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  1. This show has dropped TWO full points in the demo since its season premiere and is now getting the same ratings as Superstore (a 1.0). Scandal is now outrating it in the time slot. Way not to capitalize on buzz and renewed interest through wonky scheduling, NBC.
  2. Yeah, Paul/Cricket would have worked 20 years ago and been more credible than that die he/didn’t he? rape. I think Kevin/Mariah would have also worked, and the actors could have sold the hell out of it. But AH is their star, and Victoria is the Newman heiress, and she gets the “juicy” material regardless of whether the character fits it.
  3. Mark Teschner certainly has an eye for good-looking guys.
  4. Yeah this is Emmy bait for AH. Just wouldn’t be surprised if MY was a fan of Big Little Lies and wanted to do a version of Nicole Kidman’s story.
  5. The problem is that the show, at the time of David Tom’s arrival, solely defined Billy as Victoria’s love of her life and not Jill’s son or the brother of Jack/Ashley/Traci. It was irrelevant to JFP that he had chemistry with anyone else as long as Amelia Heinle was tanking that pairing. Nor did it matter that he sparked with MCE because they weren’t interested in positioning Chelsea on the show that way. And that’s not to say that DT was completely on his game during his brief tenure.
  6. My problem is that they are pretending to do a slow, character-driven build with this story, and it just feels messy. At the end of the day, this is Victoria’s story, and that’s been clear, but it’s been dipping in and out of JT’s perspective in a way that feels inconsistent and a little offensive. They are showing how a predator breaks down someone’s confidence bit by bit, and I get that, which dovetails with Victoria’s struggles to assert herself in the shadow of her abusive Trump-like father. I suspect that they’re using this as a #metoo/feminist story in which Victoria is an unlikely victim and Abby and maybe even Ashley are compelled to set aside their adversarial attitudes and rally around her. But the seams are really showing.
  7. I mentioned that before. Marci looks way better as a brunette. She can look a bit washed-out blond, but she’s pretty either way.
  8. Megyn Kelly’s troubles certainly made it a no-brainer.
  9. I can’t imagine RC being thrilled with the budget constraints, but a job’s a job.
  10. I found this Twitter exchange with Eileen Davidson re: Victoria’s storyline interesting:
  11. Classic Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis:
  12. So I suppose he’ll begin airing late April.
  13. I think Meghan’s just around for her last name and for morbid reasons surrounding her dad’s terminal illness. But I digress...
  14. I would take Aviva Drescher, Kelly Bensimon, Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards at her most desperate and vicious, Jill Zarin, or Kim Zolciak over Ms. Erika Jayne and her frozen sourpuss any day of the week. Hell, give me the Salahi woman from DC.
  15. She ruins BH for me. Just a toxic, hostile, thoroughly unlikable presence.
  16. Why this obnoxious woman has fans I’ll never know.
  17. Wow. That might be enough to get me to stop watching if true.
  18. This show doesn’t have room or budget for another family without getting rid of a bunch of characters, but they could use a dose of believability if not reality.
  19. Right. I get that she wouldn’t want to go begging to the relatives out of pride, but the thought that her family would be struggling is silly. There’s no sense of scale when it comes to income on these shows anymore. It’s like a generic middle class (everyone lives in modest abodes, understandably because these shows are broke) but a character’s wealth is only invoked when it’s narratively convenient. They are really straining to make Lily/Cane the show’s most relatable couple, and I just can’t suspend my disbelief. Cane is never seen working and his role at CI feels like a contrivance that feels at odds with what we know about the character.
  20. It is weird that Lily would be concerned about being a “one-income family” given Cane is a CEO of a major corporation. Are they living some extravagant lifestyle that we don’t see onscreen? The thought that they’ll suddenly have to shop at Aldi’s is pretty laughable.
  21. I think Thompson is talented (if lazy) but he’s as miscast as Burgess was. This show lost who Billy was over the years. The character is just a blur. Billy Miller was part of the problem, but he has a man-child vulnerability that feels like “Billy Abbott” to me. Thompson doesn’t have that.
  22. Didn’t know whether to post in the KC/SJP thread or here, but here ya go.
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