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  1. LL would be awesome, but knowing our luck they’d probably deSORAS him into Trevor St. John or Ty Treadway.
  2. I only remember pop music on the opening montages when I used to watch Hollyoaks.
  3. Harrison won Memphis. Jack Sock won Delray when Raonic pulled out with an injury, but I get your point given the topsy-turvy ATP of the moment. Still, I think Tiafoe is improving quickly so there’s a lot he can still achieve. A player like him is good for American tennis, as the Williams sisters can’t hold it down forever. Also:
  4. Hey, I’d love that to be true in this case, but I see no real interest in developing those characters at this point. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Gregg Marx on a soap again? He looks amazing still.
  5. I just think Billy’s increasing discomfort at Phyllis’s interest in Nick and are clues they are going there. And Billy’s always a fallback for Victoria once she learns what JT is up to.
  6. Part of the issue with Phyllis/Chelsea is that her protectiveness of Nick also came out of left field. Nick and Phyllis have barely shared scenes in ages despite their history, and suddenly she’s his savior. It’s just a clunky way of setting up Phick vs Shick because GT has been floundering with Billy, and there’s no way they are letting Josh Morrow go without a love interest.
  7. Oh totally. Oftentimes viewers are able to see through that kind of blatant manipulation with the writing (like the backlash against all of the Cricket propping in the ‘90s), but they fall for it with Hilary hook, line, and sinker.
  8. A couple of other boards I visit are VERY anti-Hilary, so they were eating up all the abuse she was taking. But I wanted her to just get sick of it and lash out at someone.
  9. Oh I loved Sue Ann. I grew up with Rose, but her sly intelligence as Sue Ann made me appreciate her as Rose even more.
  10. Which would be *pathetic*. If anything they should find a guy for Victoria and Ashley to clash over because Amelia and Eileen work well together.
  11. I chalk Frances’ previous inconsistency up to immaturity and lack of confidence. He had the chance to beat Roger at the USO but just didn’t have the belief even though he had the knife to Fed’s throat. Maybe this victory will give him some belief.
  12. Yeah, her protracted Granny Sue Ann Nivens act is pretty one-note, which is a shame because Sue Ann is one of the greatest comedic creations of all time.
  13. Someone on another board noted that GT and MCE have such great rival chemistry that it’s a shame they wasted GT for so long on Amelia Heinle, with whom she has no rapport at all. I agree. The scenes with Gina and Melissa are electric.
  14. It was stupid for DAYS to introduce Eli through killing off David Banning. His presence would have deepened Eli and Valerie’s (and Abe’s) stories tremendously, but it’s clear that the show didn’t want that. They wanted a few token roles so that they could claim diversity without investing any budget or character development in them. It is cynical and retrograde.
  15. Wow, huge coming out moment for Frances Tiafoe in beating Shapovalov and reaching his first ATP final.
  16. That’s a good piece. I agree that the strength of the show was its ensemble. But it was also how alive and kinetic it felt while allowing us to form deep, strong bonds with individual characters. Very few shows have pulled this off very well either before or since. But that statistic of 5,000 subscribers watching the entire 330 episodes (8 hours a day) in a month is kinda alarming lol.
  17. If there were any justice, they’d be transitioning him into the show’s leading man. I think he’s that charismatic and talented.
  18. B&B is in trouble. DAYS is doing well.
  19. Ok. That’s AMAZING. I remember the actual show being such unintentional camp with Caroline torn between two obviously gay men. IRL I know Malcolm Gets came out while Eric Lutes was apparently straight. Speaking of Chuck Lorre, I hope work slows down for him soon so he can get busy with a juicy memoir.
  20. For me, 1991, 1992, and 1993 were so brilliant with the end of the David Kimble story, the climax of Sheila vs Lauren, the Michael Baldwin sexual harassment story, and Victor being presumed dead leading to his romance with Hope. Those stories were so expertly done. It was riveting television every single day. In ‘94, those days were becoming fewer, and my viewing was becoming slightly more inconsistent. I quit watching for a couple months in 98-99 because I was upset about Michelle Thomas’s death IRL. I took it pretty hard.
  21. Nice work if you can get it, I suppose. You can win a few GS titles and not make that kind of dough.
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