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DAYS: If I wrote the show...

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...here's what I'd do. This is my cast list (actor changes where noted)...


1. Marlena Evans

2. John Black

3. Hope

4. Bo

5. Kayla

6. Patch

7. Sami

8. Lucas

9. Carrie

10. Austin (Patrick Muldoon)

11. Abby

12. Max

13. Chelsea

14. Nick

15. Kate

16. EJ

17. Philip

18. Mimi (Farah Fath)

19. Maggie

20. Stephanie (possible recast)

21. Andrew Donovan (son of Kim Brady)

22. Jeannie (daughter of Kim Brady)

23. Billie

24. Stefano

25. Alice


Will Roberts

Mickey Horton

Victor Kiriakis

Celeste Perrault

Roman Brady (Wayne Northrop)

Abe Carver

Grampa Shawn Brady

Caroline Brady

Julie Williams

Doug Williams

Laura Horton

Bill Horton (new actor)


Jan Spears

Kimberly Brady

Shane Donovan

Jack Deveraux

Jennifer Deveraux

Lexie Carver

Thomas Edward "Tek" Kramer

Hattie Adams

Vivian Alamain

Ivan Marais

Bonnie Lockhart (Lynn Herring)

Connor Lockhart

Adrienne Kiriakis

Justin Kiriakis

Alan Harris

Frankie Brady

Eve Donovan

Lawrence Alamain

Carly Manning Alamain

To begin with, I'd send Shawn and Belle on a trip around the world with baby Claire like when Bo and Hope left with baby Shawn. Willow and Jed would soon follow.

Stephanie returns and gets involved with Philip, who's now taking a more involved role with Titan. Philip's also a single dad, raising his baby with Mimi. Mimi returns and gets involved with her child, and is drawn to Philip, beginning a triangle between Stephanie, Philip, and Mimi. Bonnie Lockhart also returns, but recast, in order for the fans to be able to accept Judi Evans as Adrienne.

Roman is kidnapped by EJ and Stefano and given plastic surgery to resemble Alex North, who is later revealed to be a fictious creation of Stefano's to drive a wedge between John and Marlena so Stefano could manipulate Marlena into loving him. Roman gets involved with Hattie, played by Andrea Hall-Gengler, and Marlena investigates her lost years on Stefano's island. John discovers his father is Shawn Brady!

An intense love circle begins, involving Maggie, a barely-seen Mickey Horton (played by semi-retired John Clarke), Laura Horton, Bill Horton, Kate, Victor, Caroline, and Shawn. Bill and Laura are back, having let Mike take over Bill's African clinic (the Middle East was getting too dangerous for Mike). Kate and Victor's lives are thrown for a loop when Vivian and Ivan return, claiming Philip is their son because Laura switched petri dishes containing Vivian and Kate's eggs.

Austin and Carrie return. Carrie and Sami are still at war, but soon they find themselves being stalked by Alan Harris. Lucas and Austin must put their differences aside to save the day. Meanwhile, Billie is chasing EJ, who's not only interested in Stephanie, but wants to break up Carrie and Austin's marriage as well. Will Sami allow EJ to come between Carrie and Austin out of resentment towards her big sister?

Bo and Hope, and Patch and Kayla are traumatized when Hope and Patch recall being romantically involved when they were being held by Stefano, when she was Gina and he was Nick. Carly and Lawrence Alamain return to Salem on business. Lawrence and Patch get in a fight when Lawrence reveals he faked Patch's death to hand him over to Stefano. Meanwhile, when EJ releases a subconscious trigger that causes Patch and Hope to kiss, Bo kisses Carly. Reeling from this betrayal, Lawrence decides to hurt both Bo and Patch by forcing himself on Kayla, but she is saved by Jack and Jennifer, who have returned to visit Abby.

Andrew and Jeannie Donovan return to Salem with Kimberly Brady, and Andrew sets his sights on sweet Abby. Jeannie likes Nick and comes to blows with her cousin Chelsea when she makes a move. Meanwhile, Shane Donovan also returns and slowly reunites with Kim. When Chelsea is raped while Jack and Jennifer are back for a visit, Jennifer confides in Abby how she was raped by Lawrence Alamain. Jack admits to Abby that he raped her aunt Kayla. Abby is furious with her father, and her friendship with Stephanie becomes strained when Jack, Jennifer, Abby, Stephanie, Patch, and Kayla must cope with the fall-out from their troubled past. Chelsea learns her rapist was the psychotic Alan Harris, who used a strap-on (Sami shot him in the crotch after he raped her).

What do you think...should I blog this?

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I'd be happy to never hear of Carrie and Austin again ever. Also, more Horton's less Brady's and no Donovans. I like the cast right now just would love to have Mickey and get rid of Max. Also, it would be good to have Jeremy Horton arrive sans Mike (due to I'm angry with him for ruining Carrie). I hope to have Jack back sans Jen and for Jen to have gone to Frankie and so Billie and Jack can just have a lot of platonic fun together and maybe someday get closer. EJ needs a real equal to play opposite, so a new character for that or develop Willow into one which means she has to have a better background story than related thus far.

I love the idea of sending Belle, Shawn and Claire off on a world tour similar to Bo and Hope with baby Shawn, but with Claire being on anti-rejection drugs, that wouldn't make folks feel good. Maybe they's just find out that Switzerland is a wonderful place for Claire to grow up and leave until she is a teen.

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It's my favorite show of all time. Just don't know what to say about it anymore. I am watching it again, if that means anything to you. Very upset about the "ending in 2009" comment and not seeing anything right now that attempts to change that.

I made a New Years resolution to my friends that I would not talk about DAYS. at all. this. year. Guess I broke that resolution.

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Jan doesn't always have to be one note Rion....if she was handled right, she could be made into a very complex character. All characters that seem they may never stop being such a one-note character can be built into something very great.

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I REALLY like Abby and Jack getting into the fact that he raped Kayla. That is a gem of a storyline. I pretty much liked it. Nothing new I might add. I heard a lot of these ideas and simliar ones of my own. To me it would just another Blog. There are like what at least 3 to as many 5 as it now. Try something new. Like The Edge of Night. I would mos def read that. Or make a whole new blog of your own. Be orginal

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yea..thas another thing i meant to metion. I am sick of the Bradys. This family is like roaches. They always appear and hard to get rid of them. BRING BACK THE HORTONS> they laid the foundation to this show. Any writer with common sense would respect fans by mining the history of any one show. As far as Carrie and Austin.. BOO I am so sick of them they are tired. DO YOU HEAR ME they are DUSTED AND DIGUSTED

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