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GH: SOD Summer Previews

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"It's a summer of love-and other stuff," chuckles Guza.

Liz's Baby: "An incident will occur that will force the issue of the baby's paternity and our secret-keepers will flirt with idea of giving it up. At least one more person finds out and it will be given up to another portion of the canvas with major repercussions . Amelia, Sonny, and Carly will all fold into this. This is as big a story as there is this summer."

Plus! "Patrick and Robin get even closer and will be facing a scary new plateau. Noah is going to make his biggest run since he got here, and Patrick and Robin have to deal with their parents with the return of Robin's mom, Anna."..."Regarding her cancer, Alexis is coming to the first light in the tunnel since she was diagnosed. She's going toe-to-toe with Ric over custody of Molly and to her mortification, she's attracted to a charming sociopath [Jerry]."...Nikolas and Emily "are free to pursue the fairy tale and pursue it they will."..."Like takes matters into his own hands and there's a secret that's been percolating that will be revealed."

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Go Alexis. I hope Jerry makes Ric disappear. It's sad that I'll take a terrorist over Ric who is a psycho himself. But without any charm.

Carly & Sonny need to just stay out of the baby saga but I'm sure the Queen bitch will make it about herself.

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