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All My Children EPISODE COUNT...


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[Thursday, November 1 to Friday, November 30]

01..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...20
01..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...20
03..Sabine Singh [Greenlee Smythe]...19
04..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...17
04..Billy Miller [Richie Novak]...17
06..Aiden Turner [Aidan Devane]...16
07..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Lavery]...15
08..Amanda Baker [babe Carey]...14
08..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...14
10..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...13
10..Jacob Young [JR Chandler]...13
12..Jerome Preston Bates [Derek Frye]...12
12..Alexander, Benjamin & Caleb Eckstein [spike Lavery]...12
12..Non-credited Babies [ian Slater]...12
15..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...11
16..David Canary [Adam & Stuart Chandler]...10 [Adam: 10; Stuart: 0]
17..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey Chandler]...9
17..Leven Rambin [Lily Montgomery & Ava Benton]...9 [Ava: 5; Lily: 6]
19..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...7
20..Sydney Penny [Julia Santos]...6
21..Colin Egglesfield [Josh Madden]...5
21..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon]...5
23..Jeff Branson [Jonathan Lavery]...4
23..Ambyr Childers [Colby Chandler]...4
23..Stacy Haiduk [Hannah Nichols]...4
23..Lucy Merriam [Emma Lavery]...4
23..Non-credited Babies [Jenny Martin]...4
23..Hamilton Clancy [sylvester]...3
29..Andrew Garmen [Dr. Brower]...3
29.. Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...3
29..Jan Maxwell [Judge Myatt]...3
29..Mark Tallman [Kyle]...3
33..Kate Collins [Janet Green]...2
33..Bill Doyle [Pilot]...2
33..Alexa Gerasimovich [Kathy/Kate]...2
33..Chris Henry [Ren]...2
33..Cheryl Hulteen [Winifred]...2
33..Jordan Lage [D.A.]...2
33..Lee Meriwether [Ruth Martin]...2
33..Patina Renea Miller [Pam Henderson]...2
33..Matt Newton [Tommy Brennan]...2
33..Patrick Alvarado Stephenson [Cop #2]...2
33..Jared Sturman [Little Adam]...2
33..Sterling Sulieman [Dre]...2
33..Brent Weber [sean Montgomery]....2
33..Lisa Yuen [Nanny Rachael No. 2]...2
47..Constance Barron [Kit]...1
47..Kate Blumberg [Lauren]...1
47..Jenna DiMartini [Corrina]...1
47..Celine Dion [Herself]...1
47..Eileen Herlie [Myrtle Fargate]...1
47..Bob Hiltermann [Walter]...1
47..Jack Mungovan [Lt. Perry]...1
47..Brian O’Neill [Dr. Michael Chambers]...1
47..Stefanie Zadravec [Reporter]...1
47..Daniel Ziskie [Air Traffic Contorller]...1

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

[Tuesday, January 2 – Friday, November 30]

[90%] 01..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...213 [+1%]
[83%] 02..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...197 [+1%]
[83%] 03..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...195 [+1%]
[75%] 04..Amanda Baker & Alexa Havins [babe Carey]...176 [Havins: 154; Baker: 23] [Havins Exit & Baker Debut: 10/8] [sAME]
[72%] 05..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Lavery]...170 [sAME]
[72%] 06..Jacob Young [JR Chandler]...169 [sAME]
[60%] 07..David Canary [Adam Chandler]...142 [138 Episodes as Adam, 27 Episodes as Stuart] [-1%]
[58%] 08..Sabine Singh [Greenlee Smythe]...137 [Debut: 4/19] [+3%]
[58%] 09..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey Chandler]...136 [-1%]
[57%] 10..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...134 [sAME]

