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Big Brother 9: Discussion Thread


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me & my mom were just talking about the twists BB does and she said it would be great if instead of putting housguests in the hosue that knew eachother as secrets if the house somehow hid secrets like two games being played at once and then merged or something like that

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From RealityBBQ:

The Big Brother timeline of events...

February 2nd, 2008

Beyond stories we hear from semi-finalists that didn’t make the cut this year there shouldn’t be much news today.

February 3rd, 2008

Sundays are normally a quiet news day. A few newspapers might publish articles talking about February sweeps and CBS’s efforts to climb the rating totem pole with the winter edition of Big Brother 9.

February 4th, 2008

On January 28th eight reality TV reporters entered the Big Brother house for 12 hours of “Big Brother.” They were able to take photos and videos of the new house during the time they were in the house. They could not reveal what they saw until February 4th, or today. Expect to see websites like RealityWanted.net, EW.com, and others to post the images they captured on that day.

February 5th, 2008

Usually there is a magazine that gets first dibs on houseguest information. EW.com will probably post the names of the houseguests along with short bios (age, city).

February 6th, 2008

CBS will probably release more complete bios about each houseguests. We will probably also learn the twists – if there are any. Julie Chen will show footage she filmed in the house and reveal the houseguests on the Early Show.

February 7th, 2008

It’s my birthday and I don’t care what happens in the Big Brother world. May you all rot in hell.

February 8th, 2008

More video packages from the tv tabloids should start airing. The houseguests will probably enter the house today and the first HoH will be chosen.

February 9th, 10th, 11th , 2008

Nominations will already happen before the show premieres.

February 12th, 2008

Big Brother 9 premieres on CBS!

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I'm so excited for BB9! I hope that since it's 'winter' (really though, how cold is winter in LA?) that the houseguests will do less sunbathing and more fighting, LoL.

Screw "Days." I'm over it. I'm all about BB for the next three months!

Can't wait for pictures of the new house -- hopefully on Monday. Hopefully it's not a giant eye-sore.

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Since they said it would be a regular length season, I assumed we would get the regular number of houseguests, but it looks like they added two more! LoL

Either the finalists were so good that they couldn't choose just 14, or this is going to be part of some new twist. I heard a spumor (even before this commercial aired) that there would be 12 people in the house and then 4 people somewhere else in the house that the rest didn't know about.

I'm not sure what purpose that would serve, but it's interesting nonetheless! LoL There must be a few double eviction weeks this season.

Sixteen houseguests. Wow. It'll take forever to memorize their names! LoL The live cams are so frustrating for the first two weeks, because you can't tell one voice apart from another and it's like one giant cluster of confusion, LoL.

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OMG!! Here we go!

Remember how reports said that members of the media were allowed into the Big Brother house last week for a 12 hour mini-Big Brother game? Well, they've now released the video of that game, and you can see the new house in it!

Of course, they weren't allowed to see all of the house, but this gives us a pretty good idea of what it'll look like. Definitely a log cabin/wintery theme. I love it! It looks so warm and cozy and... chlaustrophobic, LoL. I just don't think I like that big green couch. Eeek! It might grow on me, though.!

Here's the video!! Eeeeeeekkk...

Keep in mind, these are not the houseguests, just members of media that were in the house temporarily.


Here are screencaps that I took from the video! :)














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I can't believe that they actually have a fireplace! LoL One that they can use!

Also, from the video, it looks like they moved the gym outdoors. I wonder why? What's going into the old gym room? Questions, questions...

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They're airing a "Soulmates" promo now.

I'm totally confused as to what it means. Perhaps they've given people secret partners and they have to try to take one another to the end? I don't quite understand, LoL.


"We've matched each of them with a soulmate! They'll compete together, and if they're not careful -- they'll be evicted together!"

This could either be very good, or VERY lame, LoL.

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lol. i kinda like the idea of them having a "soulmate" they have to work with. 8 pairs of 2 (16). That way, at least initially, we can solve the double evictions by having a pair evicted each week until we get down to a reasonable amount of players.

Kinda makes sense, actually, if it ends up working out that way.

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JEN, 24, Columbus, OH


RYAN, 27, Columbus, OH


PARKER, 26, Northridge, CA


SHELIA, 45, Reseda, CA


NEIL, 29, Los Angeles, CA


ALLISON, 28, Boston, MASS


MATT, 23, Charleston, MASS


ADAM, 29, Del Ray Beach, FL


JAMES, 21, Sarasota, FL


CHELSIA, 21, Cedar Falls, IA


JACOB, 23, Dallas, GA


NATALIE, 28, Salem, OR


SHARON, 23, Olathe, KAN


JOSHUA, 25, Dallas, TX


AMANDA, 23, Fridley, Minnesota


ALEX, 24, Staten Island, NY

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First comment... Allison looks like Rachael Ray! LoL Does she not?! Especially her mouth. It's like the same exact smile!

Chelsia looks like a straight up schemer, LoL. I love her Victoria Beckham-esque hairstyle.

Shelia, for some reason, reminds me of someone. I can't put my finger on it.

That hairstyle James is sportin' needs to go. Fugly!

Parker's a paparazzo? Awesome! Now he can know what it's like to be under the direct eye of cameras, LoL.

Adam looks like he needs to eat more fiber.

Natalie = slutbag with fake boobs.

Jen looks like a sweetheart!

Amanda looks fun! I think she'll jump right into the scheming and plotting. She just seems like that type, LoL.

Anyone suspect any father/daughter or ex-lovers teams?! Jen and Ryan both being from Columbus is rather suspicious. Hmm...

Quite a few cute guys this season. Ryan, Neil, Matt, Jacob, Joshua and Alex are all rather attractive. I think it'll be hard to tell them apart, though, LoL. Also, I think it'll be hard to tell Jen and Sharon apart for the first week or so.

Looks like a promising group, IMO!

Oooh, and notice... no Joey Butafucco! LoL!

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