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tvgcanada awards

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tvguide canada awards are such a joke!

not a single winner is a person of color! all of them are white. geez.

nelson branco's faves prevailed. duh! he bashes days and passions consistently, so of course those soaps take zero awards. oltl and b&b, his 2 fave soaps, take the lion's share of awards.

they even had the unmitigated gall to call this melody thomas scott's 1st major award! whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the biggest travesty of that "award handout process": jake silbermann and van hansis win best duo or some dumb title like that! they beat out daytime icons kkl and sf! sheer lunacy!

but van hansis lost to tom pelphrey for best younger actor. tee hee! i guess some members of the voting body have some brains!

go to tvguide.canda for the full list of the "travesty awards"!

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The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

General Hospital, ABC

One Life to Live, ABC


The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS — Bradley Bell

General Hospital, ABC — Robert Guza

One Life to Live, ABC — Ron Carlivati


Days of Our Lives, NBC

General Hospital, ABC

General Hospital: Night Shift, SoapNet

One Life to Live, ABC


Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, B&B)

Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)

Deidre Hall (Marlena Black, Days)

Beth Ehlers (Harley Cooper/Irna Phillips, GL)

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler, GL)

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman, Y&R)


Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder, ATWT)

Jack Wagner (Nick Marone, B&B)

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro, GL)

Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer, GH)

Trevor St. John (Todd Manning, OLTL)


Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti, ATWT)

Martha Madison (ex-Belle Black, Days)

Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera, Days)

Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine, GH)

Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport, OLTL)

Kathy Brier (Marcie “Sally Ann’ McBain, OLTL)


Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman, ATWT)

Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis, Days)

Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan, OLTL)

Phil Carey (ex-Asa Buchanan, OLTL)

Ben Masters (Julian Crane, Passions)


Alexa Havins (ex-Babe Carey, AMC)

Alexandra Chando (ex-Maddie Coleman, ATWT)

Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones, GH)

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer, GH)

Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding, GL)

Brittany Underwood (Langston Wilde, OLTL)


Mick Hazen (Parker Snyder, ATWT)

Daniel Manche (J.J. Snyder, ATWT)

Van Hansis (Luke Snyder, ATWT)

Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall, GL)

Eddie Alderson (Matthew Buchanan, OLTL)


Betty White (Ann Douglas, B&B)

Kristina Wagner (Felicia Jones, GH)

Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, GH)

Orlagh Cassidy (Doris Wolfe Spaulding, GL)

Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom, OLTL)

Tonja Walker (ex-Alex Olanov Vickers, OLTL)


Daniel Hugh Kelly (ex-Winston Mayer, ATWT)

Patrick Duffy (ex-Stephen Logan, B&B)

Stuart Damon (Alan the Ghost, GH)

Tuc Watkins (ex-David Vickers, OLTL)

Peter Bartlett (Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe, OLTL)


Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, ATWT)

Kyle Lowder (Rick Forrester, B&B)

John Brotherton (Jared Banks, OLTL)

Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby, Y&R)

Eric Steinberg (ex-Ji Min Kim, Y&R)


Alley Mills (Pam Douglas, B&B)

Heather Tom (Katie Logan, B&B)

Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan, B&B)

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller, GH)

BethAnn Bonner (Talia Sahid, OLTL)


The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

General Hospital, ABC

General Hospital: Night Shift, SOAPNET

One Life To Live, ABC

The Young and the Restless, CBS


Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann (Luke and Noah, ATWT)

Terri Colombino and Austin Peck (Katie and Brad, ATWT)

Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery (Brooke and Stephanie, B&B)

Kim Zimmer and Bradley Cole (Reva and Jeffrey, GL)

Marcy Rylan and Jordan Clarke (Lizzie and Billy, GL)

Tuc Watkins and Erika Slezak (ex-David and Viki, OLTL)

Robin Strasser and Erika Slezak (Dorian and Viki, OLTL)


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Patrick Mulcahey, Writer


Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra, B&B)

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However, oltl, a soap that was once known for its diversity in its inception, is completely lacking in racial diversity! I'd call that a major point of criticism. Same is true for b&b, a soap completely lacking in diversity yet set in lala land. And storyline-wise, oltl has not been the picture of perfection that branco's columns like to claim. Same is true for b&b. Branco has never written any constructive criticism of oltl in his columns. Even for the diversity issue, all he put was "look closer and give the man (carlivati) a chance." That's the flimsiest excuse ever! Where's oltl's evangeline? Where's the criticism for the male divas of oltl taking over the show? Or the convoluted and repetitive paternity plots and missing heirs? And how about b&b? 2007 was one of its worst years. Wasted talents: lesli kay, eileen davidson, heather tom, william devry. Brooke's rape not being explored since stephanie's uninspired shooting occurred. Nick/tay's trashy romance. Bottom line: We all know how branco feels about oltl. His columns worship carlivati, and to a lesser extent, the Bells. It was a very biased list. It therefore shouldn't be called an "award". It should be called a "list of nelson branco's favorites no matter what".

