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All My Children EPISODE COUNT...


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On any soap - frontburner should equal 3.5 episodes a week at most not 4+ (7 of the top 10 are at 3.5+, 4 at 4+). That's just ridiculousness even if the character is beloved. Although I do think the main reason AMC is suffering right now, simply because balance has been an issue for 4 years, is poor story-telling (very little emotional balance) and writing with too many new faces making up that "select" front/"only"-burner (Richie, Annie, nu-Greenlee, nu-Babe).

Maybe this is why, with Greenlee...

November "TALK OF THE TOWN" Count [How many times a characters name is mentioned]:

1. Greenlee: 528 times (3)

2. Zach: 380 times (1)

3. Kendall: 252 times (1)

4. Richie: 231 times (4)

5. Jack: 182 times (8)

6. JR: 177 times (10)

7. Spike: 175 times (12)

8. Ryan: 123 times (4)

9. Babe: 89 times (8)

10. Adam: 67 times (16)

"MINUTES" for the month of November [this is out of 800-900 minutes in a month]...

1. Greenlee: 187 (3)

2. Kendall: 177 (1)

3. Zach: 155 (1)

4. Ryan: 134 (4)

5. Aidan: 118 (6)

6. Erica: 117 (10)

7. Jack: 104 (8)

8. Annie: 98 (7)

9. Richie: 97 (4)

10. JR: 96 (10)

I'll keep these two extra counts going for as long as I do the episode count. I'm not sure I can last all of 2008 because I really don't like B&E's writing and storylines. I'll finish 2007, though.

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"Where are Colby, Sean, and Dre? After the summer, they dropped off the planet.

And where in the hell is Del? Not that I truly care, but he hasn't been on in months, and he wasn't even at Thanksgiving with Opal or Tad or anyone? Let's drop his contract and use the money elsewhere! Ugh! "

Well said. WHile I find the band story and Dre completely uninteresting and a part of me applauds that newbies aren't shoved down our face, ummm WHERE is the story?? What was the point?

And I've been thinking that about Del for ages--I doubt he's one of the higher paid actors but come on...

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