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  1. The cast of Friends, save maybe Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer, could have made this list circa 1993. Same for Jon Cryer post-Pretty in Pink and pre-Two and a Half Men.
  2. How cool. Who’s next, Alexis Thorpe as Rianna?
  3. @DaytimeFan- are you a Brit or an Anglophile? I need to give The Crown another try. Many people I respect loved it, but the first few eps left me cold even though I enjoy almost everyone involved with it. (I was a HUGE fan of Matt Smith’s Doctor.) But I’m allergic to British costume dramas, aside from the Gugu Mbatha-Raw movie Belle and a few other exceptions. I also tried to watch The Crown while loopy on meds on a long haul flight to Japan so...
  4. I loved Ellen Bethea and forgot she was on the show as I wasn’t regularly watching at this time. She just sparkled. But yikes this doesn’t seem like a particularly good era.
  5. A good article on the economics of the reboot craze and how Fuller House really started the current trend: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/new-economics-tvs-reboot-craze-1086797 I want to be Sara Gilbert. She just seems to have a really good head on her shoulders.
  6. I honestly thought this would be a three-day story, eclipsed by more Russian intrigue, but they’ve given this thing legs. Good for them.
  7. Wow, Rubio is way out of his depth. He should have left public life after his Republican primary humiliation. There’s no way he could ever win a national election, and that’s the only reason why he’s still in the senate: to build a resume for an eventual presidential run. Idina Menzel should play Dana Loesch in the inevitable movie.
  8. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of bloodletting in the next year. I believe B&B is up for renewal in 2019, and if CBS decides to continue it, the terms will be very unfavorable given the complete collapse of the demos. The show is already cutting back in a lot of ways you can see onscreen, with fewer sets used and actors disappearing.
  9. Right? And nod to the #metoo movement? Hilary was absolutely wrong for what she had done, but have some backbone, girl.
  10. OK, yeah, Hilary groveling to a lecturing Victoria was gross. Abby deserved to get laid into by Sharon, but at least she was allowed to fight back.
  11. Even as a punching bag, this is a show that values Hilary. The story is being told with her as the subject, and she has a broad array of relationships. I’m not saying it’s great writing because it’s not, but I just compare how Y&R treats Hilary to how DAYS treats Eli or Lani. Eli/Lani are simply playing out That Black Storyline while Hilary feels like one of Y&R’s pivotal characters. I completely understand why fans would be pissed at how she’s being used, however.
  12. Male TV critics LOVED Téa Leoni in the ‘90s.
  13. I think the ship has sailed on the opportunity for a renaissance. The rest of TV isn’t doing much better.
  14. I’d never seen the night version of Access Hollywood, but I stumbled upon it tonight, and my oh my, the co-host is just stunning. His name is Scott Evans (like the former OLTL star and brother of Captain America). He reminds me a bit of Nate Parker but without the homophobia and the problematic past.
  15. I’m not saying Bell is the main reason why DAYS is still on the air, but on balance, his approach to soaps persisted.
  16. Bill Bell was a smart man. It is telling that the three of his soaps (even if he didn’t create DAYS, his DNA is all over it) are among the last ones standing.
  17. I’m liking Y&R more than I have in a while, but I understand why that’s a minority opinion. B&B, on the other hand, is just unwatchably boring. I swear Steffi and Liam have been reciting the same dialogue every day for the past six weeks.
  18. None of those ratings are particularly good, but the Bell soaps are in freefall.
  19. I always wanted to see Beverlee McKinsey’s Alex and Lucinda interact...
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