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Days:CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 5/7

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Philip takes Claire from Belle; Adrienne tells Steve he's wearing a wire; Sami tries to tell Lucas the truth.


Sami worries about lying to Lucas before their wedding; EJ pays off two hoodlums to do his dirty work.


Sami is surprised when EJ doesn't ruin Lucas and Sami's wedding; Chelsea puts Stephanie in a dangerous situation.


Sami confesses to Lucas that she slept with EJ; Roman confronts EJ about Steve's abduction; Nick visits with Stephanie, who suffers a concussion.


Philip is discovered hiding in a cave with Claire; Nick professes his love for Chelsea, with Willow eavesdropping nearby.

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Why is Hogan making Chelsea devious again? That isn't good.

I'll just be glad to get this wedding over. It's been such a farce.

Sounds like Adrienne may work some sense into that storyline.

I'm in the air about the Philip one. I've read conflicting stories on this so will just wait and see it play out. I hope Philip takes Claire but desides he was wrong to try to take her from Belle and gives her back of his own accord.

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You've got to be kidding me!

Monday through Thursday sounds watchable, and then Friday it takes a complete nosedive.

PLEASE KILL PHILLIP. I'm over him! The character sucks, Jay Johnson sucks... I'm over the whole story.

Nick professes his love for Chelsea on Friday? Um, haven't they already done this?

Doesn't sound like anything interesting happens with Willow on her final episode, which I believe is next Friday. Eavesdropping on Nick and Chelsea? I don't even kn.... ZZZZZZ. Sorry, fell asleep.

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Next week sounds great! :D

Sami's wedding sounds like a zinger. I can't wait to see that.

I love the fact that Philip is finally the one getting Claire. It serves Belle and Shawn right. They don't deserve that poor little girl.

Willow's last day is June 4th I believe. It's going to be a day of mourning. :(

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