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ITA with alot of what you said

except that still doesnt change the fact that they both deserve the most awards. both sucked for a bgi part of 07, however they also were the two best of the worst. now if thats something to be proud of is another story. as for it being an awards list, he wasnt the only oen to vote on these. the bad parts of oltl and bb were there yes - however again, put up against the rest they were the best of 07. there are some i disagree with winning - and even more i disagree with that got a nom. however i do think this is pretty damn good list. MTS & JH both rocked all the crap they had all year and deserve the win. Trent is long overdue for an emmy. everyone knows that KB & CH were the shinning supporting stars of the year (thi i think KB belongs in lead....). Everyone raves about TP and how amazing he is. Kirsten owned younger acting all year long.

all the rest i disagree with. MR & JC were the best duo (tho VH & JS are the runners up, IMHO), Betty White wins no matter what because shes betty freaking white. male & female new role goes to Magen ward & the guy who plays Richie on AMC. and GH has the best castibng in daytime.

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The best of the worst is still, in effect, among the worst! Bottom line: Don't call it an "award". Call it a fanboy's worship.

He wasn't the only one to vote, but he alone picked ALL of the nominees. Clearly, he influences who is the recepient of the "award" when he was the only one who chose the nominees.

Those "awards" were freaking jokes. Everyone knew Hansis/Silbermann would take best duo, even if the Luke/Noah storyline is a flat out failure, no matter how many fans it has. He's been worshipping Brier and Hickland for months, so of course they would tie. All he did was call KB fierce, so of course she'd win. And everyone knew oltl would win best soap and Carlivati would win best headwriter DESPITE all major oltl flaws. Heck, the recent column all but excused oltl's severly-lacking racial diversity. It's a horrible list designed to do 1 thing: bootlick/asskiss. It's a sycophant's list, and therefore, it shouldn't be called an "award". And describing this as a "major" award and MTS's first award ever is delusional.

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the exact same thing can be said about any award given out. including the emmys.

and i wouldnt call it a fanboys worship.

you ahve yet to provide an examples og who should have won over who and why.

and i wouldnt call the luke/noah storyline a flat out falire at all. yes they suck now, but when theyw ere front and center there storyline was amazing. the show dropped the ball like almost all soaps do with almost all good storylines. furthermore, he isnt the only one to notice how amazing KB and CH were, same for OLTL with best soap. and again, yes OLTL had its flaws - but still at the end of the year looking back it was the best soap of the year, given its only by defult because all other soaps sucked more, but still.

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I'm not the one who makes up a list of my favorites and calls it an awards list. He is. And comparing the Emmys to the tvguide canada spirit awards is a huge stretch. Bottom line: Don't call this an "award" when it's a list of favorites. As for Luke/Noah, they are the Gigli of Daytime. They failed to deliver. The storyline was meant to herald all these new storylines in daytime centering around lgbt characters. Where are these storylines and lgbt characters? That's right, nowhere. And where are luke and noah? Pushed to the backburner. Where are their onscreen kisses? Either nonexistent or implied, since the camera angle zooms away when they kiss. They failed.

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Having had a read, I am truly stunned that B&B won Best Casting or whatever its called. This tiny show barely casts a lot of newbies and, while I love NuKatie, NuStorm, NuRick etc., we don't really see them.

I'm glad he recognized Darlene Conley, though. Precious few mags -- and B&B itself -- are bothering.

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Exactly with B&B. They should win best STUNT casting. B&B's formula: Cast a big name to generate press and fan interest. Put big name on heavy rotation for a few weeks to a few months. Backburner big name indefinitely. Repeat process with new big name.

Along with best stunt casting, B&B should win an award for WORST cast utilization. Lesli Kay's Felicia romances Constantine, instead of Storm Logan! Katie is reduced as a talk-to character, while bimbette Donna gobbles her screen time. What is worse? Ash paired with Ridge or Ash in storyline siberia?

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