tony Geary sucks

I love Laura Wright

Have nothing against Steve Burton

I hate Tamara Braun and Vanessa Marcil

I liked Jennifer Bransford's Carly

I like Sarah Brown

All My Children

I love Annie

I can't stand Alicia Minshew as Kendall

I think Darnell Williams is overated

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Technically, it's 5 as EP, since the first win for Santa Barbara was for material when the Dobson's were EP's, and Jill was Supervising Producer.

Wendy Riche, GH's former EP, also has 5 Emmy's for EP-ing a show.

Though Jill should have had at least one Emmy for her time on GL, especially during the Curlee years.

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That I have to disagree with. The studios said there was no money in the internet. Meanwhile CBS streams all their soaps and primetimes schedule online with commercials, sites like HULU and Fancast run repeats of dozens and dozens of shows like Star Trek and Jeannie with commercials, and meanwhile the writers of star trek waiting for their residual checks are literally out of the money because Hulu isn't covered under the then current contract.

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I don't think that Alicia Minshew is a good actress. I really don't like her dramatic scenes when Kendall gets excited over something or starts to cry, IMO those type scenes of hers are not good. I don't like Kendall and I don't like how much of the show focuses on the character.

I think that the character of Tad Martin is very disgusting. IMO, Tad is incredibly judemental, and hypocritical, I can't stand his personality, and I don't like how the writers try to label him as one of the good guys, and how lot of the characters sing his praises. I dislike how he has got away with and has not even been called out on a lot of the crap he's pulled.

I like Ryan Lavery.

I love Krystal Carey.

I don't think Mctavish was as bad, as lot of people say that she was. Some of her storylines were bad especially toward the end of her stint, but she did have some pretty good storylines throughout her run, I preferred her to Brown and Estensen and their very boring storylines.


I can't stand Nora, I think she is a hag.

The only Buchanans I really like are Bo,Kevin, Matthew and David.

I don't like Starr, or Blair, and I don't like Todd and Blair as a couple.

I like Antonio.


I don't like Patrick and Robin as a couple. I can not stand Patrick.

I don't like Jason, Sonny, or Carly. I don't like LW's Carly, but I did like TB Carly's, she was my favorite Carly.

I don't care about Liason.

I love Lucky and I like Sam. I also like them as a couple.

I don't think Anthony Geary is the best actor in Daytime.


I love Gloria. I like Jeff and I really like them as a couple.

I think Nick acts dumb a lot of the time that he is on the show.

I wanted Sharon and Brad to get together, I would have liked to see make a go of it as a couple and last for a while.

I can't stand Phyllis.

I don't like Victoria, I didn't like Heather Tom's version, I don't like Amelia's either.

I don't think Christian Leblanc is that great of an actor.

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