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  1. To be clear, the "original plan" is what ended up onscreen: Jessica and Natalie are both Viki's daughters.
  2. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    This is a surprise:
  3. Nora was talking to Bo on the phone as she got ready to head out to leave town, and asked him to pick up burgers from Rodi's.
  4. I didn't mind that kinda cute intro. It reintroduced the audience to a Thaao/Tony with an entirely different, dashing personality than the tired Snidely Whiplash he'd been playing for decades. It was everything that came after that was a mess.
  5. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    He was a Targaryen. The dragons are loyal only to them. More including an interview with Isaac Hempstead Wright:
  6. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    I see Jon did in fact leave the Watch and just join the Free Folk with Tormund. That makes me happy. Back to Ygritte's land.
  7. But in fairness, isn't that exactly what a culture of denial is? They sold an image of the closeted actors to the predominantly heterosexual and (often) domestic female audience. They may be in on the real story but that's still selling a product. I absolutely don't think the magazines weren't in the know, but I do think they specifically reinforced a sanitized delusion, just like in the old Hollywood studio system. It was a lie agreed upon and a selling point. I don't condemn anyone for things being as they were, but I am under no illusions about it not being a comfortable fiction willingly sold to an often clueless public.
  8. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Additional thoughts: I was very very happy with that last Small Council scene - seeing Bran, Tyrion, Grand Maester Sam, Davos as Master of Ships, and uh, Bronn (well, him getting Highgarden and all the coin he wants makes sense) all strategizing and bickering like a classic Small Council. That fuels many story ideas folks can dream about, I suppose. And Podrick and Brienne looked glorious in their golden armor. I hope Brienne can love again someday. Arya's ending called back to her Queen Christina ship moment at the end of - was it Season 4 or 5? I was happy she got to keep adventuring, but regained her humanity. I think they've done a very good job of that in the last three seasons, after the unspeakably tedious stuff in S4-5 with the Faceless Men. They made a concerted effort to make Arya reclaim her humanity and identity and it paid off. Maisie Williams has done real, visceral work when she could've just leaned on being a fan favorite caricature when people just wanted Arya to be their fanfic queen killing all the bad guys on her list like some idiotic cartoon. Loved the House Stark sails on the ship. I do hope Arya will be back sometime, for her sister and for Gendry. Sansa's arc is obviously not without its issues. She did not need to be raped to evolve, and putting those words in her mouth this season was a mistake. But I think the Sansa of the last three seasons has also been very strong, and human and not a robot or ice queen. And I think Sophie's done great work. Bran being king floored me but makes me happy. I was always a big fan of Bran and his supposedly 'boring' story - I do think it was too jarring an adjustment last year when nothing prior indicated he would 'stop being Brandon Stark', but Isaac played it well. It's probably fanwank but Bran seemed considerably more in touch with his humanity and his final scenes, with a touch more warmth and good humor, especially in the Small Council. Maybe he gains more of a handle on his divided self as he adjusts to being both Bran and the Raven. This season, and the last one are definitely flawed, but especially Seasons 5-6. The last season was quite rushed, this one less so. But it was a mistake IMO not giving both seasons ten episodes, to fully explicate Daenerys' turn more for the skeptics. (I didn't find it in any way OOC or extremely sudden, but I do feel it was a bit rushed.) And I don't buy that Grey Worm/Torgo Nudo (his real name?) would not demand either Tyrion or Jon or both dead. There's absolutely no way the Unsullied and Dothraki would leave Westeros without at least one of their heads. IMO Jon's life should've been the (willing on his part) price for peace in the Six Kingdoms. But, hey, it's a solid finale for me. Jon's ending was bittersweet. I still felt he should've died, but I liked that ending, the hint of a more open society blended from before and beyond the Wall with the free folk. Was he leaving with them? I couldn't tell. And now some interviews, including a few wonderful and very candid ones with Emilia, both different and essential reads. Emilia is so underrated by audiences and critics IMO and did amazing work on this show, often while facing life-threatening illness.
  9. Vee

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    I warned people not to sleep on my boy Bran. That plucky little dude has been my underdog since Season 1.
  10. Hogan Sheffer always talked a good game, and he talked up what a great character Tony was vs. Andre and how badly he wanted the real dashing, debonair Tony back along with Anna. As a longtime fan of ol' Thaao I loved the idea at the time. The actual story, like all of Sheffer's, left much to be desired. And a year later, I think Dena Higley had Tony, what, killed falling over a low banister? I'd still be happy to have the real Tony + Anna back. I just have zero faith in DAYS or RC.
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