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  1. 5 or 6 Letter Acronyms

    EMITS Erections make intimate times sexy ERECT
  2. The Cocktail Lounge

    Do you take vitamins daily? Regular exercise? Balanced meals low in sodium, additives and trans/saturated fats? You may be just venting, but immune systems need tender, loving care (much like the care you give your throat every weekend).
  3. The Cocktail Lounge

    Progress update: I'm at 166 pounds! I have revised my goals, and it is to hit 170 by the end of June.
  4. The Cocktail Lounge

    I'm 23 right now and I guess it's pretty blah....but I did graduate and get my first job. We'll see how 24 goes starting this July....
  5. The Cocktail Lounge

    Screw PM!!! Kenny, I think you are a pompous blowhard. You are smelly, too. And according to that EJ/Sami thread in DTS, you also love rape and want to marry rape, which I think is sick!! Did I mention you're a smelly poo-poo pants? Maybe I did. Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yeah....stay out of my booze!!! *hick*
  6. The Cocktail Lounge

    I thought the same thing, Kennylicious def-... Kennylicious def-... Kennylicious def-def-def-def-def... Kennylicious definition, make the boys go loco; they want your treasures so they get their pleasures from your photo. I can't stop saying it each time I see your name!!
  7. The Cocktail Lounge

    I'm going to a put a gazillion people on "ignore" in order to kep posters who bug me from getting me suspended again. Whee!! Also, I finally have biceps that, after a weeklong break from the gym, still look like I just worked out. And hey, it only took four months.
  8. I'm usually so on the bandwagon of cool, new shows, but I just don't get Heroes. I have tried to get into it a few times during the season, but I couldn't. Oh well...
  9. The Cocktail Lounge

    King!! Knubia? KBT.
  10. The Cocktail Lounge

    Oh gosh, I know what you mean about slacking, but I have made a non-slack vow to myself. Since I started university, I have been on-again/off-again at the gym, and during the periods when I'm off and lose many of my gains, I always mope around and hit myself and say, "If I had kept at it, I would be ripped right now!" And I've done that at least three times. But this time is different. I have a full-time job at a large corporation with an on-site gym. Routine is very, very key to do well, so I have that, and followed closely behind that is convenience. Just doing it until it hurts (good hurt, not Holyfuckingshitithurts! hurt), and then doing it a little more.
  11. The Cocktail Lounge

    Gotta love picking up a bouncer. (One of my most memorable encounters was with a bouncer/fireman-in-training, BTW.) Good luck.
  12. The Cocktail Lounge

    Back in early March, I weighed around 150 pounds (I'm 6'1''). Since I began weight training (and a major diet adjustment two weeks ago), I'm at 161 pounds — and rising! My goal is to be at 170 by August for Montreal Pride!!
  13. The Cocktail Lounge

    I'm afraid I couldn't hold my cyber tongue this morning.