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  1. I'd gut most of the cast tbh. Certainly no Otalia. People would make appearances or slowly be phased back in, but centrally you'd have Michelle's family, maybe Ed, Holly, Reva tending some bar or something and beyond that everyone is pretty flexible. I also might say the Spaulding empire has fallen or moved away, or severely downsize its presence and only keep one or two of the younger ones doing business, perhaps with Phillip in an elder role. AMC 2.0 did a fairly wise clean sweep of a ton of stuff, but I'd do something more drastic after it's been so long for GL, and given our current times. You can build or rebuiId more traditional soapy institutions, like corporate intrigue in Springfield, USA, over time. Other shows like OLTL or AMC can have more trappings off the bat because their foundation is either more baroque and edgy or more plotty, or with AMC simply more of a blend. To me GL's oldest and best strength is its sense of family and its heart. Though yes - I would throw money at Sherry Stringfield to play Blake, scheming local power broker.
  2. You could revive EON in fifty years too, there's so many primetime shows like it. I still think OLTL is the most contemporary in spirit, but AMC and GL are evergreen in the same way to me.
  3. I am sort of inter-mixing my watch of the back half of the LMs, Loving 1994 (and some of '92-'93) and the Y&R classics atm, along with ATWT '86. I remember watching a fair bit of Kim Hunter in the Mansion of the Damned story on EON years ago. I was just discussing trying to dive back into it a couple weeks ago. I believe @DRW50 said there's some good YT playlists.
  4. I do still think you could resurrect GL today, as has been said before, with perhaps a more online-friendly, streamlined setup - the blended Bauer clan under one roof, perhaps with single/widowed Michelle and kids, maybe Ed and Holly, maybe not. (If Rachel Miner can still perform with her illness she'd be welcome.) Generational tensions, Michelle being back because of the economy and her health, etc. Reva and the Lewises, etc. could be threaded back in as well.
  5. Wow, Kasi Lemmons lost the part of Angie to Debbi. I'm skimming but there are some cringeworthy errors here - the host says she went back to AMC in '93 and pretty much stayed to the end. OTOH, Debbi herself says she left the first time to follow Charles S. Dutton to L.A. and do "Port Charles", which, no.
  6. I find Irna's moral ethos fascinating - IIRC she identified with Kim somehow, yet punished so many characters (and actors) for far less. Was Kim made in her fantasy image of herself?
  7. My thoughts are with you and yours.
  8. Vee

    Twin Peaks

    After several long years, Joel Bocko's indispensable video essay series Journey Through Twin Peaks has returned.
  9. Fiona hasn't aged a day. Andrea and Ilene are discussing Roscoe Born and Phil Carey. LOL I didn't know Ilene would go join the Buchanan men on their infamous 'acting coach' drinking lunches when she was first on the show (as Georgina Whitman in the '80s). Fiona loved working with PC but said working with him after lunch was "flying solo". Tonja Walker: "[Guest star] Elaine Stritch scared the living bejesus out of me." I had no idea Ann Reinking came on during the Mortimer Bern story! Wow, Ilene is talking Sylvia Miles. I remember her brief stint as Roxy's gorgon mother.
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