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  1. He is but they’d need to deSORAS him to make him at all viable. It’s insane but Philip Moon is 56. Time does fly.
  2. I’d never seen Prakash Amritraj reporting on Tennis Channel, and my word, what a body:
  3. You would think, but I can imagine certain TPTB not wanting to commit to an Asian male heartthrob on their soap. We saw what happened with Eric Steinberg, and they humiliated Keemo with that ridiculous Mari Jo Mason fling before they got rid of him. http://soapcentral.com/yr/news/2013/0403-bergman.php https://es.xfinity.com/sdmy/blogs/tv/2010/08/04/deep-soap-yrs-peter-bergman-criticizes-jack-and-victors-war/ Those are the only two interviews I found in which PB addresses Keemo, and neither “journalist” ever followed up to see exactly what PB’s objections were to that storyline given all of the other crazy, ridiculous stuff we’ve seen Jack endure over the years. Who was the writer who penned that storyline? I know the soap media only ever existed to be an extension of the PR arms of the networks and producers, but c’mon. So many questions we’ve had for years go unanswered and all we’re left with is innuendo. Actually his best (but not really all that revealing) answer came at a fan event (at 10:35): I know we’ve been over this a lot over the years, but it’s annoying. And I’m sure Lane Davies, Scott Bryce, or even Hunt Block would be more than happy to take over should Mr. Bergman no longer want to play what it is given to him. But I’m sure TPTB just don’t bother because at the end of the day, they don’t care. Meanwhile we’re on bland, basic Kyle No. 5.
  4. I just wish journalists would’ve done their jobs (back when they held any sway) and pressed PB a bit on his comments.
  5. Lord, Christina Chambers was the queen of this, right? I remember her Marty Saybrooke, which was a flop. Susan Haskell later reprised the role to some success, even though she later became a lunatic.
  6. Natalie Dillon on AMC. Kate Collins left, and they replaced with Melody Anderson. What were they thinking? It was a disaster. She was killed off the next year. Connor Walsh on ATWT. Another WTF recast with Luna Moody from OLTL replacing Allyson Rice-Taylor. Just a baffling decision from Felicia Minei Behr, one she reversed after massive fan derision. The character was unfortunately trashed (although I thought the character had gone through the ringer prior to the recast).
  7. Definitely The Big Bang Theory. When I lived with roommates, it was all Family Guy all the time.
  8. Get in line, y’all. When TL returned, folks were like, “Meh, I hated JT.” Now folks are doing scavenger hunts for snaps of his pert, sweet, blond, fleshy derrière. http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view2/2101481/thad-luckinbill-o.gif
  9. Dinah Marler on GL. It helped that there was a gap between Turco and Moniz. Jennifer Gatti Paige Turco Wendy Moniz Gina Tognoni
  10. I love the Four Tet remix of that.
  11. I really don’t understand the reluctance to go there. Bergman did that ludicrous Peruvian body double story yet the Keemo story is a bridge too far.
  12. Robert Gentry, Kin Shriner and Judith Barcroft have been very prolific, as was the late Larkin Malloy.
  13. Y&R had a lot of promise but it just constantly gets in its own way, and it’s frustrating.
  14. They certainly aren’t going in the right direction. The ratings from Feb 12 are just abysmal. Record lows. Yes, impacted by the Parkland massacre preemptions but yikes. We will see if this will turn things around but I doubt it.
  15. Thanks @slick jones. This is an awesome thread and resource.
  16. What about Judith Chapman? She’s been around the block...
  17. Parton, Fonda, and Tomlin are apparently all in: http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/dolly-parton-jane-fonda-and-lily-tomlin-in-for-9-to-5-reboot.html
  18. B&B has lost about a third of its 18-49 and 25-54 demos in a year. Something’s gotta give, Bell family. Who’s going to tell their brother he needs to step aside?
  19. What a DISMAL week for soaps. Y&R and B&B are in dire trouble. I wonder if we’ll see BTS changes in the coming weeks. Y&R had three days under a 3.0. The bar is now so low that DAYS dropped in the 18-49 demo yet was No. 1 for the first time in nearly 12 years.
  20. I am very anti-recast, although I understand their necessity for soaps because they are perpetual and have larger ensembles. It’s usually fine if there is behind-the-scenes continuity to maintain the general vision of a character, but too often new regimes recast and mold characters to fit agendas. Joey and Kevin on OLTL just didn’t really feel like they had any specificity as characters after the third or fourth change in actor. Happy-go-lucky Kevin Stapleton to gruff and hard-edged Tim Gibbs to suave and urbane Dan Gauthier. It didn’t make sense, and it felt like they just needed a male in a general age range more than they needed “Kevin Buchanan.” I do agree with Margo, although Colin, HBS, and Dolan all had different interpretations of the character.
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