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SOD new cover/stories

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From a Days Fan view:

Banner: Edge of Your Seats Plot Twists

Lower third, John and Marlena picture

Small banner: DAYS: John's shocking new story! "It crosses the line."

Inside features: Recovery Room: John and Marlena reconnect in a shocking way. Stepanie axed.

(NOTE: Looks like GH is hot right now. I may have to start watching it, too.)

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Jean, GH is very hot right now. Even the mob stories are tolerable. The only fault I have with the show at all is the revisit of Carly & Sonny. I am hoping it is temporary, but at least Maurice & Laura have acted it okay.

I was sure hoping when I opened this there was going to be something about what is going on at ABC. There is something in the works. All 3 shows are suddenly better.

AMC is returning to it's roots of love and friendship and even a little bit to family. They still need to work on the vet situation but they have at least given Erica/Jeff/Jack a triangle now. They are showing the Chandler family as a unit. Putting Tad & Dixie back together and making them deal with what is wrong. They have the S/K story but it is more focused on the couples and esp. using it to finally cement Zach & Kendall as a couple. He is finally opening up to her. And the Zarf story which I knew I was going to hate is being very well done. And man can the guy they hired act. I know that the story is in many ways a cop out for AMC not giving Bianca a real woman to kiss, but if AMC continues telling the story as it is now they are putting a lock on the Emmys in 2008. The acting and writing have been fabulous. The scenes of the last 2 days between Bianca and Zarf will surely be on both performers Emmy reels.

OLTL is firing all the characters that fans have hated - all of a sudden too. They are bringing back Lindsey and have given one vet a 4 year contract all of a sudden. Other old loved characters are suddenly showing back up. We haven't seen many of the recurring little characters since 2005 at least if not before that and suddenly they are on all in one week. And they are featuring a triangle for it's oldest characters: Vicki/Clint/Dorian which the fans have been asking for for a long time.

GH has just been doing so much better. They have finally learned to use their little stunts to further a story and not just as an isolated point. They used Laura to spurn the mystery into who really killed Rick Webber. I hated the story but now at least it is being explored as it should have all along.

Anyway I say all that to say that I was sure hoping that at least one of the mags would do a story on it - at least to pose the question of what is going on. As far as we know right now Dena Higley is still at OLTL and MMT is still at AMC - but it sure doesn't feel like it. I think Guza is still at GH, but I just get the feeling that soon we will read Higley and MMT are gone.

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    • Totally agree with this.  I don’t know why people were excited about this Zeke guy coming back.  He was just going to be thrown at Jordan.  That’s such a waste.
    • Well, the whole Doug Cummings story was a bit of a reference to the Willows...(gothic, dead wife, crazy assistant, Dream's End vs. Willows.)  While I am glad he came over to ATWT, I would have loved what he could do with GL at the time.  Bea Reardon was still on the canvas but not used, so he could have brought Lisa Brown back as Nola...(though getting past the Quolas would have been hard as she should have come back alone..) and built the Reardon's back up..He would have loved writing for Alex, and maybe brought Mike back to rebuild the Bauers and also he would be on the spot to write Bert's death. He could have reignited Vanessa and woken her up from her "I'm a Lewis," coma and  I do wonder what he would have done with Reva?
    • Of all the triangles Rauch and Co. were into...I can't believe they never revisited Harley and Jarsh. Well, I know its because they have to have two women fighting over one man and one woman is evil, but would have been cool to have a no villain triangle...(and saved us from Gush...) And it would have driven the Java nuts and Pharley nuts crazy!!!
    • Totally agree. AL isn’t suited to Summer written this way (which is, truthfully, in character). HK wasn’t credible in the boss-bitch moments, which AL plays more easily.
    • Welcome back, Tripp 

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      I’m glad Tripp is back in Salem and I like that he’s planning on being more assertive. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt again. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in the Soap Universe are gonna be mad about his lines today Hopefully, we get some scenes of Johnny/Tripp and Wendy/Chanel. There haven’t been that many lately and this storyline definitely needs them. I think weaving Talia into it would be a good idea as well. She needs a new man now that the Colin storyline is over.  Rafe is still dumb. There really are no security cameras at that hospital that could have shown that Colin didn’t take Abe?? Speaking of Abe, his storyline is total ff material. James Reynolds deserves so much better than this. 
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