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High School Musical 2


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Disney's going to pay them for sure.

Disney made so much money off these kids already and a third movie is going to make them more money. So spread the wealth, Disney!

I liked the slow songs with Vanessa Hudgens (she's really beautiful!). Not really too big on the fast dancing songs.

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I love it too and I don't think anyone can dispute the fact that Hudgens can sing. That is her true calling IMO. She showed that in the first movie and the second.

However, her acting needs alot of work. She can't play anything but sweet and innocent and her range isn't up to par, much like many of the actors in the movie. Grabeel isn't bad but Tisdale...different league.

Disney will fork out the money and pay them. The first two were HUGE and this one will likely be too. Disney would be stupid not to cash in and do what it takes to make this happen.

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Yes, it was. It had like 17 millions viewers or something and broke at least 2 records.

There is no way they don't get this all done. This franchise has too much going for it. I think they even realize they can't wait long because, the longer they wait, the more likely it is that this thing fades and something new attracts the target audience. That is why they got HSM2 out quick and are trying to do the same with HSM3. They can't afford to let it fade and need to capitalize while the iron is hot.

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