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High School Musical 2


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The two little boys I babysit for are obsssed with the High School Musical so they had a little premerie party. LOL It was so cute. :)

As for the movie itself, I liked it. Was bored in parts, and thought the characters were a bit OCC from the last one, but over all I liked it.

Anyone else think that they used way to much tan in can on the kids? My god, Ashley Tisdale looked like she'd been bathing in carrot juice. Even Vanessa Hudgen looked a little orange. LOL

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I watched this because I got sucked into watching the first one and enjoyed it for what it was. This one, overall, was very good and much better in terms of story then the first one. It wasn't as cliche as the first one. This one focused more on Troy as a person and realistic problems coming from upcoming graduation and thinking of one's future. I thought the premise was well-done and the majority of the songs were fantastic and much better then the cheesy ones from the first movie.

Now, I did not like the fact that this came off as nothing but a Zac Efron pimp fest. His performance was very wooden and, most of the time, he came off like he was posing for posters rather then acting. Hudgens was horrible and was trying too hard. In the first movie, she just was so natural but I think her relationship with Efron in real life kind of forced her to push a bit. I was shocked that they reduced her role in the movie and I was also appalled by the lack of Monique Coleman. She was a breakout star too and got nothing. I heard some things were edited out, including two big scenes of hers, so that sucks. The movie was long enough so they may as well have kept those parts in.

The scene where Gabi appears during the song was nice but I would've like to see what made her change her mind and how she got the necklace back. The ending was too rushed and the most annoying part was Efron's solo that was nothing but a fangirl's dream.

The best part about the whole movie was Ashley Tisdale. She showed a little talent in the first one and she shows talent all the time on "The Suite Life" but this movie was her tour de force. She was BRILLIANT!! I couldn't stop watching her. Her comedic timing is great and she played the role so well. She would be great on a soap someday. She plays a great snob or bitch. I loved when she asked the drummer to play a beat while she walked out. That girl can sing, dance, and act and her version of Troy and Gabi's talent show song was hilarious. She has a bright future. I hated how they made it more about her then Hudgens. It was glaring but Tisdale blows everyone out of the water acting-wise and I think she will be the biggest thing to come out of all this. I also think Lucas Grabeel is a find and, along with Tisdale, they are the most natural and have the most potential and talent.

The kiss at the end was well-done and it was the first time I brought Troy and Gabi. The song that Troy and Gabi sang and that played during the kiss, the song they all sang at the talent show, and the group performance at the end were really good. I can't believe the stuff they pull off. That last dance number reminded me of the Flintstones movie where the men and women face off in a dance competition. Even the song reminded me of that. Well-done on the songs and scenes.

Overall, very good for what it is once again.

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I actually watched this and enjoyed it. Zac Efron is just ugh but everyone else was pretty good.

I just don't get why Gabriella was barely shown except for the big scenes. It seemed like the whole movie was about Troy and Sharpay, with Ryan and Chad as large supporting characters. :huh:

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I liked it but it was cheesy.

I also think Tisdale and Grabeel, to a lesser extent, do a better job of selling the songs. That reminds me...why the hell did they have to alter so many of the actor's voices in the songs? At times, I couldn't even make out who was singing and it ruined a song in some instances.

"Everday" and "All For One" were well-done (with the exception of the voice altering early on in "All For One") and made the movie, along with Tisdale, for me.

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