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  1. Welcome back, Janet van Dyne.

    1. DRW50


      A) We might be the only two people here who know who that is. B) I'm very glad to hear this, as I don't really think of the Avengers without her. I might even read it.

    2. Vee


      Bendis is wrapping up his Avengers runs with two short storylines in each book. Jan turned up in the microverse in Avengers and gave Hank, Cap, Thor and Iron Man each a big kiss. Don't know how she survived. He also seems to be redeeming Wonder Man from his hatchet job on him. I'm just waiting for Jonathan Hickman to take over - that man is the next Grant Morrison. Brilliant.

    3. DRW50


      I had forgotten Bendis was still there. Who is on the teams now anyway? Are they still using Wolverine, Spiderman, Luke Cage (not a huge fan of them in the Avengers, I think they are best solo)? Is Captain Marvel still with them (I'll always think of her as Ms. Marvel)?

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