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  1. Definetly hilarious I was a tad bit disappointed but there were parts I really enjoyed-Alex and Izze's moment during the MRI, Meredith and Derek watching the married couple towards the end, Meredith cleaning Derek's wound and Christina and the military guy(Kevin ) Looking forward to the next episode and tick off I have to wait 2 weeks for it. LOL
  2. Courage Is by The Strange Familiar
  3. Mamma Mia-Abba (Can't wait to see the movie!!)
  4. Awww Sunset Beach! My 1st soap love! LOVED it. The scene where the cast is all together, towards the end of the series finale *sob*
  5. Bailey was awesome last night...love her with the Andrew(cement guy) and then the scene with Izzy. She was awesome this entire season.Chandra Wilson definetly needs to get an Emmy nomination!! Really loved the Meredith & Derek and Alex & Izzy kisses
  6. Lastest movie I saw in the theater: Definetly, Maybe Been listening to a lot of songs from movies-lastest one being Baby Don't You Cry from Waitress; sure it's a song about making pies but it's really sweet and fits the theme of the movie
  7. I enjoyed it. My favorite scene was when Alex, Izzie, Christina and Meredith told the interns to leave
  8. Just saw Hairspray. Loved it!
  9. ^Yes...2 shots in particular during that scene were really graphic. But other then that, I really loved the movie.
  10. Saw Knocked Up yesterday...so funny!!!! So so so funny!
  11. Shrek 3 More for adults then children but I loved it
  12. I was disappointed. The only highlight for was Meredith and Christina's last scene and also the Bailey/George scene
  13. Dreamgirls Loved it! Jennifer Hudson stole the whole movie and her singing voice...wow!
  14. Little Miss Sunshine-really enjoyed it! Abigal Breslin really is the screen stealer in this movie! ETA: Also saw The Holiday yesterday...love Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet so of course I loved it! Jude Law was also really good in this film. Loved the ending!
  15. Angela rocks! That is all! LOL

  16. Adam! Totally have missed you around the board

  17. In honor of guest character Frank, who spoke in 3rd place...this post will be presented in 3rd person Laurie totally loved last night's episode. Laurie laughed out loud when Izzie felt Frank's man boob and then Alex's man boob. Laurie got a little teary when Miranda sung at the end. Laurie felt bad for George. Laurie liked the scene with Meredith and Derek in the beginning. Laurie can't wait for next week's episode
  18. Last nite's episode was pretty good The parents who lost their baby:( Like the Callie/Addison scene at the end The guys were great Loved the end with Meredith and Derek...I'm such a Merek fangurl. LOL
  19. It was new and it was pretty good. Loved George pretending to be Christina...'McDreamy was doing the McNasty with McHottie....that McBastard.' George I'm loving Addison and Alex a lot more this season. Enjoyed their scenes I love Meredith & Derek but I'm getting tired of this merry-go-round...I really hope Meredith doesn't hook up with McSteamy Really hope they don't go there
  20. I loved Alex in yesterday's show...loved how he was with the little girl and I loved how he gave Izzie his coat and was there for her. I also loved the end scene with Meredith, Izzie and George all just chilling
  21. Failure to Lauch The supporting cast bought the biggest laughs imo
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