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  1. They are coming for Ryan Seacrest two weeks ahead of the American Idol premiere.
  2. Mal at least seems to be not listening, as her profile has only grown recently. Still, compared to Babe/Gigi/Hope, Hilary’s actual story feels thin (they all had prominent love triangles) in spite of her episode count. The cynic in me wonders if they are stalling to see if they can integrate Neil back into the mix when/if KSJ returns, which would be batsh!t insane.
  3. She’s getting Alexa Havins/Farah Fath/Kim Matula- type airtime. My worry is that she’ll shoulder the blame for the ratings declines instead of, say, AH, who is even more ubiquitous.
  4. I saw that Kimbrough is 81 and is not well enough for a full-time return, but they are working on one-off appearances.
  5. As much as Hilary is placed in an unflattering Light compared to Mariah, they sure as hell play Mishael a lot more than Camryn. Not many characters on this show get extended dream sequences with multiple day players and sets.
  6. TC/Stefan is a very, very attractive man with a great body (especially at 45), but it was sort of funny to see him sucking in his stomach during his shirtless scenes. You can tell he’s self-conscious about being trotted out as eye candy.
  7. What a tangled mess they’ve made of the familial relationships on this show. It’s no wonder they try to downplay those connections.
  8. Marlo “You better Google me and check my charges!” Hampton handled herself relatively well when things escalated but yeah she’s a drunken mess.
  9. Courtney Thorne Smith, you in danger, girl! What an unflattering photo of Jamie given the nature of the allegations. TMZ is so gross.
  10. Oh ok yeah. Lol! But to get into a physical incident with someone as non confrontational as Cynthia (!) just shows how deranged she is.
  11. Finally some good ratings news from this year’s Games. Last night’s closing ceremony was up from Sochi. http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/2018-winter-olympics-closing-ceremony-ratings-1202710262/
  12. It appears Heather Locklear pulled a Countess Luann and got herself arrested for domestic violence and kicking three police officers. So sad. http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/heather-locklear-arrested-domestic-violence-1202710272/
  13. Whoa, she got a stiletto to the box first, which I forgot.
  14. As someone who needs at least 7 hours of sleep to be semi-functional, I don’t know how he does it. You don’t even really have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Dude is running from some deep mental trauma. But I digress... I think the Megyn trouble has probably bought DAYS a few more years, but they really should be announcing that renewal soon.
  15. You just know they’d have him all up on Kate. She’s the only person in that age range they consistently write for. As for Val: it’s like when OLTL hired HBS as Hank’s ex. They didn’t hire a big ‘80s soap sensation to be “wasted” on Nathan Purdee. Of course, they were going to pair her with Bob Woods.
  16. Robert Newman would be fantastic. I just know that they’d end up pairing him with Kate and Valerie would be totally forgotten. It’s just one of those things...
  17. I’m assuming you mean Seacrest when the Idol reboot tanks and he’s no longer indentured to ABC? Couric would be good, if she’s up for it. They could just put Sheinelle Jones and Al Roker back in place, which was working just fine, or, gasp, beg Tamron Hall to return (although they may have burned their bridges, but a sweet paycheck could soothe all of that). Mary Carillo would be fun.
  18. I mean, she couldn’t talk when she stuck her finger in Cynthia’s face on the boat and got karate-kicked in the gut. She’s been a hypocrite for years now.
  19. He was smokin’ hot as Jed Sanders on Y&R opposite Jess Walton’s Jill. They had an intense sex scene that I’m still trying to track down.
  20. I had a major crush on the lead singer of this band:
  21. I saw that TT was on DAYS a few years ago, which I very vaguely remember, but that never stopped a soap before. He’s a realtor now in Dallas: http://www.treadwayrealty.com/about.php
  22. LL would be awesome, but knowing our luck they’d probably deSORAS him into Trevor St. John or Ty Treadway.
  23. I only remember pop music on the opening montages when I used to watch Hollyoaks.
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