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  1. David Effin' Goffin, y'all. Plays Dimitrov or Jack Sock for the ATP title. This year is like the twilight zone.
  2. Embarrassing interview. He basically admits he doesn't know what he's doing, and he's out of ideas. Not that you couldn't tell by watching the show...
  3. This story has been making the rounds. It's long but a must-read. https://www.thecut.com/2017/11/rebecca-traister-on-the-post-weinstein-reckoning.html
  4. Interesting that Y&R on speed isn't juicing the ratings. GH is doing great. It's actually seeing increases in the younger demos, which rarely happens these days. Probably won't sustain it, of course.
  5. I sort of understand. Sloane had the Herculean task of coming back from injury so to win the USO must have taken a lot out of her mentally. And she's certainly in good company given the other flops we've seen from players with big WTA titles this year (including Miss Thang herself Jo Konta, who started the year so strong). But maybe I'd pinned too many hopes on Sloane. Yeah, the ATP Next Gen was totally buzz-free aside from that opening draw debacle. I suppose the ATP simply wanted to test out the new rules and tech innovations. You'd think they would have licensed it to TC at least if they wanted it to be bigger.
  6. WTF is wrong with Sloane Stephens? She loses in Fed Cup to friggin' Sabalenka? She's had a Mladenovic-like plummet since the USO. Sounds like the ATP Next Gen tournament was a disaster. They had a third-place match as they do in the Olympics. Coric pulled out, was Shapovalov, who subsequently pulled out himself, and the match was cancelled. Happy for Hyeon Chung, who won the final against Rublev and went undefeated. There were no ranking points at stake, which is BS, but he's the real deal. I'm always thrilled when players of color succeed in this very bigoted sport.
  7. Abby's been such an annoying twit for as long as I've been watching, but I was actually rooting for her and wanted her to slap the sh!t out of Victoria. And for the first time I was mad at Victoria for being a bitch and not mad at Amelia Heinle for sucking the life out of a scene. The scene with Zack/Abby/Scott was a bit of a mess, though. (There's something off about Daniel Hall, but I see why Mal likes him with his Poldark hair.) I loved Crystal taking the mic and announcing that NE was bankrolling the sex ring. A much more high-stakes moment than Hilary admitting to tripping Mariah at the New Year's Benefit.
  8. Yikes. Maybe I'm dense, but the implication is that Takei drugged the guy, Cosby-style, right?
  9. This is going to seem like sacrilege, but I actually kind of dug Friday's episode. I felt the Abby/Victoria rivalry as real for the very first time, and I think AH could be plausible as a miserable bitch villain as opposed to the harried, pent-up sadsack she was playing under SSM. That line where Victor said "Abby will get over it" and Victoria replied, "Or maybe she won't. And that's fine too." I thought that was chilling. Marla Adams is just a hoot. Loved her shivving Nikki. Yeah, it was messy and a little batsh!t and not very Y&R, but for the first time in a while, I felt the show had drive, momentum, and energy.
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure what planet Tom Rothman over at Sony is living on. Plummer is an upgrade in every way and is actually age-appropriate for the role. I've seen a fall as steep and immediate as Kevin Spacey's, but it seems like Hollywood is happy to be rid of him for reasons far beyond his predilection for predation.
  11. It's being reported that Plummer was Ridley's first choice to play Getty anyway, but the studio wanted "a bigger name," forcing Spacey on him. Funny how it all "worked out" in the end...the makeup job on Spacey for the role looked ridiculous.
  12. Another insane twist to the Kevin Spacey fallout. Ridley Scott plans to completely cut Spacey out of the already finished "All the Money in the World," recast him with Christopher Plummer, and completely reshoot all of his scenes. The film is set for a December 22 release, and Scott is determined to have the film finished and ready for that date. Which is CRAZY. http://deadline.com/2017/11/kevin-spacey-dropped-all-in-the-money-in-the-world-christopher-plummer-ridley-scott-j-paul-getty-1202204437/
  13. It's worth noting that Heather Unruh's claims preceded the Rapp article so people can't claim she was jumping on the bandwagon. Also, her lawyer Mitchell Garabedian is known for representing victims of sex abuse from clergy members, and he was famously played by Stanley Tucci in Spotlight.
  14. Former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh has given a press conference outlining allegations that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her 18-year-old son in Nantucket last summer after plying him with alcohol. They are pursuing criminal charges.
  15. I'm not watching but apparently you can only watch on Amazon Prime? TC has been hyping this all year, and you can't even watch on their network? #MajorATPFail
  16. I'm gonna be that guy and suggest that James Patrick Stuart eat a sandwich or two.
  17. It's the 2017 version of Hogan Sheffer's vow to "give men their dicks back," which became the ruinous mantra of soaps in the 2000s.
  18. Jack Sock has a Masters 1000 singles title. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about the state of the ATP?
  19. Soaps tend to trend up around the holidays so I'm assuming we'll see a lot of bumps for everyone soon.
  20. Slightly OT, but Cecily Strong just skewered Erika Jayne aka "Candice" on tonight's SNL.
  21. There's no daytime world left to rock, and Paul Rauch has been dead for half a decade. Yikes, and now Richard Dreyfuss's son Harry has written an article for BuzzFeed in which he claims Kevin Spacey groped him *while his FATHER was IN THE ROOM*: https://www.buzzfeed.com/harrydreyfuss2/actor-harry-dreyfuss-when-i-was-18-kevin-spacey-groped-me
  22. Not that Hollywood is blameless, but I don't think there was any such award. I think this person was referencing a mistranslation from a Spanish-language website.
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