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  1. EMITS Erections make intimate times sexy ERECT
  2. Do you take vitamins daily? Regular exercise? Balanced meals low in sodium, additives and trans/saturated fats? You may be just venting, but immune systems need tender, loving care (much like the care you give your throat every weekend).
  3. Progress update: I'm at 166 pounds! I have revised my goals, and it is to hit 170 by the end of June.
  4. I'm 23 right now and I guess it's pretty blah....but I did graduate and get my first job. We'll see how 24 goes starting this July....
  5. Screw PM!!! Kenny, I think you are a pompous blowhard. You are smelly, too. And according to that EJ/Sami thread in DTS, you also love rape and want to marry rape, which I think is sick!! Did I mention you're a smelly poo-poo pants? Maybe I did. Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yeah....stay out of my booze!!! *hick*
  6. I thought the same thing, Kennylicious def-... Kennylicious def-... Kennylicious def-def-def-def-def... Kennylicious definition, make the boys go loco; they want your treasures so they get their pleasures from your photo. I can't stop saying it each time I see your name!!
  7. I'm going to a put a gazillion people on "ignore" in order to kep posters who bug me from getting me suspended again. Whee!! Also, I finally have biceps that, after a weeklong break from the gym, still look like I just worked out. And hey, it only took four months.
  8. I'm usually so on the bandwagon of cool, new shows, but I just don't get Heroes. I have tried to get into it a few times during the season, but I couldn't. Oh well...
  9. Oh gosh, I know what you mean about slacking, but I have made a non-slack vow to myself. Since I started university, I have been on-again/off-again at the gym, and during the periods when I'm off and lose many of my gains, I always mope around and hit myself and say, "If I had kept at it, I would be ripped right now!" And I've done that at least three times. But this time is different. I have a full-time job at a large corporation with an on-site gym. Routine is very, very key to do well, so I have that, and followed closely behind that is convenience. Just doing it until it hurts (good hurt, not Holyfuckingshitithurts! hurt), and then doing it a little more.
  10. Gotta love picking up a bouncer. (One of my most memorable encounters was with a bouncer/fireman-in-training, BTW.) Good luck.
  11. Back in early March, I weighed around 150 pounds (I'm 6'1''). Since I began weight training (and a major diet adjustment two weeks ago), I'm at 161 pounds — and rising! My goal is to be at 170 by August for Montreal Pride!!
  12. I'm afraid I couldn't hold my cyber tongue this morning.
  13. After a year of working full time since last June and barely getting by most of the time, the government finally repaid me all the taxes I paid that I didn't need to on account that I wasn't making enough $$$. So today I got paid $2,000+ clams! These are Canadian clams, but with the U.S. dollar and economy the way it is, the exchange rate is pretty good. I have to keep telling myself this isn't free money and to not just spend it on clothes.
  14. Hmm... was it preceeded by an eerie feeling of not paying the bills, followed by an eerie call from eerie creditors? I joke, I joke...
  15. CSW, I guess it's a Canadian thing to be surprised about the drug tests. I have never heard of such a thing being expected here in Ontario.
  16. I was just thinking about you and the bad feeling I had about your four-day weekend. Sorry about that news. Job hunting bites, I know, but keep your spirits up!
  17. Volver. If you love lots of female characters, and loooove plot-based narratives with lots of insane twists and turns, then this is for you. Penelope Cruz is great, but I think it is her chest that carries the movie. Notes on a Scandal. Judi Dench and Cate Blanchette were amazing and the Phillip Glass score was pitch-perfect. I recommend it to anyone interested in a little British class snobbery, family drama and intrigue.
  18. Little Miss Sunshine: fun, but I doubt they could ever land the Oscar. Rome: Season 1: not a movie, but it has the budget of one. Excellent. I recommend it.
  19. Pan's Labyrinth. I enjoyed the movie visually, but I was hard-pressed to find the point in it all. I'm still thinking about it a week or so later.
  20. Opposite opinion. I don't recommend it for the squeamish, but it is very very well made. If you can't get past the violence then maybe you wouldn't like it, but the world is a very violence place right now (Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Darfur, suicide bombings). Stuff like this is happening around the world. It was emotional, touching and at points really quite funny. The best film I've seen all year (meaning within 365 days, not just the last 7). Get invested in the storyline because it will take you for one heck of a ride.
  21. Andre

    You are one of my favest posters on SON. Just wanted to drop you a line and use this neato feature. :)

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