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OLTL Discussion: Week of October 8th

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Again Yesterday My heart went out to Marcie

When Ron was talking about how much Mike loves her and he knows she loves Mike

You could See Marcie's eyes and facial expression just begin to melt.

Kathy has been so good and I feel so badly for Marcie,

Even Marcie knows it is wrong but she really does think she is doing what is best for Tommy. :(

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A little late to discuss here because I am just getting caught up, but DAMN! OLTL has been kicking!

Tuesday's episode was HOT. Between the musical performances (One Republic was awesome) and the verdict, the show was really delivering! OLTL has really kept my faith alive in soaps during this busy time, I can't wait to watch it and I feel so very satisfied after watching every episode. Balance has been good and everyone is awesome.

I'm so happy with the verdict, Todd deserved his child despite everything that the McBain's did. I love them too (though this is the most we've seen Michael and Marcie in ages), Kathy Brier has delivered another Emmy worthy performance since her anti-war SL in 03 (or so?). She has been awesome.

Todd has been harsh, but it's him and I am so happy that the show gave him custody.


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