[53%] 11..Colin Egglesfield [Josh Madden]...126 [-3%]
[53%] 12..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...125 [+2%]
[52%] 13..Aiden Turner [Aidan Devane]...122 [+3%]
[51%] 14..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...120 [+1%]
[48%] 15..Jeff Branson [Jonathan Lavery]...113 [-2%]
[45%] 16..Leven Rambin [Ava Benton & Lily Montgomery]...107 [76 Episodes as Lily; 88 Episodes as Ava] [Ava Debut: 3/30] [sAME]
[44%] 17..Alexander, Benjamin, Caleb Eckstein & Ava, Julia Farrar [spike Lavery]...105 [Farrar: 44; Eckstein: 61] [Farrar Exit: 6/28; Eckstein Debut: 7/16] [+1%]
[44%] 18..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon]...103 [-1%]
[42%] 19..Ambyr Childers [Colby Chandler]...99 [-2%]
[36%] 20..Kelli Giddish [Di Henry]...86 [Exit: 9/19]

[35%] 21..Justin Bruening [Jamie Martin]...83 [Exit: 8/31]
[35%] 22..Jerome Preston Bates & Charles Parnell [Derek Frye]...82 [Parnell: 70; Bates: 12] [Parnell Leave: 9/24; Bates Debut: 11/2] [+3%]
[28%] 23..Brent Weber [sean Montgomery]...67 [-2%]
[28%] 24..Sydney Penny [Julia Santos]...66 [sAME] [Maternity Leave: 7/14; Return 8/31] [sAME]
[26%] 25..Eden Riegel [bianca Montgomery]...62 [Exit: 4/26, 1 Episode on 8/14]
[25%] 26..Jeffrey Carlson [Zarf/Zoe]...60 [Exit: 4/26]
[25%] 27..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...59 [+1%]
[25%] 27..Lucy Merriam [Emma McDermott]...59 [sAME]
[20%] 29..Billy Miller [Richie Novak]...47 [Debut: 8/30] [+6%] 47/64
[19%] 30..Stacy Haiduk [Hannah Nichols]...46 [Debut: 3/27 - Exit: 5/24; Return: 9/14] [sAME]

[19%] 31..Alec Musser [Del Henry]...44 [-1%]
[18%] 32..Non-credited Babies [Jenny Colby Carey]...43 [sAME]
[15%] 33..Jarred Sturman [Little Adam]...35 [sAME]
[14%] 34..Jessalyn Wanlim & Lisa Yuen [Nanny Rachael]...32 [Wanlim: 29; Yuen: 3][sAME]
[11%] 35..Alexa Gerasimovich [Kathy/Kate]...27 [-1%]
[11%] 35..Patina Renea Miller [Pam Henderson]...27 [Debut: 5/4] [-1%]
[11%] 37..John James [Dr. Jeff Martin]...25 [Exit: 5/8]
[11%] 37..Non-credited Actor [Carl; Bianca's Bodyguard]...25 [Exit: 3/1]
[10%] 39..Christianna Nelson, Alie Carey, Jessica Myhr [Ava/Lily Double]...24 [Nelson: 16; Carey: 6; Myhr: 2] [-1%]
[10%] 39..Non-credited Actor [bruno; Kendall's Bodyguard]...24 [Exit: 3/5]

[10%] 41..Ryan Brannan [Otto; Kendall's Bodyguard]...23 [Exit: 3/5]
42..Kate Collins [Janet Green]...21 [Returned 2/9; Exit: 5/8; Recurring]
43..Ronald Guttman [Alexander Cambias Sr.]...18 [Return: 2/26; Exit: 4/27]
43..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...18
43..Susan Pratt [barbara Montgomery]...18 [Return: 2/9; Exit: 7/12]
46..Cheryl Hulteen [Winifred]...15
46..Mark Tallman [Kyle]...15
46..Non-Credited Babies [ian Slater]...15
49..Jack Mungovan [Lt. Perry]...14
50..Richard Green [Adam/Stuart Double]...13

