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I liked it generally. I'm kind of fan of Damien Lewis so it was great to see him again. Something about the tone of the show made me think it might have a little identity crisis, it can be sort of more trendy and esoteric but it has a straightforward element to it also ... it might all fit together well overall though. I think it's trying to channel House, but instead of the hospital procedural it's riffing on the cop procedural ... I just hope they don't try and coast on a niche that's already being sufficiently filled (though House doesn't really have the equivalent of Crews' mission to prove his innocence). Anyway I don't check out the entire new fall line-up every year so I can't comment how it rates among other premieres, I just tuned in for the actor really. I wasn't absolutely blown away but I was thoroughly entertained, especially when he pulled over his ex-wife's new husband for no reason. I like the sense of humor, and I like the fact that he knows nothing about popular culture of the last however-long-he's-been-in-jail. It's an interesting premise, but the trick is always if a show can deliver on the premise over time. Crews had some interesting character interactions, his former drug-addicted superior, his old partner who sold him out when he was arrested, his attractive likeable lawyer, the uhh random blond chick, etc. I'll be tuning in next week.

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