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ATWT: SOW Spoilers

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The Plot Thickens for ATWT'S MADDIE

Maddie and Gwen are in a "grave"situation this week on ATWT, when they cover up Adam's presumed death. "It's Maddie's boyfriend's brother and Gwen husband's brother, so they're thinking, "Oh, crap. We just killed our brother-in-law!" gasps Alexandra Chando (Maddie). "They're panicking. They don't want it to get out. It's Maddie's idea not to go to the police." So Maddie ghostwrites an e-mail from Adam's account to explain his whereabouts. "Maddie is all about hacking into computers, says Chando. "She just figures she'll take the extra step. The Email is a good idea. It'll settle people's minds a little and give Maddie and Gwen more time to figure out what they're going to do."

Except Jade doesn't fall for it, "Maddie is an idiot and didn't send an email to her," sighs Chando. "Jades suspicious, but Maddie covers. She is a good liar and she's quick. Her brother is Henry after all." Maddie has to think really quickly, through, when a body is discovered in the woods. "Maddie and Gwen are at Margos house when she finds out," previews Chando. "They freak."

Imagine their horror if Adam turns out to not really be dead.

Sneak Peeks

Week of 19th

Craig gives nurse Meg a little TLC.

Emily goes to the john.

Barbara blasts Casey

Paul rescues Parker and Faith again.

Can't miss- Katie's show goes to the dogs, thanks to Brad.

Week of the 26th

Vienna and Henry snuggle up

Lily is crushed by Faith's accusations.

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