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  1. EMITS Erections make intimate times sexy ERECT
  2. I'm usually so on the bandwagon of cool, new shows, but I just don't get Heroes. I have tried to get into it a few times during the season, but I couldn't. Oh well...
  3. Volver. If you love lots of female characters, and loooove plot-based narratives with lots of insane twists and turns, then this is for you. Penelope Cruz is great, but I think it is her chest that carries the movie. Notes on a Scandal. Judi Dench and Cate Blanchette were amazing and the Phillip Glass score was pitch-perfect. I recommend it to anyone interested in a little British class snobbery, family drama and intrigue.
  4. Little Miss Sunshine: fun, but I doubt they could ever land the Oscar. Rome: Season 1: not a movie, but it has the budget of one. Excellent. I recommend it.
  5. Pan's Labyrinth. I enjoyed the movie visually, but I was hard-pressed to find the point in it all. I'm still thinking about it a week or so later.
  6. Opposite opinion. I don't recommend it for the squeamish, but it is very very well made. If you can't get past the violence then maybe you wouldn't like it, but the world is a very violence place right now (Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Darfur, suicide bombings). Stuff like this is happening around the world. It was emotional, touching and at points really quite funny. The best film I've seen all year (meaning within 365 days, not just the last 7). Get invested in the storyline because it will take you for one heck of a ride.
  7. Andre

    You are one of my favest posters on SON. Just wanted to drop you a line and use this neato feature. :)

  8. Showgirls. I forgot how much I love this long, campy movie. It is so trashy. To quote Oprah, "Looooooooove it!!"
  9. Munich Mommie Dearest Good Night, and Good Luck
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