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  1. If anyone knows where I can watch The Doctors online, please message me 😊 Thanks!!!
  2. Transgender character Wandile is developing feelings for Nolwazi. Rori is intent of divorcing Mazwi, who she was forced to marry. His brother, Smanga, is the real father of her baby. The elders made them sleep together since Mazwi is sterile (which he doesn't know). Like always Generations has whacky and messy stories. I also recommend Muvhango, 7de Laan, and Isidingo. I've been watching them daily the last few months, now that the channel uploads new episodes to Youtube.
  3. Awww. I like Nicole. She's been a bright spot during the show's worst years. Even though her material since the baby switch has been awful. I don't blame her for being burnt out. Especially with Trump out and about talking about grabbing her !@#$%^&*] and what not.
  4. Great find!!! There has been virtually no Capitol on Youtube. I've always wanted to see it. Henry Slesar is the head writer. I wonder what year it's from. I reckon 84 or 85. Charity played by Lola Falana seems really fun. I believe she's an art thief? I've only seen her once so far and hope she pops up in more episodes. It's refreshing seeing Cat Hickland playing a sweet heroine. In the time since you posted that, several more episodes have been uploaded.
  5. For anyone interested in South African soaps, a lot of new episodes have started streaming Youtube: 7de Laan Generations: The Legacy Muvhango Etv.co.za: Scandal Rhythm City I haven't found the time to really devote to them, but they're all really interesting. 7de Laan is probably the only one I find kind of boring. Both sites only have the latest 5 episodes at any given moment. So you might want to download them.
  6. Does anyone else think the killer is Kyle? JJ wakes up after being knocked out and we realize Clyde "killed" Kyle. They're probably working together. Other than that, I love watching Kassie. She's doing great. I wish Melissa Archer could've worked on the show. I think the Kayla/Patch/Joey story has potential. I really like Abigail and JJ. They're so much more interesting than their mother. I like Theresa, but its annoying that she has this passion for drawing all of a sudden. I wish Aiden wasn't psycho. If he were normal, and had a sincere relationship with Hope, the storyline could build up a lot of momentum for after Bo's return. I wish John and Marlena weren't in a little bubble. Justin as DA is annoying. I don't mind Rafe or Eric. The show has improved already. I hope it can keep up it's momentum. I had mixed feelings about Tomlin so I'm curious to see if it'll keep improving.
  7. So many episodes of TDRS to watch..literally more than a year's worth. It's a happy problem I guess

  8. Oh wow, thanks. That is a stretch, though Tina was going to marry her cousin Richard in 86.
  9. The scenes with Alex and Ava stranded are really intense...the clay/ alex storyline has a lot of the 80s abc daytime adventure storyline feel (to my knowledge- i've seen a handful of rauch era oltl and know of gh's success in this area). I don't think these kind of storylines are associated with LOV. The background music is so intense. I love Ava's jerkface at 25:13 http://youtu.be/B-EgiB13ylM?t=25m13s
  10. She slept with him before she knew? I thought they became involved after she found out he wasn't actually the Lord heir, and continued keeping the secret for him. I think KT's Tina worked in Malone's OLTL universe. She just wasn't comparable to AE as Tina in the Rauch era. The focus on her wasn't there and the writing was drastically different.
  11. That may be the case, but appears to be less true than it was when you said it.... I cannot wait to watch all of this. From what I've seen, there's a treasure trove of great scenes and storyline!! I don't want to even give away some of the stuff that's in it. INTENSE, especially the stuff from the 80s.. I'm gonna post my thoughts later when I watch more
  12. I've never heard of Gary Glitter, but a quick Google search shows that his career plummeted with the first allegations, as well as becoming an object of hate in the U.K. His net worth is $8 million, which is nothing to cry about but Cosby's is $400 million. A net worth isn't a tell-all, but Cosby is clearly a bigger celebrity, at least in the United States. Most importantly, Gary Glitter is being convicted. Hopefully he will go to prison where royalties from his songs aren't going to do him much good. Cosby's free.
  13. Has this been discussed yet? A "terror specialist" being interviewed on Fox News said that Birmingham, ENGLAND is almost all Muslim and non-Muslims don't even visit. The thing I don't mind about Fox News is that is gives conservatives a platform to show their ass to the world. They're really becoming less and less credible by the second. Hopefully if it's successful, Louisiana will follow suit and legalize both. It'll probably be second-to-last, beating only Mississippi
  14. I thought you were talking about the webseries Gotham for some reason. I was thinking poor guy. Good for him. I liked him as Matthew.
  15. You're right about her age/ range, but the show was just so random in 2003. I would've accepted SB as Tina in that context and probably appreciated her more than anything else going on at the time.
  16. I had no idea. That actually would've been kind of amazing.
  17. This is unfortunate.. http://www.sfgate.com/tv/article/South-Africa-s-Generations-cast-fired-soap-5704723.php
  18. Thanks. And yeah, I just checked the page and he's added more including highlights of 1979.
  19. Can someone please explain to me how Rachel slept with Mitch to save Mac? I looked on AWHP and it said that Mitch had information Rachel needed so she had to sleep with him. Did he force her like EJ with Sami or was it a calculated plan by Rachel?
  20. That's so exciting!! I've just started the 1981 episodes. He says hays he's going to upload more. I may even donate a little $$
  21. agreed! I hate the way Marty left.
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