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  1. It’s been clear for a while that they would put Sharon and Phyllis back into Nick’s orbit to play romantic drama once Chelsea’s gone. They needed to give SC and GT something to do. AH already has two major stories with JT and the rivalry with Ashley/Abby. Nikki certainly could have a bigger role here, though, but I guess I don’t find Phyllis’s involvement here that distracting.
  2. MCE is a really good actress, and the interplay between her and GT has been excellent. Love seeing self-righteous Phyllis back too. It would have been supremely grating to see Stafford playing any of this, but Gina has risen to the occasion.
  3. I must add another one: The Simpsons. That show was just so important to me as a kid (I wore out my Simpsons Sing the Blues cassette, with Lisa singing “God Bless the Child), but I just sort of outgrew it even as critics were still touting it as The Best Show on Television. I don’t even remember when I stopped watching. I respect it, and it truly was endlessly clever, but I think to myself, that show’s still on? It probably will be until Matt Groening or one of the principal cast members passes away or linear TV is obsolete, whatever happens first.
  4. I feel sick for Nathan Chen. Devastating. Yuzuru Hanyu was absolutely exquisite and perfection, though.
  5. To be grinding and simulating sex (almost on a daily basis) on the woman you’ve just divorced just strikes me as... odd. But, hey, whatever works for them. She is quite beautiful, even if she doesn’t always style herself well, but I’m not familiar with her persona in interviews. How does she come off?
  6. Where are you watching this? I never watched it much as a child, but the opening credits with the Supremes were always breathtaking.
  7. For me, the cast was so good that I was able to see past a lot of David E. Kelley’s excesses, but I was a teenager during the original run, so I don’t know if the show would hold up to more mature scrutiny. His political speechifying would probably be annoying: I know I find Aaron Sorkin’s stuff cringeworthy now, even though I loved it years ago. DEK’s other shows were mostly unwatchable, save for early Chicago Hope (which also benefited from a wonderful cast). Big Little Lies was an adaptation and thus didn’t allow for his crazy diversions.
  8. I just don’t understand why SJP is still poking the bear while Kim is grieving her brother. It’s so ugly.
  9. Wow. Totally didn’t know that either. The Frons-era ABC black actors are literally taking over the world while Rebecca Budig is doing what again?
  10. +1 to all of the above. Nostalgia is the only thing that keeps these shows hanging on. Stunt casting on soaps hasn’t worked in decades.
  11. They are burying that up against the Olympics.
  12. He certainly got more shots at legitimate romance in his relatively brief stint on the show than a longtime vet like Devon ever did up until Hilary. He was a decent actor, but eh.
  13. Victoria. What a dumb bitch. I hope Victor destroys her when he discovers what she’s done.
  14. I know not much time may have passed, but that’s ridiculous. You’d think Marlena or Kate or Lucas would bring that up.
  15. Has anyone mentioned or been the least bit concerned Will and Paul are missing? I’m not watching that regularly.
  16. It’s sad but I see why Louise Sorel was underwhelmed with her return story. But hey it’s a check, right? Pays off a few deliveries from Whole Foods.
  17. Vivian has been pointless and has interacted with very few characters other than Stefan. It’s like Sheila on B&B. I just wonder after Jessica on OLTL and Kate on GH if he thinks the DID thing is his head writer signature.
  18. Really? He doesn’t have any other tricks up his sleeve. I’m embarrassed for him frankly.
  19. I was coming to post this very thing. I thought the way Adriana was written out of The Sopranos was incredibly haunting and sad. Glad they didn’t brutalize her, but it was still horrifying.
  20. I think JM is the more difficult fit, as he just seems like a perpetual man-child. And CH is likely taller than GT. But as you say, didn’t stop them from saddling twentysomething-looking CK with two grown-ass kids.
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