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AMC: Daily Spoilers for Week of September 3rd

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From CDN TV Guide

Monday, September 3

Repeat of the July 26th episode

Tuesday, September 4

Annie sneaks out to meet her father while Ryan sleeps;

Greenlee keeps her fling with Aidan a secret;

Zach discovers the vitamins Dr. Hilliard gave Kendall for Spike.

Wednesday, September 5

Kendall admits to Zach that she is having Spike treated by Dr. Hilliard;

Erica exchanges harsh words with Greenlee;

Julia and Josh put their past behind them while watching over Ian.

Thursday, September 6

Colby confides in whom she believes to be Stuart, but is really Adam in disguise;

Amanda is shocked when JR's yacht gets repossessed.

Friday, September 7

Annie makes a painful confession to Ryan regarding her past;

Erica and Greenlee argue while dining with Jack;

Greenlee finds Annie's locket by the shore.

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AMAZING Episode....God Alicia Minshew killed it - def. her Emmy reel.

Ok, so I hate myself for coming into this thread bc I was doing so well with not spoiling myself this summer....anyway, glad to hear Julia is back and already having a Josh/Julia apology scene. That'll be nice.

Looking forward to the Annie stuff.

And finally Colby is back - she was missing for too long.

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