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  1. Oh totally. In an ideal world where the networks don’t completely dictate what you write and order you to change direction mid-plot based on some whim. I’m sure Doug Marland had more leverage than, say, Chris Van Etten, given who he was, his track record, and the relative strength of soaps in his era. And I’m sure even Doug had to deal with significant meddling from time to time, especially in those later years. But I suspect the writers of yore were thinking more long term than the current-day scribes. Now it’s, “What can I do to give me a short-term bump around sweeps, ensuring ad rates stay high for a little while, and make this show last six more months to two more years? If I need to do something absolutely drastic that would cripple my show five years down the line, then so be it. I won’t even be writing this show by then, if the show even lasts that long...but hey, let me cash that paycheck and contribute a little bit to my 401(k).”
  2. Crestwood Plaza is gone, right? I haven’t been back since 2001.
  3. To be generous, I think most soap writers of the past were operating under the assumption that their soaps would still be there in 10 years. I don’t think the soap writers of today have such luxury.
  4. It’s just sad. Ratings tumbled last year, so Brad Bell is retreating to “what worked before.” It’s all so stale.
  5. Yeah I look at Victoria Wood (RIP) and Julie Walters. Or even Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc. Such shining examples of female solidarity. As you say, there are tradeoffs, but it all seems so much saner over there.
  6. Cybill. Oy. So jealous. I wonder if Jennifer Saunders felt threatened when Joanna Lumley began to eclipse her on Absolutely Fabulous. It seems like she took it all in stride.
  7. Aaaand Federer improves to 7-0 against Dimitrov. Heavy sigh. None of these guys have the swagger Andy and Novak did when they were younger. Maybe Kyrgios, but that guy has no discipline.
  8. Even Jamey Giddens, whose lips are permanently fused to Ron Carlivati’s anus, has gone silent on DAYS, it appears.
  9. Yep, from Rock Hill/Webster Groves. Glad to hear the Galleria is still around. So happy for Ryan Coogler. Now he’ll get the opportunity to do a lot in Hollywood with a $200 million+ opening on his resume.
  10. Ah nice. STL is my hometown. I’m waiting until mid-week to watch when crowds here in NYC are less insane.
  11. Royal Pains maybe bought him some time, but that CBS sitcom he has with Linda Lavin is DREADFUL.
  12. The Gap commercial with SZA is the dictionary definition of cringeworthy. Makes me question her taste level.
  13. In terms of maintaining quality over a long haul, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Cheers.
  14. The harmonies with Patty Loveless in this are just perfect.
  15. Mark Feuerstein. How many shows does this guy have to tank before they stop giving them to him?
  16. Drake has gotten a lot better IMO. He’s never going to be the next Larry Bryggman but I find him credible in small scenes more often than not. Ronn NEVER improved. He could be so present and attentive in scenes with KKL, HT, or JJ yet be so clueless otherwise. Don Diamont has almost regressed. He still has chemistry with female partners, but Bill Spencer just dulls any of the charm he had as Brad Carlton. Which was about all he had, really.
  17. Yet they are two of the best when it comes to generating chemistry with female co-stars...
  18. I saw what happened to Goffin, but what happened to Grigor?
  19. They didn’t air them last night on the NBC networks or on their streaming app. People were pissed, especially the rabid Yuzu stans. Nathan Chen is really becoming an attractive man.
  20. I thought SJP was good as a cold bitch in The Family Stone.
  21. If Javi hadn’t doubled that quad, he would have easily won the silver. But he finally got on the podium, which is fantastic! Yuzuru was pretty unbeatable after his short program, which was flawless. His gold was well-deserved IMO. They both seem like nice guys. Glad that Nathan redeemed himself with that free skate. He can at least leave Korea with some dignity. NBC needs to show the medal ceremonies.
  22. I will say they could have done a better job at re-connecting Phyllis and Nick before this to make her motive in taking Chelsea down stronger.
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