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  1. Yeah it seems like such a waste. Slight tangent: I’ve never understood why, say, Y&R wouldn’t show a Terry Lester flashback for Jack (unless it’s to avoid an unfavorable comparison for Peter Bergman). Enough time has elapsed, and these shows often create fake flashbacks with young actors anyway.
  2. That scene in the stairwell with Franco/Drew brought back GL Peapack memories. So. Uncomfortably. Close.
  3. Here’s some of his acting. Not sure what you can glean from this aside from his sculpted torso, but he seems pretty blank and bland.
  4. So much out-of-the-blue, half-assed, unearned bullsh!t on this show. LMAO at the faceless Hope flashbacks.
  5. The trailer looks good but surprisingly light on Ramona.
  6. Wow. Surprised at the B for Y&R given your previous thoughts. For me, it’s around C/C+ area. Maybe a B- if I’m being generous. I think the best a soap can get in this era is a B/B+. DAYS gets a D+ and B&B a D-. GH I don’t watch enough to give a solid grade.
  7. When you have that many recasts, the character just becomes a blur. Too many interpretations make a character hard to really define outside of broad sketches and then you just have a generic thirty-something for the leading ladies to bang and maybe a little angst for Jack.
  8. I wonder if he has any Bruce Weber stories. https://www.thefashionisto.com/michael-mealor-by-bruce-weber-for-abercrombie-fitch-campaign/
  9. I don’t think Kandi would be bothered either way because she’s had a phenomenally successful career outside RH. Most of these women have money or had it before the show and many have had some ancillary success, but as we all know they are rarely satisfied and want more more more. And they want to be stars on top of everything else. It’s not enough to just make some cash. But Vanderpump Rules is just a steady warhorse of a show and totally transcends the RH franchise in ways that even Kandi’s never did. Granted, LVP is a supporting cast member on her show, but her friggin name is in the title. That’s gotta burn her fellow housewives. I mean, crikey. Her spinoff has had spinoffs.
  10. Lisa Vanderpump alert in the ABC video. She looks pretty much the same now.
  11. Yikes. That’s sad about the old GH stuff. Maybe there’s hope that classic GH will be on Disney’s streaming service? If there’s any possibility of a long-running soap streaming, it’s when the soap’s producer starts its own platform.
  12. The other housewives must be fuming that LVP is only one currently with a successful spinoff. I suppose Kandi’s Xscape show did well following ATL, but Vanderpump Rules stands on its own.
  13. I was just reading some of the screengrabbed tweets and bwahaha. Apparently his account was suspended for clashing with some of his viewers in defense of Marci Miller?
  14. They seemed to be briefly toying with pairing him with Jennifer, but he’s just a random doctor for now.
  15. In this day and age it just makes more sense to do what Tyler is doing: make cheap drama with far fewer episodes for primetime when more eyeballs are available. It’s much tougher to launch any show these days on any platform, which is why you see all the reboots with built-in recognition to cut through the glut of Peak TV. I think the four remaining soaps are lucky that daytime has become a no-man’s land for content development. No one really wants to start a new talk show or game show for the networks; it’s just not a smart business these days as most big-name talk shows have flopped, and the networks are just more interested in stopping the bleeding in primetime. Y&R, B&B, GH, and DAYS are likely to stick around for another 8-10 years until their audience finally dies off.
  16. Oh ok. I don’t follow B&B soap news but I see what you’re referring to re: DD. Gotta shore up that international fanbase.
  17. The showrunner Jeff Franklin has been let go due to abuse allegations. http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/jeff-franklin-fuller-house-out-behavior-1202713011/
  18. It feels like this show has flipped on a dime out of desperation to boost ratings with a whodunnit. People not seen in months are all of a sudden coming out of the woodwork. Why do it at the END of a sweeps period?
  19. No one major. I haven’t seen CLB or TEB in a while, but then again they haven’t aired in a while. (They still show Melissa Ordway, even though she’s on maternity leave, but they don’t show KSJ, who is similarly on leave.) I noticed they showed Doug Davidson and Lauralee Bell on the episode they were back, so it’s pretty inconsistent.
  20. Rashida Jones and original screenwriter Pat Resnick are writing a new version with a new trio of young women dealing with sexism in the workplace. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton are in talks to reprise their roles, this time playing mentors to the three young women. http://deadline.com/2018/02/9-to-5-reboot-rashida-jones-pat-resnick-dolly-parton-jane-fonda-lily-tomlin-1202304453/
  21. Billy Miller is younger than David Tom by a year and IMO looks/acts like it. I think he would have been fine with the Glow By Jabot crew. Not that I want him back...
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