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  1. I don’t know if anyone watches the Japanese show Terrace House on Netflix, but they have my favorite reality-show opening credits outside of the Real Housewives.
  2. It’s funny that they’ve cut MCE out of the opening credits for a while now. I prefer a lot of the newer poses. Like GT is no longer doing that ungainly linebacker stance, and SC’s superdramatic turn has been toned down. Mal loves vertical blinds.
  3. I was making the same point about Sterling K. Brown leading This Is Us, the biggest drama on broadcast while GH backburners Donnell Turner, easily the best male performer on that show. Daytime soaps are so done. There are no lessons to be learned because they are just filling time until the inevitable.
  4. I think soaps don’t want to rock the boat anymore. They are in their twilight phase and have shed almost all of their viewers under 50, so they are pandering to an older, more conservative base. Even taking into account that Y&R is the most conservative soap, it’s crazy that there would be all of this trepidation about a lesbian storyline years after Bianca, Otalia, Zarf, NUKE, Will/Sonny, Fish/Kyle, and Brad/Lucas. But then you think, Oh it makes sense. They don’t have any room to offend a small portion of their aging audience, and they look back at those LGBT stories I mentioned and say, “Most of those soaps are gone.” I think it also applies to other social issues. They look at the risk and realize they have very little to gain from a swing and an almost guaranteed miss given the hostile climate we’re in for all of television, not just daytime.
  5. I saw CL (who was just SERVING - I don’t think any Western pop star at the moment aside from Beyoncé has that kind of effortless bravado as a performer). I saw a little bit of EXO. They looked sharp, of course. Loved the 13-year-old guitarist doing Vivaldi.
  6. James Wolk is another good one, but he’s so easy to forget lol. Gorgeous guy but just nothing memorable.
  7. I remember when Daddy Damon showed up on Happy Endings. Let’s just say there’s no doubt about his son’s paternity, and Daddy Damon hasn’t aged since ILC. Jason O’Mara is a GREAT one.
  8. Damon Wayans Jr. better be careful or he could be on this list soon.
  9. Lord. The eye makeup. The queens on Drag Race are more subtle.
  10. Ok the OP made me laugh harder than it should have. But to surmise what this topic is supposed to be about, Vincent Irizarry has darkened the doorsteps of far too many soaps I’ve watched given my distaste for him (GL, AMC, Y&R, DAYS - wasn’t around for him on Santa Barbara). Robin Mattson has been on GL, GH, RH, SaBa, AMC, B&B, ATWT, and DAYS in varying capacities. Barbara Crampton has been on DAYS, SaBa, Y&R, GL (loathed her Mindy), and B&B. Jane Elliot was busy in the ‘80s with GH, GL, AMC, DAYS, and later The City. The late Augusta Dabney was prolific, of course, with roles on Young Dr. Malone, TD, GH, AW, ATWT, LIAMST, OLTL, A World Apart, and, finally, Loving.
  11. Did Amanda Beall write today’s episode? If so, she has improved IMMENSELY from her glib AMC days and her early Y&R years.
  12. There are some cool photos of Matt Bomer and Tuc Watkins in this NYTimes piece about the revival of “The Boys in the Band” and its place in the history of gay theater. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/02/26/t-magazine/gay-theater-history-boys-in-the-band.html It’s part of a larger Times feature on the play. Here, the cast members each read a queer poem: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/02/26/t-magazine/matt-bomer-zachary-quinto-boys-in-the-band-queer-poetry.html?referer=
  13. I disagree with most of Brad Bell’s choices, but letting Sally go with Darlene Conley (who is just a one-off) is one of his smarter decisions. She’s just a character you can’t recast, like Erica Kane or Victor Newman.
  14. I suppose this was a master stroke for Omarosa. Two weeks ago she was a punchline, but her stock has gone up considerably by returning to her roots.
  15. Oh jeez. Not a good look. We need some good former soap star news. How about Michael B. Jordan in the Fahrenheit 451 trailer?
  16. I mean, given a Sophie’s choice between him and Donnell Turner, I’d still choose Donnell because I like a man with more miles on him, but hot sassy molassy.
  17. I guess Bethenny’s such a tryhard you always see the wheels turning, and she’ll totally cut you off mid-sentence if she feels has a funny line coming. Nene just feels like my funny aunt. But she’s now in the “comedy” trade, so I can see her playing up that persona. In the past few years, Nene had been so mean, condescending and above-it-all, which made her abrasive. She’s still got that edge, but she’s better this season.
  18. Totally. He’s completely credible as a businessman and a strategist. Much more than Cane, though the writers seem to know that Cane is worthless in a corporate role.
  19. She’s by far the funniest housewife. Bethenny can be funny, but so much of the time she’s “on” like a comedian waiting to get it the next punchline, and it’s tiresome. Phaedra, as reprehensible as she was, could be very funny, but certainly not enough to make her enjoyable to watch. Heather Dubrow thought she was hilarious but meh. Like Nene, Dorinda is funny in a natural way. Most of the other humor on these shows is of the unintentional variety.
  20. He’s annoying and believes his own press a little too much, but he doesn’t feel bitter or mean like the KGB queen Johnny Weir. So I give him a little leeway.
  21. Lol. I saw that too. Gus shouldn’t joke like that on Twitter where things can be taken out of context.
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