51..Joseph Masi [George; Babe's Bodyguard]...12 [Exit: 1/26]
52..Tonya Pinkins [Livia Frye]...11
53..Claire Byrne [Amelia Cambias]...10
53..William Kempe [Dr. Donovan Hilliard]...10
53..Sterling Sulieman [Dre]...10 [Debut: 9/4]
56..Elizabeth Hendrickson [Maggie Stone]...9 [Return: 1/15; Exit: 2/7]
56..Cady McClain [Dixie Cooney Martin]...9 [Exit: 1/30]
56..Adrien Rieder [Kenny Adler]...9 [Returned: 1/3; Exit: 2/5]
59..Joey Auzenne [Lenny]...8
59..Jenna DiMartini [Corrina]...8 [Debut: 9/4]
59..Chris Henry [Ren]...8 [Debut: 9/4]
59..Eileen Herlie [Myrtle Fargate]...8
59..James Mitchell [Palmer Cortlandt]...8
59..Tyler Woods [Officer Dave Hannity]...8
65..Sam Freed [Raymond Jenkins]...7
65..Tanisha Lynn [Danielle Frye]...7 [Exit: 1/18]
65..Nathan A. Perez [bob; Babe's Bodyguard]...7
65..Charles Stransky [Dr. Delano]...7
69..Hayley Evans [Miranda Montgomery]...6 [Exit: 4/26]
70..Jennifer Bassey [Marian Colby Chandler]...5
70..Bob Hiltermann [Walter]...5
70..Lee Meriwether [Ruth Martin]...5
70..Timothy Sekk [Robber]...5
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QUOTE (Chris B @ Dec 1 2007, 01:30 AM)
The biggest star in daytime isn't even in the top ten?! I don't even have words for that. How could they hire a HW team that won't write a major story for her? It seems like common sense.

You guys are absolutely right. It is beyond ridiculous that this is happening--it just shows how TRULY idiotic the HWs and the Producers are!

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UGH, anyone want to still make the claim that this isn't the Kendall show? No one character should be in EVERY episode for one month. Alicia probably doesn't even get a chance to sleep anymore. :rolleyes:

Even Kendall's brats have 12 episodes -- more than the vets. :mellow: This is ridiculous.

And the same 6 or so hog the screen. No need to name them, just look at the list.

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LOVE that Lily has more than Ava this month :) And not much Jonathan at all! :)

Now - why are people saying Greenlee and Ryannie are on more than Zendall? Zach and Kendall were on EVERY episode this month.

Where are Colby, Sean, and Dre? After the summer, they dropped off the planet.

Josh has seriously dropped off the planet too these last few months.

And where in the hell is Del? Not that I truly care, but he hasn't been on in months, and he wasn't even at Thanksgiving with Opal or Tad or anyone? Let's drop his contract and use the money elsewhere! Ugh!

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I watched the last week of November and I thought the show was fairly entertaining. I have been peeking at AMC for a while now partially because of my crush on Colin Egglesfield, and I am a big fan of BE&JHB and JHC from their Port Charles days. I also love Susan Lucci and I think that she is doing better than most vets on the other soaps as far as her appearances for the year.

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The writing for the show may reek, but I think that BE & JHB have little to do with who sucks up screen time. Frons dictates who should be front and center day after day. It's only because Lucci has some marquis value that she gets some semblance of a story and decent airtime. If not for that, she would've gone the way of Julia Barr, Jackie Zeman, Leslie Charleson, etc.

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I think that it is ridiculous that the character of Kendall has been featured on 90% of this year's episodes. :rolleyes: That is way too much screentime for one character. They need to stop featuring this character, as well as Zach, Greenlee, and Ryannnie as much and start to give more screentime to other characters. I am tired of seeing Kendall almost every single day along with these other few characters. Not a lot of people outside of the same favored five characters is getting much screetime or really any storylines. The lack of balance and extreme overuse of characters like Kendall is one of the reasons why this show is doing so poorly.

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