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Which Actors/Character should leave?

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This is mostly about Days Of Our lives, who i think sucks right know, many people would like to have favorites like Vivian Alamain, Jan Spears, Kristen Blake and others back, but if more newcomers or ore oldtimers who has appeared on the show before can come, some characters needs to be written out, and these are the ones i think should be written out from the show!

Jeremy Horton- BORING

Stephanie Johnson- Not Needed

Jett Carver- BORING

Billie Reed- Will never get a story again probaly.

Kate Roberts- The show needs a bitch who is on, Kate is never on!!!!!!!

Marlena Evans Black- The most overrated character ever, a boring lovesick so called nice woman, Marlena should leave Salem, or go recurring,!!!!!!!

John Black- Not needed anymore either, go recurring maybe.

Lexie Carver- She has just returned, but she is never on, she has no storyline, and if she is just going to be nice Lexie, she should leave also, or go recurring maybe!

Phillip Kiriakis- Not Needed at all.

Who agrees????????!!!!!!!...........

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Jeff Branson(Jonathan Lavery)---never cared much for him!

Leven Rambin's Ava Benton----too much Leven IMHO and she's not that much different than Lily in a lot of ways.

Melissa Claire Egan(Annie McDermott Lavery)-----never cared for her at all.

Charles Parnell(Derek Frye)----bring back the real Derek Bill Christian

Sabine Singh(Greenlee)----she's doing ok, but give Rebecca Budig a deal she can't refuse to bring back the real Greens.


Dr. Rolf

Trevor Donavan(Jeremy), so far imho badly miscast and needs to go

Lauren Koslow(Kate), this former love to hate bitch has become so one-note that I think it'd be best to axe her for good

Blake Berris(Nick Fallon)-----I've had enough of this geek, let's snd Nick back to where he came.


Sebastian Roche(Jerry Jacks)----this story is too contrived, either axe Jerry or come up with a good redemption, which I don't think is possible

Megan Ward(Kate)-----so one-note most of the time, not a good love interest for Sonny IMHO. Maybe try a re-cast or just axe her and her assistant altogether. Sonny's better with Amelia or maybe Skye.

Kelly Monaco(Sam McCall)-----the character imho has been ruined so axe her. Maybe keep Monaco and bring on her PC character Livie Locke.


Forbes March(Nash Brennan)----I cannot stand this pycho who only cares for himself imho.

David Chisum(Miles Laurence)----once promising, his storyline's been ruined so axe him.

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Guiding Light

Bradley Cole (Jeffrey O'Neil)-I have never, never, despised soap character as much as I have Mr. O'Neil. Mr. Know it all, the oh so powerful, all knowing, all seeing Jeffrey, the man with many sides to him, the mysterious, yet sexy....oh my gawd give me a break. The character is a waste of time. They've paired him up with a gazillion established characters since his introduction in 2003, and I have yet to like him. In a way he tarnishes the characters they pair him up with. They try to write him as hero, an intriguing man, yet I perceive him to be a pampas self righteous bastard who worms his way into everyone’s business. "Oooh I see Reva with a shifty looking Cedar's employee, gotta investigate." and then to have him all of sudden figure out that Jonathan is alive is a joke. It insinuated that Jeffrey was the smartest human being in Springfield, and no one else in Springfield is smart enough to figure it out.

Don't get me started on the botched Olivia rape storyline which the ground work had been laid out since Claire Labine helmed the show in 2000. They decide to give Olivia a past, and finally unearth the story that's been waiting to be told for years. When they do, they make Jeffrey her rapist. Oh but wait folks, its Jeffrey O'Neil, we can't taint him with such a crime. We'll now call it a one night stand that produced a child (a child that would grow up to be the most annoying character on the show) and put all the blame on Olivia for thinking that she had been raped all those years. Then the show continues to put the blame on Olivia who wants to get back at this bastard. Unbelievable. He also raped Cassie by posing as her husband, but we have yet to see the fall out from that, the fall out it deserves. So Jeffrey gets off scotch free. He's no better than the cartoonish Alan Spaulding.

I never thought I'd see the day when Reva Shayne beds "The Sasquatch of Springfield". Seriously BC needs to do something about all that hair.


Michelle Ray Smith (Ava Paralta)-I don't believe they should have ever made Ava Olivia's daughter. She's nothing like her! Ok..not only because of that. If they made a character Olivia's daughter who didn't turn out to be like her, but different, the conflicts would have made it for a very entertaining story. However it was far from enjoyable seeing Ava, a character I have come to hate, be revealed to be Olivia's long lost daughter. I simply find the actress a bit lackluster. Much of the scenes that deserve the actress to step up, she fails to put any effort in. The character herself is quite dull.

There are quite a few others, like the guy that plays Remy and that kid that plays Rafe, but MRS and BC are my two top contenders who I'd like to see leave the show.

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Brad Snyder (Austin Peck)- While I like the actor, the character of Brad really isn't needed. If they wanted another Snyder, why not Seth or Caleb?

Katie Peretti (Terri Colombino) - Nothing against this actress, who I think is great, but the character has really has to go!


Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) - I never could warm up this character. She has no story what so ever, no that the fashion house story lines are over.

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Amc: babe, jamie, jeff(or is he gone?), jack, derek, olivia, ryan, annie, jonathan, babs(unless they give her character a real storyline), di, aiden, del, julia, and kwak.

oltl: PAIGE(omg, I haven't watched this show in months and I was shocked as hell that she was still there.lol), miles, antonio, cristian, john, natalie, and jessica(bring back tess).

gh: Emily

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Gonna pick some peopel from the shows I watch the most.


Trevor Donavan (Jeremy). Well the actor needs to go for obvious reasons. A re-cast should work out fine though.

Lauren Koslow. Nothing against Lauren but I'm sorry but Kate is just a repeat button.


Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan). Never got why this character is around.


Since Elena Goode is already leaving there's only one character I can't stand... Marnie Schulenburg (Alison).

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I second GL's Jeffrey O'Neill. I've wanted that albatross gone since 2003. Perhaps we should emulate Y&R and kill him in a trash compactor? Maybe even make a statement about Bradley Cole's acting (in)ability and throw him in a wood chipper?

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From THE GUIDING LIGHT, I'd axe the following contract and recurring characters:

Cyrus Foley

Rafe Rivera

Marina Cooper

Jeffrey O'Neill

Daisy Lemay

Cassie Layne Winslow

Natalia Rivera

Remy Boudreau

Ava Peralta

Ashlee Wolfe

Reva Shayne

Dr. Felicia Boudreau

Doris Wolfe

Dylan Lewis

Leah Bauer

R.J. Winslow

Dr. Charles Grant

Dr. Mel Boudreau

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